Tesla lowers Model 3 range estimates in Europe due to extra power consumption of AMD Ryzen processor

  1. There's no way it's from a processor change. Even if it pulled a constant 50W more than the old SoC, that would only account for 2-3 miles of the reduction. More than likely, the SoC will use 5-10W during normal operation, maybe a peak of 15-25W. The SoC is inconsequential to range; it must be something else that changed.

  2. Yeah this doesn't even make sense. It's clear this was not written by an engineer. It doesn't even make sense on the face of it, even if the processor power doubled that'd be negligible.

  3. True, I think this is just some sort of "smoke screen" to mask the fact they've switched from the Panasonic 82kWh battery pack to the new LG pack, that has ~2kWh less capacity

  4. Why are we giving bullshit lying clickbait farms this kind of attention? Do the world a favor & delete this post OP... -_-

  5. From the article: Tesla made several changes to the Model 3 and Model Y configurations in Europe last night.

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