music bad

  1. He does. Recently there was a micro scandal due to the fact that he drew a naked character who's 10 years old and posted it on his patreon

  2. Yeah, the way he goes out of his way to draw both the lady’s ass cheeks and her crotch in the same “shot” is pretty much a dead giveaway. I’ve never seen anyone do that outside of porn.

  3. Pretty sure its from "living with a hipster- and gamergirl comic" its been very long since I last saw it but artstyle looks similar and I think I recognize the girl as one of the girls friends

  4. Jagodibuja, I only know because he used to post his stuff on some obscure meme site I used to frequent 10 years ago.

  5. If someone cant understand how screaming what appears to be derogatory or insulting language at a person randomly on the streets is vastly different to someone choosing to listen to a song with it in. Might want to maybe get off the internet and touch grass 5 times a day for at least a month

  6. In a similar vein, it's like the idea that you can be both sex-positive and also expect to be respected by other people is completely alien to some people.

  7. What are you talking about when street performers yell into the mic “lemme get in dat ass boi” I get an instant erection

  8. Where I live that applies tho, funk here is literally just a described porn scene and since its very popular, not uncommon to hear it being blasted till 10PM in some places

  9. Chris Rock had a bit in one of his earlier stand-ups about the more misogynistic the lyrics to a rap song is, the more women dance to it. He closes with saying women give the same explanation on why they dance to the music: "he ain't talking about me," which I've heard women said countless times growing up. This comic strip brings that old joke to mind.

  10. “If women like to dance to degrading music, why can’t I cat call them in the street?”

  11. Ah, they got a point though! Music are very degrading towards lots of groups and women in particular 🤷‍♂️

  12. Ah, yes - if a woman ever does anything even vaguely sexual under any circumstances, then she's required to silently accept all sexual advances at all times forever.

  13. Thanks for giving the proper context, if ture, this makes it more of a joke about a one-dimensional character

  14. This feels like an incel meme. The artist misses the point between consent and non-consent. When you're listening to a rap song with obscene lyrics, you're choosing to do so. Yelling something at a woman in the street is definitely not okay. Whereas a rap song might include graphic lyrics, it doesn't actually mean it. But like, catcalling a woman in the fucking street is a really shitty thing to do.

  15. I mean its right. Generally what women get mad at isn't the actual words used, but how they are said and the context and the status/looks of the guy saying them.If you want to say certain things without sounding like a creep, learn to write poetry, and make music, or be very good looking.

  16. This is so true. I used to ask this question in high school. Girls that were very prissy and proper would be disgusted if you made an off color comment or joke..but turn on that Gangster rap and's okay..SMH...

  17. Because someone using exaggeration to help make a entertaining song for people is not the same as some weird teenager in class making jokes about that specific girls tits or whatever.

  18. Holy shit. I didn't think I'd see people like this. It's about context bud. Rap is meant to be taken with a grain of salt because the majority of the time they're making stuff up. Making crude comments to women in the context of just talking to them is definitely not okay.

  19. The point is very dumb but women showing sad figures to music that objectifies the metaverse and now i am eating soup whit a watermelon on my window idk something something.

  20. guy thinks that sexually harassing women on the street is the same as some women choosing to listen to rap that might have lyrics that are graphic so makes the point ‘women shouldn’t be mad when I shout stuff of them on the street’

  21. Das actually funny. Cause I dislike music videos with some unnatural ass bouncing around with some guy ive never heard of before mumbling "Blah blah blah" in a quasi deep voice.

  22. this isn’t funny at all but I feel like the last panel of the girl twerking could become some weird ironic meme. I know someone would do It

  23. Hmm, Incel targeting artists, quaint. I guess this gets the views their anime-schoolgirl-Corgi-vore doesn't get.

  24. No it does not mean music bad! It means dress up a Latino rapper and you’ll be able to ask for porn acts without pissing a woman off

  25. “Rap is just songs about sex and drugs” is the most I Have Never Listened To Rap opinion ever. For the love of god show this man Gangsta’s Paradise or Kanye.

  26. I think the point is not that "music bad" but a social commentary on how women don't like being sexually objectified in real life but for some reason thats also 90% of pop music.

  27. Nah, actually this one’s good asf, they’re criticizing reggaetón genre and its misogynistic/sexualizing portrait of women, that 2nd design is a total parody to Bad Bunny (the biggest Reggaeton n trap icon)

  28. Yeah that’s the point it’s trying to make, the thing is it’s wrong. The difference is that in a song you’re choosing to listen to it, and it’s also not as serious. If you harass a woman on the street, well, that’s harassment lol. Not the same thing.

  29. Why can't I say say sexist stuff to women but rappers can. Its sooooo unfair, I want to be sexist in public. /s

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