Tesla adds cargo hooks to rear trunk of made-in-China Model Y, Parcel Shelf added to owner's manual

  1. Flying projectiles bad. Hiding cargo is good. Wish there was another name for "parcel shelf" since that's not a good place to park stuff.

  2. Yet in the Bay Area people with Model 3's leave their rear seats down, because if would-be thieves cannot see that there is nothing in the trunk, the break the small rear window and reach in and flip the seat down. So, sometimes NOT hiding things is the right play.

  3. Growth over completeness. If people will buy your unrefined product, ship it, PR be damned. Wall Street cares about units sold, not people talking shit.

  4. It's important to keep in mind the not even 20 year old tesla isn't quite as refined in the little small details of auto convenience like the ~100 year old competition is.

  5. For real. Or just give us some threaded holes so that I can screw in eye bolts or something. On road trips I bring a spare tire and I don't want that thing flying around the cabin in case of an accident.

  6. It's kind of funny that all sorts of previous cost-saving measures have been forgotten in the quest for adding improvements. Sure, Tesla, add a heat pump, heated steering wheel, power trunk, Ryzen infotainment, etc. but god forbid you bring back the $0.50 grocery hooks in the frunk or the passenger lumbar support. lol

  7. How are you driving that makes you need grocery hooks in the frunk? I put groceries up there all the time and never have problems with them moving around.

  8. you should always add the "/s" as people can't tell sarcasm/satire vs to the way some people actually think this way.

  9. I’ve been wondering why this damn thing didn’t have cargo hooks. It’d sure be nice to retrofit Some. Anyone know any good solutions?

  10. The cargo cover is the first thing I remove from whatever new car I buy and never put back in. Who actually needs that? Do you put things on top of it just to have them flying back to the front?

  11. They need to make the space in the car more useful. That has been my largest issue with the vehicle. I hope they do more updates like this.

  12. How useful is this really? The trunk isn't that big so anything moving around wouldn't be an issue and if you put down the back seats to put something big in its probably heavy enough to not be moving around a ton

  13. Never in my life have I used cargo tie downs in a car trunk so I don't really get the hate for not having them. Glad to see it's making more people happy though.

  14. This must be because they just secured a deal with doordash for 101k units. Need to preserve all bread crumbs for my tendies.

  15. I actually enjoyed having a parcel shelf/slider in my previous vehicle (2019 Honda Civic hatch sport touring). It’s a nice privacy feature for items in the trunk. It also kept noise from the trunk to a minimum.

  16. I hear the grab handles are intentionally omitted because of the glass roofs. They have limited space and they need to put the airbag somewhere.

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