Meet Sen. Cruz's "Slackers"

  1. Spineless Ted Cruz has to be the slimiest, most despicable member of Congress. I cannot wait to vote that piece of shit out of office.

  2. they consider mail in voting, something we've had for almost a century with no problems, bad now because trump railed against it

  3. But you see the benefit of only allowing in-person voting is that only old people who happen to vote republican have time to go stand in line at the polls.

  4. Voter suppression, limited rights, cult mentality, military state... No, it's not communism, it's the GOP platform and philosophy.

  5. He's just upset because its actually a good way to rally younger voters. I mean when he was majority with Trump they could have done the same shit but nope.

  6. Amazing to me how these guys manage to insult a different group of people every time they open their mouths and still people keep voting for them. For the life of me I don’t understand how people vote for this evil bastard.

  7. Because they are literal nazis. Anyone who doesn't look like them, think like them, talk like them, act like them, they are against. Why do you think they try and call the democrats nazis? Projection is their biggest fault.

  8. Well, they voted for tRumpus. And in addition to being a malignant narcissist, I think he’s actually got dementia now. Rafael is just trying to emulate his hero.

  9. It’s so embarrassing watching him try to act tough with his little beard when he couldn’t even stand up for his wife when Trump called her ugly.

  10. America just needs to stop giving this guy attention. The ONLY reason they say stupid shit like this is it gets them on TV and the news. I personally don’t think HE even believes half the shit he says.

  11. Ted Cruz is a despicable person who is completely out of touch with the realities of life. I hope every single person he insulted in this sound byte does go vote and runs him right out of office.

  12. I guess IT is completely stupid useless and a waste of time and that's why I can't find a job. It's not that the field is oversaturated by years of promises of a guaranteed never going to end need for my degree. yeah it's the bong thats keeping me from working when 95% of employers no longer drug test. And yes it's the 20k that's going to make me vote for Dems over republicans not statements like this or the fact that they worship a racist tyrant.

  13. The field is saturated with IT people who don't know what they are doing. Can't tell you what a CPU is, or even identify a cd drive. So yes you're right it's "over saturated" with those type of candidates, and they have certs/degrees.

  14. Does this slug realize how much everyone hates him? Even his colleagues and constituents have a hard time dealing with him.

  15. The republicans tell you exactly who they are, you just have to listen to them… “might get young people to vote…” umm, why is having educated young adults voting a bad thing? Ted, please do Texas a favor and go back to Cancun for a while and read some books, thank you

  16. It makes me sad I was raised to think like this guy. What’s even more sad is that this a rich guy mentality and we were poor as hell.

  17. Lol you can tell Republicans are scared after this. “If you could get off the bong for a minute” “It could drive up voter turnout”

  18. It's ironic how these shitty Republicans forget that George W. Bush mailed a check for ~$300 to almost every American...employed or not...and didn't call it socialism.

  19. That this clown "TedCruz" is still in power is just unacceptable and unbelievable, this is why these clowns get so cocky with power because they are so busy trying to stay in power instead of doing what they are supposed to and that is the will of every Texan not just the people that contribute to special interests, I met this clown once and he was supposed to answer from the media but last minute very suspiciously he had to go and didn't answer shit. Shame on you, if you still believe in Ted Cruz and all the shit he peddles. Vote his ass out!

  20. “We’re mad that politicians are doing something for the people” I’m not even the biggest Biden fan by any means but what the fuck are politicians -supposed- to do if not help out the common person? These dumb ass motherfuckers are completely mask off and their supporters are even dumber for supporting shit against their own interests

  21. Grew up around nurses my whole life, every last one of them worked a second job at some point and many the entire time.

  22. Next time Ted Cruz waddles into a Starbucks, I hope the “slacker barista” who helps him remembers what the senator thinks about them.

  23. TX GOP are paid off by the Energy Sector that failed their State while they legislate QAnon talking points as a distraction

  24. I wish Bernie would run again. He is the only one in DC who is truly representing working class people. I see no reason why he couldn't. He is miles head of Biden cognitively. If he does he should chose Jon Stewart as his VP pick.

  25. I love Bernie but he needs to just continue sponsoring younger candidates and doing his job in the senate. I think the man would have been a great president but we have to be at least somewhat pragmatic and after two attempts it’s time to move on.

  26. In terms of 2024 -- assuming Biden runs again, the Party will need to put up a united front against the GOP. (If Biden doesn't run, then Bernie has a small shot, but more likely it would be someone younger and more moderate like Harris or Warren.)

  27. Many people believe that its not the universities that are causing this issue, when in reality government subsidization of the education system triggered the whole thing. When you say to get a good job you must get a degree, the price of degrees get higher, then when you have federally backed loans this will further raise the price. Theres a reason school loans are the only loans you can’t default on. Total scam, education should be a right, not a privilege.

  28. Without “government subsidization”, higher education would exclusively be a privilege for the wealthy. Also want to point out how bizarre it is to refer to any form of education as “subsidized.” Do you think “subsidized” kindergarten is ruining education as well?

  29. Great juxtaposition. The republicans have lost it. They deserve to lose everything. I can’t imagine voting democrat but these republicans are vile.

  30. Ted Cruz is as slothful as a politician can get. Some nerve calling other people slackers when he's paid >$170,000k + perks and does nothing.

  31. Unfortunately I will continue to vote Republican because of how mental the left is. Cancel culture, gun laws and the blatant disregard to science on gender will sway me. I consider myself very neutral in politics but I can't side with people who have and condone serious mental health issues. So I will vote for Republican until the democrats can dig up something better than the clowns like Beto.

  32. It's really weird that you think people having social consequences for horrible shit they do, providing a safer armed community, and treating people according to their identified social role rather their biological sex are both heinous and more significant worker's rights, voting rights, civil rights, environmental action, social welfare like Social Security, and checking big business. Must be a brain disease.

  33. 2/3 things you cited as reasons to continue voting Republican are culture war issues that are either not real, or don’t impact you much. How has your life been affected by being “cancelled”? Does it really matter in your day to day whether someone you have never met identifies as a gender other than the one on their birth certificate?

  34. For the life of me I can’t figure out why conservatives care so much about gender issues. How does it actually effect you so?

  35. Fun fact. The US spent $2.3 trillion (roughly $115 billion every year for 20 years) on the war in Afghanistan and that was big waste of money and a big failure. Student loan forgiveness costs about $300 billion and will actually benefit people.

  36. It's interesting that he'd use the term slacker in this context, but I highly doubt he did it on purpose. There's not an agreed upon origin, but one theory is the term evolved from "slack water", basically meaning water that doesn't move. Protesting laborers were called slackers because they moved as slow as possible to highlight how important they were to production. So yes, Ted, I'm sure these baristas are proud slackers.

  37. Maybe if Rafael hit the bong once in a while he might not be such a loathsome scumbag completely devoid of anything even resembling decency. But I doubt it.

  38. A smashed cat turd has more character than that slimy, used-car salesman looking, poisonous toad. A smashed cat turd would make a better legislator, too.

  39. I have never been accused harder if stealing than thus debt forgiveness. My degree is in psychology and masters in counseling. I am a counselor for kids who have experienced trauma, sexual abuse, anxiety, depression, adjustment disorders, the works. My degree is USEFUL! And let's put it out there that if you need a degree for your job so is yours. That's why you get a degree! I'm sick of people judging if you are worthy or not! It breaks my heart.

  40. The average dentist graduating in the United States today will have over $400,000 in student loan debt. Some as high as $600,000.

  41. Working two jobs is EXACTLY the way Repubes want you to live. Somebody has to do all the work while they sit back with their feet up on the couch laughing. These rich people in the Republicans who represent them have designed the system that way on purpose. They reap all the benefits you do all the work. These people are nothing but con artists 100% through and through. You people would be living in cages outside your Walmart jobs if it was up to them. Bunch of evil rotten motherfuckers, everyone of them. Don’t let them fool you because they’re really good at the con.

  42. I'm no Ted Cruz fan, but the premise of this argument is frankly, facile. My wife is a nurse. She got her nursing license through a community college, applied for every scholarship she could find, and we were able to get the whole thing done for less than $10K. She the got her RN to BS degree online through Texas Tech and again, for less than ten grand.

  43. I paid for my loans and worked hard to pay for my college so I didn't have to be applying for loans. People pay for loans all the time what the difference between school and a car nothing.

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