Tesla now selling Cyberquads for kids for $1900

  1. Really bummed that they're never getting into electric motorcycles because this style would look sick on a cruiser/sportbike imo. Supposedly Elon's never getting into it because he almost died on a motorcycle when he was younger but if you're worried about apocalyptic conditions, motorcycles are way cheaper and easier to maintain than a full-on car.

  2. Once I read that Tesla was becoming a “luxury” brand and it’s true. They are selling a bunch of overpriced “collectionable” and limited editions thinga to make money and see how far they can go. It looks like quite far

  3. Made by radio flyer not Tesla and it’s probably not limited so idk if this is a good buy for an adult. Will wait for the adult version made by tesla

  4. It’s already sold out, most eBay listings are in the 4K range. Not seeing many completed listings yet, but gotta give it at least 24 hours.

  5. According to the FAQ page, the max weight is 150 lbs...but the video on the product page shows Franz driving it around...which means it's totally fine for me to get one right...? Right?

  6. Probably related more to drivetrain durability than structure. You can hear the motor working hard when he drives by, might not climb a hill with a larger adult.

  7. I'm only 15 lbs more than the max and I'm sure there is at least 10% buffer built into that number. My wife and daughter are under that so the whole family could enjoy it.

  8. Don't count on it being limited quantity, it's being mass produced by Radio Flyer, not Tesla. The Tesla design studio just worked with Radio Flyer for the looks (and hopefully Tesla helped with the battery pack).

  9. Holy crap you nearly gave me a heart attack. I literally thought the Cyberquad was available. When it does become available, I'm putting down a deposit immediately!

  10. if cyberquad is $1900, that would be a no brainer. but if a powerwheel cost $1900, the real cyberquaid is more like $19000

  11. Probably built on a chinesium frame and motor etc. Looks the same as anything you can buy for $500 except for the cyber quad look. Too bad as I would’ve bought one in a blink otherwise.

  12. Show me another kid's atv with rubber air filled tires, suspension, disk brake, and 10mph top speed for $500

  13. No front suspension, definitely a childrens toy, not a real quad. If you have this much cash earmarked for an EV quad, you can do a really good conversion of a siezed ICE quad for the price.

  14. I know right? Before this year is was a big Tesla fan. I have an X and a CT reserved but when I see them doing publicity stunts like the dancing “robot”, whistles and now this it really pisses me off. I’ve also been waiting on 2 power walls for about a year and I cancelled an order for a new model x earlier this year because they kept pushing back the delivery date. They need to get their shit together. While they are dicking around with whistles and power wheels every other car company is looking to sneak up on them with their own EVs.

  15. I mean it looks cool but those four jagged edges sticking out on the corners would not be fun for a kid that tips it over and the bike weight with momentum lands with that edge on a rib cage.

  16. My mother-in-law was promised a free Model S kids ride-on when she leased her Model X as of 3 years ago. She told my kids they were getting it. Was never delivered, and eventually the Tesla salesperson stopped responding after about 6 months of promising it would be delivered. So I'll believe this when I see it.

  17. I really need someone riding the cyberquad while wearing a Boring Co ball cap, cyberwhistle around the neck, not a flamethrower in one hand, teslaquila bottle in the other, all while towing a model s power wheels that has the Tesla surfboard mounted to the roof and a boring co clay brick in the frunk.

  18. I ordered one and want to get an extra battery for hot swapping, can't seem to find it on radio flyer or Tesla's site. Hoping radio flyer lists it soon.

  19. Negative, not many E-ATV have Lithium ION battery, that alone puts this in the premium market. With Tesla Cybertruck looks and badge, this will sell out fast!

  20. That’s ridiculously cheap I actually can’t believe it. Must be a pos or something there’s no way

  21. Omg this is a very bad quad. But I mean it's made for kids so they most likely won't be doing any jumps and stuff like that so I guess it's fine.

  22. Looks cool but 15 mile range at 10 MPH is no bueno for practical use or hitting the trails. Would be fun for ripping around the backyard though I guess.

  23. It stayed in stock longer than I expected, although the late night launch and high price probably contributed to that

  24. I'd prefer they made electric bicycles for kids. At least there they have to pedal, way too many overweight kids nowadays.

  25. You can't make the truck, you can have some Chinese guys to make some plastic quads and keep ripping off people

  26. Looks neat but the suspension (or lack thereof) sucks. No way. I'd rather pony up a bit more for a well built carbon-burner

  27. Acronyms, initialisms, abbreviations, contractions, and other phrases which expand to something larger, that I've seen in this thread:

  28. Part of a long term plan? Get kids hooked, then in 15 years when they are old enough the cybertruck will actually be ready?

  29. I wonder what the process is within Tesla that led to this. Marketing seeing a gap in the market and tasking engineering to create a product (haha yeah right) Some apprentice doodling in a meeting, and a decisionmaker picking up on it and pushing to make it real? Boardmembers throw a dart at a big piece of paper with random brainstorm ideas?

  30. I woke up to this at 3 o'clock a clock and bought it on impulse it's an impulse. Now I wish I hadn't I have to call and cancel my order I have 0 use for it

  31. Anyone else feel like 15 miles of range is really low? I feel like it should be closer to 25-50 miles to have some proper range to go on adventures with. I guess kids wont need such range, but I hope the Adult version has 25-50 miles of range for 4K.

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