Just learned that I'm probably moving to Texas for work, and I have really mixed feelings about it. Can you help me get excited for the move by telling me what you love about Texas?

  1. Dallas has taught me that every place is what you make of it. Seriously, there is no geographical reason to put a city in this prairie on the banks of the unnavigable Trinity river. However, it has developed into a place with diverse and friendly people, great work opportunities, connected communities for singles and families, etc. I've been here 30+ years and enjoyed a great career, made great friends, raised 2 kids to successful college students, and I love my neighborhood. DFW airport makes any large city in the US accessible within 4 hours or less. Sure, it's not perfect, but it's more about how you chose to let the bad overcome the good. Welcome to Texas. We are glad to have you. Just come with an open mind and a desire to be in community. We will do the rest.

  2. Dallas is the crossing of major rail systems which is why the city popped up there. Nothing to add just a little FYI.

  3. Dallas is great. I grew up in Chicago, most people are so much nicer here than in Chi. It is a lot safer here too. The food in Dallas is surprisingly great. I have been here for 6-7 years and I am just getting used to the summers. If you are outdoorsy, that will take some adjusting but the winters here are easy. Welcome to Texas!

  4. Moved away from Texas ten years ago. Have yet to find any Mexican or texmex a hundredth as good as what we had in Texas.

  5. That's what people eat that are clues as to what real Mexican food tastes like. So many garbage Tex Mex restaurants that just make people fat and obese.

  6. I’m a transplant from NYC. Texas is like any other place where people just live their lives. Don’t get caught up in the “red state bad” nonsense. Texas is very diverse, and you can’t paint it all with the same brush. It’s a nice place to call home.

  7. I agree with this, we have something for everyone. Sometimes you gotta look for it, but there's happiness here.

  8. Lately, it has been hard not to get caught up in the red state bad. Seems like state govt is being more and more intrusive on a lot of levels and it is only getting worse.

  9. It’s a great state, it’s just people from Austin being loud and making politics their entire existence. There’s so much history and great food across the state to check out.

  10. Texas ecology; undulating plains in N Texas, Palo Duro Canyons and hills in the panhandle and W Texas, desert conditions and Big Bend in SW Texas, central Texas hill country, ocean front on the Gulf and pine forests in E TX. Really nice for exploring, hiking, travel etc. Most Texans are really nice people at heart.

  11. NYC transplant to Houston here. I…have opinions on what has been going on here politically. Lots and lots of them. So I understand your anxiety.

  12. Texas has just shy of a percent of the total land as state and national parks. It's not the lowest but there is a lot of undeveloped land and I'd love to see the state really invest in getting at least to a couple of percent.

  13. Thank you!! Everyone talks about the bbq and Tex max but forgets the burgers! And Whataburger!!

  14. Yes this! Texas is so huge, it has multiple different biomes. Mountains in the northwest, canyons in the southwest. Hillcountry is beautiful and oh boy, the BBQ and texmex.

  15. Texas, like pretty much everywhere else, is not the internet or the news cycle. The vast majority of people are normal humans that just want to live their lives. Cities tend to be left-leaning. Rural/Country areas tend to be right-leaning.

  16. I've lived here for 6 years now - originally from the east. People are kind and will lend you and hand even if you aren't friends or have different views. There is no shortage in areas to hike or swim. Name an outdoor activity and you'll find it here. Lots of wineries if you are into that. Depending on what your interests are, you're likely to find it ~somewhere~ here. Biggest downside to Texas is the amount of driving you will have to do to get from one town to the next.

  17. Texas is big, and has a little bit of everything. Actually, it has a lot for everyone. It’s hotter than a witches titty sometimes, but it’s like it’s own country.

  18. I love Austin and have been here on and off for over 20 years. People are nice and there are beautiful places. I hope we can get some better government officials soon. So come on over, get some BBQ and please please don’t vote for abbott

  19. As Jerry Jeff Walker said so many years ago. "The friendliest people and the prettiest women you ever seen."

  20. As a born and raised Dallas-ite, I realize that my input is probably going to be taken with a grain of salt. However, I have a ton of transplant friends from all over the country - as well as Canada and Mexico. Texas is as diverse as it is big, and I think the scope of options represents that. Everything - from lifestyle to food - is available in Dallas. Dallas proper includes beautiful homes in old neighborhoods that are ridiculously priced, and downtown includes every apartment/loft option that you could possibly want. There are non-Dallas-proper suburb options for days. The suburbs provide you with more house-purchasing options, and most come with a "free" bonus of a hefty commute to work, depending on what areas you live and work in. Excellent food is available everywhere. Bottom line - get used to driving at least 45 mins to get anywhere, and your lifestyle can be whatever you want it to be. Best of luck, and we look forward to having you!

  21. Despite what you hear, Texas cities are incredibly diverse. If you're not into the heehaw Western scene, you'll be just fine in a large city and will still have tons of cool stuff to explore.

  22. As someone who is originally from Chicago, visited NYC for a while (lived there for 6 months), and lived in the Bay Area, some of the best Indian food I've had was in San Jose and Chicago. I have to say most Indian places I've been in Houston and San Antonio have been on par.

  23. We've honestly got the best chain grocery store, unless you can pay whole foods money. Even if you can, HEB can offer so much more for the money. I'm not kidding. I regard HEB as the best thing about Texas.

  24. THIS. Anytime me and my husband ever contemplate moving out of Texas, the first thing we talk about is how much we would miss H‑E‑B.

  25. You know how media paints California as this super liberal left wing state but then when you get there you realize everyone’s just normal? that’s how texas is. we’re all cool.

  26. Don’t do it. I’m a born & raised, once proud Texan. But it sucks right now. It’s a shit show.

  27. And sunrises. Both are really cool especially in Palo Duro Canyon. If you move to Texas, I highly recommend checking it out in the Canyon/Amarillo area which is 5-6 hours away from Dallas or even shorter depending how fast you like to drive, lol.

  28. All I can say is be prepared for asshole drivers in Dallas. I’ve driven all over Texas, Dallas is the one city I’m most cautious. Literally always have my head on a swivel. Best advice I can give you is use your blinker and pay attention.

  29. Don’t forget flooding! Lots, and lots, and lots of flooding. Because in general, surface water hydrology is more-or-less considered to be liberal hoax designed to infringe on the rights of real-estate developers.

  30. You'll get to have a lot of cool new experiences. The state parks are awesome. You can take a long drive to Big Bend National Park. There's a lot of beauty in the land.

  31. Well, it’s Really Big if you don’t mind driving there are some wonderful outdoor destinations like Big Bend, Padre Island, Hill Country. Dallas has a lot of great restaurants. If you like bass fishing it’s a world class destination. NO STATE INCOME TAX

  32. I grew up in Dallas and I made the first big move of my adult life earlier this year. I miss the food so so so much. The republicans are very very extreme, the general political climate sucks. But as with any city there are blue areas and red areas, I really loved Dallas but had my fill of the terrible weather and false friendliness, but there is much to admire about Dallas and I don’t think I would change anything about growing up there given the chance, given the friends I had and insane diversity.

  33. I’m looking forward to the day my family can finally leave this state, so I’ll just say what I’ll miss: tex-mex, kolaches, bbq, HEB, and low housing prices.

  34. Houston here - I’m sorry but Dallas is the worst. HAHAHAHA ok got that out of the way. I would focus on the inherent warmth and humor of Texans.

  35. Texas is...unique in my opinion, there's a lot of diversity between people and areas, but its not difficult for those people to get along. Most people are honestly pretty nice and show good examples of southern hospitality, while the weather here may be focused on the extremes, you will get used to it after some time. Texas and its people are very big on self-independence and hate to be told what to do, but are always pushing themselves to do better for themselves and/or the people around them.

  36. Texas is one of the friendliest states in the country. People on the street will say hello to anybody. Food diversity is awesome. Dallas is a big city. Lots to do. From Museums, to Parks, to Restaurants galore, Texas State Fair. I love the Texas saying, if you don’t like the weather, just wait a minute. Lots of different neighborhoods. From ultra rich to super eclectic. Nightlife to pick and choose. I accidentally left Texas (🤪🤪🤪) and landed in Alabama. Quite the adjustment. I say hello to anyone on the street and I get funny looks! 🤪 I miss Texas every day!

  37. “Friendly” Depends on the location in the state and your skin color or language you are speaking. Would know from experience visiting a gas station in rural Texas.

  38. You’ll be in driving distance (by Texas standards) from Big Bend National Park. Truly one of the most beautiful places on this planet. The Chisos Basin (only part of the park) is an “ecological island” where you can find both bears and scorpions. I can’t recommend visiting enough. Gorgeous desert mountain ranges. Google some photos and start planning your first road trip. You’ll have a blast.

  39. Will vouch for the beauty of Big Bend. Easily on par with other natural wonders like the Grand Canyon.

  40. No state income tax, the friendly people and TexMex food. Go to any Taco Truck and you'll fall in love

  41. Higher property and sales taxes more than offset that though. There’s no free lunch for thee. Only free lunch for the state that cleverly offsets your “income tax” (and then some) with other taxes that aren’t quantified on your pay stub.

  42. Do you like westerns? I get to go out dressed like a cowboy with two 6 shooters on my hip and nobody blinks an eye. If they did I'd shoot em. Unless if it were a pregnant woman of course

  43. My experience is not a good one. I left an old job because they were too damn religious. Having bible study meetings during company time and trying to pressure me to attend. My next job I worked with a bunch of far-right conspiracy theorists. One of the managers came in after Jan. 6 and the first thing out of his mouth was that it was a psyops and that it was really antifa. I was careful not to let them know about my progressive views; lest I be deemed a traitorous commie . I live in Dallas, born in Houston.

  44. Yeah there are a lot of Republicans in Dallas. I'm baffled by everyone saying Dallas is mostly liberal. It might be blue but it's still saturated with GOP and many are the crazy kind. Plus Dallas is HUGE some area are damn near pure red. I mentioned in my comment to OP that yes people in Texas are nice but we're raised under Southern hospitality etiquette which means smile and say nice things while stabbing people in the back. They'll even drive you to the hospital. 😆

  45. You’ll love it mostly. Lots to do and for the most part people are friendly. You gonna run into a lot of white Kevin’s and Karen’s though. They’re the worst here and think theyre cops or something with authority lol the latinos will invite you to all the bar bQ’s they have and give you meat off their grills every weekend lol

  46. Embrace the Latin/American culture, and history! The politics, and tension of it all can get frustrating sometimes, but it can be a beautiful, diverse place when everybody is compassionate to each other! I’m a 6th generation Texan and I love the friends I’ve made, and things I’ve learned from living in Houston! :)

  47. I know this sub has been super depressing and negative lately but I love Texas (obviously there are negatives to every place but overall). I have been here 9 years and will probably never leave. If you can, visit places around the Hill Country (Fredricksburg, Gruene/NB, Wimberley, Boerne, etc). I actually also really love visiting San Antonio, especially the Pearl District. Haven’t been yet but I’ve heard Big Bend National Park is amazing.

  48. Great weather, outdoor opportunities, lots of city stuff to do if that’s your thing in Dallas (food shopping etc), no state tax, personal freedoms, cheap gas (depending where you’re coming from), cheap housing if you dont mind commuting 30mins or so into Dallas, Dallas Cowboys, NASCAR track, great Mexican food, good people

  49. Dallas is like any other big city. You'll live within a short 2-6 hours of more fun shit than you'll ever be able to do in a lifetime.

  50. Just as with any other place you go, if you look for the positives, that's what you'll find. If you want negatives, you'll find them.

  51. I grew up in DC. I’ve lived in Austin for the past 25 years. I travel a lot for work so I’ve been around the US a few times.

  52. Texas tends to be conservative. There are people that are as progressive as they get to. Unless you're in the center of the state there's places in Texas that are over a day's drive away. Texas has Texas country it's different than Nashville country. Texas has kolaches in West barbecue and Temple and Austin in Fredericksburg.

  53. Texas is a very diverse place it’s not just red or blue. You’ll find each city could honestly be its own state since there so culturally different.

  54. It’s fine. You’ll be fine. Especially in a mega city like Dallas, you literally never have to think about politics if you don’t want to. Yeah it sucks having a shithead as a governor and other morons representing us, but this is still a fantastic piece of land on God’s green earth. Want a beach? Got em. Want an isolated desert wasteland? Got that too. Wine valley? Got that. Culture? Holy shit, you’re in for a fucking treat. I’ve lived here my whole life, and yeah politics suck but it’s not everything. Most of us are friendly, that’ll be the first thing you notice.

  55. This is like asking someone why they love God, their parent, or their child. Texas becomes a part of you, a cherished part that makes you overlook any pain caused by their bad qualities (except God who has none)

  56. If you’re blue don’t come here. I hate it here, people are fucking racist hicks. I want to move back home :(

  57. Cowboy boots, gunslingers, ghouls, whiskey runners, old grandma's everywhere, and Harveys flood. Be careful.

  58. Been in Dallas the majority of my life - love it here. Love the people, love the places, love the food. Love that you can chart fun adventures only a few hours away. Give us a chance. Dallas itself is blue so it’s not as bad as it looks on the news.

  59. I'm liberal from the Midwest. Moved to Texas thirteen years ago. Houston. Made up of mostly transplants. People are wonderful. Friendly. Talkative. I love the people. The weather can suck it.

  60. There's this fucking amazing Korean BBQ place in north-ish Dallas called "Yoon". You tell them what you want, they bring it, then you cook it on the little grill/stove at your table. That restaurant is amazing, and it makes me wanna drive 5 hours to Dallas just to eat there every weekend.

  61. Bro, tacos, tequila, and BBQ. It’s all worth it. If your vegan, we have a lot of vegan restaurants in Dallas. Nick and Sams has been labeled 1 of the 5 greatest dining experiences in the world and is so fun to go to. Oktoberfest is happening right now as well in multiple locations. Dallas is fun, don’t worry about all the BS our POS governor does. Also, avoid the Trinity River at all costs.

  62. You’ll like the Dallas area: lots of cultural activity from shows to museums, good recreational activities, and lots of interesting nearby communities (Denton, Ft. Worth, McKinney) with near history, shopping, and food. If you’re outdoorsy, the Trinity Forest is fun to explore, and the White Rock Lake area is fun. DFW Airport makes it easy to get around both the state and country.

  63. Native Texan. Lived in DFW nearly 20 years and live in SETX now. Grew up in the sticks. Much of what is said here is true. It’s largely what you make of it. There’s much to be found in the cities. Mostly just the major ones. Very little outside of that is worth your time. The tourist trap towns are worth visiting in some cases but the greater majority aren’t.

  64. I love how Texas still hasn't increased its minimum wage in years and the cost of living keeps getting higher and higher.

  65. Patio season is most of the year. Alot of swimming. If you still don't enjoy Texas, off season flights to Colorado can be pretty cheap for a weekend trip.

  66. It's hot, the weather sucks balls, the people are all shit, housing is out of control, the state government are all fascists, but the women are good looking.

  67. Depends where u live. By the coast ? It’s humid and hot and floods often. Outside of that ? It’s just hot lol BUT our winters are amazing besides that one winter storm lol Though I’m not too sure what complicated legal situation you’re in that’ll give u trouble here so I can’t comment on that. Housing is low so ppl can actually afford a home compared to Cali and NY. There’s a reason for that!!! Food is awesome. There’s a lot of hiking areas.

  68. Texas is nice…unless you are a woman who gets raped or want to get an abortion. The electrical grid also fails in winter and while kids and people freeze to death the senators of the state fly to Cancun. ICU beds are at max capacity so if you need urgent care well you might as well not go to the hospital and say your goodbyes at home.

  69. Texas isn’t here to impress you. Why don’t you tell us why we should be excited you are moving here.

  70. Please don’t move to Dallas/Ft. Worth. Houston or San Antonio or even Austin are better choices. Maybe even El Paso. DFW is too crowed with these idiots from California moving here.

  71. If you are upset about the state's conservative politics, you are welcome to replicate blue state ideology, for example, by writing a check of part of your income to the state government, to replicate the State Income Tax that would exist back in the blue state you may have moved from. The Texas state government will still accept your money, and you may feel more at home by knowing you are allowed to do as such.

  72. Now that is not very neighborly or Christian. I think you need to look in the mirror and find out why you have some much hate in your heart! It will consume you! All are welcome in Texas! Except Trump:)

  73. Choice… besides the choice of killing your child…Remove me IDC I SAID WHAT I SAID. masks and abortion are not related.

  74. OP this ^ is the type of backwards person you will frequently meet, the cities are better than the rural places, but they still have mega churches that scam people out of money and teach them that masks and vaccines are the work of the devil and Trump is Jesus. It's not even close to rare, Dallas is full of evangelicals from surrounding small towns, so just be careful.

  75. If you have mixed feelings about it, you will have less mixed feelings about it when you move here. Let me just say that people in this forum, who almost entirely lean to the left, are considering moving out.

  76. 5th generation Texan here who has travelled a bit. The people here are crazy as a whole. But individually, are the nicest people you will ever meet. Takes a bit for them to warm up sometimes, but are literally give the shirts off their back kinda people. Just a little misled right now by certain things. I’m hoping they will snap out of it soon.

  77. I am from Socal and I moved to San Antonio this week. I agree that Texas is like everywhere else, people are just living their lives and they are not paying attention to me. I am very liberal but I don't plan to advertise it to my neighbors or the whole town. I am having difficulties with the freeways haha. The best thing that you can do is help vote out the politicians that you don't agree with you.

  78. Well Texas has the San Antonio Spurs(the best basketball team ever) and Frost Bank(the best bank ever). 😂 Thats just a starting point lol

  79. Spent 10 years in Dallas. It's a huge ass city. Make it what you want it to be. I loved the big Half Priced Books. Cental Market rocks. There are lots of places to meet people. Go for walks at White Rock Lake. I had to leave there about 5 years ago, and now I'm not sure I'll be going back. I definitely miss my old house and hood. It was a cool place to live. We are going in 2 weeks to visit, and I have sooooo many plans. Haha. So many!

  80. Texas is not as bad as the news makes it seem. When I travel elsewhere I always am happy to come back to Texas. It is a friendly place and extremely diverse. I thought for years I’d move away, but I just can’t bring myself to do so. It’s also in the middle of the US, so it’s convenient for traveling.

  81. Texas has crappy weather, but generally very friendly people, low costs of living, amazing food, no state income tax and there is lots of stuff to do regardless of what kind activities you enjoy.

  82. What I really love about Texas is my Spacious Recently Remodeled Home. Located in a quiet neighborhood but close to the amusement parks, local dining, and all the shopping your pocket book can handle…

  83. I'm a transplant. Strongly didn't want to move here but my spouse got a promotion that he really wanted. I tried to put on a brave face because I knew he was happy but I was dreading it

  84. Lots of wide open spaces and places to go. Typically always sunny. You can get A LOT of house, cheap. You get all the seasons in one week. And we have H‑E‑B.

  85. Depends on what part you’re moving to, but there’s tons of history here and a lot of great landmarks. Lots of stuff to do in the major cities and great communities in the smaller ones.

  86. I've lived in Texas my whole life, specifically in Denton county which is about 30-40 minutes north of Dallas, and couldn't really imagine living elsewhere. People here are by in large really friendly, the food is amazing (especially further south), and the climate is mostly agreeable.

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