Would they save you?

  1. I have a 50/50 chance of being offered a beer and safely teleported out, or being rocket jumped straight into the roof.

  2. Laughter can be heard coming from one of the passageways as the demonic creature who was waiting to kill you runs right by you, screaming like a little girl.

  3. I mean pyro is usually nice to fellow mercs, and doesn't actively go out of their way to kill civilians. They aren't that bad of an option.

  4. Oh yeah, baybee, we got scout on recon, soldier on rock and dirt clearing (because shovel), pyro for lights and food, demo for clearing rubble and cave-ins, heavy for hauling heavy equipment and moving things out of the way, engi for fixing broken tools and equipment and making new gear, medic for first aid, sniper for hunting for food and advice on how to live in environments like this, and spy for being a part of the team!

  5. Sniper medic and spy would probably be the ones I would trust the most to get me out, and considering that those are the only 3 classes I don’t regularly play I’m boned

  6. Scout would probably come very quickly and say something like "Yeah, yeah thank me later, just saving the day as usual".

  7. Depending on his rocket launcher, soldier would either blow up the entire cave and get you out/ get you killed. Or you’re dead.

  8. While I can appreciate Soldier and Demo blasting a hole in the cave to get me out, I do not trust that the subsequent fallout would not get me crushed.

  9. It really depends on if Spy is taking me and freeing me as an ally, or simply just trying to kill me himself. Either way he’d probably make it to me

  10. Depends, would they act like their canonical selves, or would their personalities mimic how I play them?

  11. heavy med combo breaks down the cave wall and ubers just before ripping me to shreds because i am wearing a blue shirt

  12. If has 12 PhDs and is willing to cut his own arm off to replace it with a weapon, then yeah I'm sure we'll survive

  13. Well, Scout would save me, but it’d take him a long time (ironically) because I imagine he’s get scared by every little thing in the cave. Soldier would bounce his head off the cave ceiling, but by the power of brain damage and ‘Murica, he’d prbly get me.

  14. 50/50 chance I either get built a fire and allowed to roast marshmallows before we leave perfectly unharmed or burnt to a crisp and have my insides scattered across the cave walls

  15. Are we talking my main for points or time played? Because either I'll be whisked away by teleporter, or only my internal organs will be whisked away.

  16. I would either get to see some jarate getting thrown and driving in a van filled with jars or i would get to see some backstabs and then get a ride home in a luxury car

  17. It depends on if my main knows if it a rescue mission or if they think it's just a new magical world and I'm the inhabitant that needs a bubble shower.

  18. So either scout is going to get me lost, panic and run to god knows where or his father will be sensible, prepare beforehand and get me out in a orderly manner.

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