Now a year later…how do we feel about the last Of us 2?

  1. I find this very interesting because I basically agree with the emotional impact of the game but I never see any character as "me". For me I treat game characters in general the same as characters in novels and it's more the writing/acting that makes the character work for me instead of the interactivity.

  2. TLOU2 in my opinion was the best sequel I have ever played. Naughty Dog did a great job of building an emotional heartfelt story in the first game. Then they explored the opportunities for emotional conflict for the players in the second game. Great work

  3. Exactly! People were coming into this game as themselves, not the characters. It was never our story. It’s Ellie’s story, and we go along with the ride.

  4. Same! I’m actually replaying it again right now for like the 5th time…on the part where Ellie heads to the hospital and encounters the seraphites

  5. I’ve liked it less the more I think about it. I keep finding things I dislike about Abby and her story, and it really brings the game down for me.

  6. That's strange because me and my wife thought abby was the more likeable one. She came forward more mature in her decisions after her initial failure.

  7. I’ll be honest here, the very first time I played the TLOU II, I wanted Abby dead. After completing the story many times ever since then, I’m glad she wasn’t killed off the game. I like her character. After seeing her at the pillars in that condition on the verge of death was just heartbreaking.

  8. The game worked its spell on me in the first play through, but that’s what makes it so damn good: it eventually changes the way you see things.

  9. To be honest, I was disappointed… or rather very mixed feelings. Ellie became my favorite character, but in general I’m not happy with the direction they took. I think they put the themes/message over the characters, and this was at Ellie’s expense especially to make Abby “work”. It’s the disappointment of what could have been. I didn’t want a Joel & Ellie adventure, but a game that develops her character not in a way that hurts her character. If people come out thinking Ellie was the villain or her losing everything because that’s what they saw as the point, then something was done wrong. Whether it was overestimation of the players’ ability to analyze character motivation (with Ellie), seeing as almost all of her motivations are misinterpreted, from leaving for Seattle to leaving the farm to the epilogue (yes it is in her journal, but this either wasn’t looked at/too subtle); or underestimation how much people connect with a positive redemption arc. This frames the wrong message of the game.

  10. See for me this very much was Ellie growing up and maturing from the start to finish. Part 1 she was very naïve still, and trusted people she shouldn't have. She saw the world much differently than she did at the start of part 2 and by the end of part 2 she matured and grew even more.

  11. So I'm halfway through it but I got bored. I feel like the story is just a revenge plot with some extra gore and shock value. People on this sub make it appear like it's a masterpiece and if you don't like it you're just too dumb to understand it. Ight imma get downvoted

  12. are you actually half way through the game or do you think you’re half way through…? two different things. half of it isn’t even about revenge. it’s far more about redemption

  13. Exactly this, I've lost count of the times I've played the original, and that in my opinion is a true masterpiece, it told a story better than any movie or book I've ever read and the relationships and characters were beautiful, everything felt fleshed out, relatable and real. There are moments in that game that I will never forget, subtle and poignant, and the pacing was fantastic. Part 1 is the true piece of art, and I wish they had ended the series with it, there was no need for a part 2.

  14. Overall a great game. I think there are definite issues with the story. The biggest being they expect me to believe that Ellie who is literally a little psychopathic killer throughout the entire game that has bashed the brains in, blown the heads off, slit the throat of, broken the necks of what…100…150 people? Tortured a handful of others. Killed a pregnant woman and the father. All in the conquest to get revenge. Got one of her best friends killed (Jesse) in the process, crippled her “uncle” Tommy, and gave up the love of her life and adopted child. And then fights the person she did all this for and has trouble finding it in her to kill her? Get the fuck outta here man. Not only does it not make sense it isn’t even remotely in Ellie’s character to basically say, “Yeah…fuck all those people I killed, tortured, got killed in the process, relationships thrown away. Fuck all those people. All for nothing, but what’re you gonna do? Abby, have a nice day.”

  15. Would it be perhaps that you missed the clues and hints of the psychological impact the entire experience was for ellie? Im not assuming, maybe you have thought a bit about it but wrote if off but for me.. Everything Ellie did, including torture, murder, leaving her loved one, everything you listed was less important to her than having peace in her own mind, i downright believe that she wouldn't have minded to have been killed during the process, and the possibility of doing it herself if she had stayed on that farm. It was only until the final moment, when she had abby's life in her hands that she realised that killing her wouldn't change a thing... so.. she stopped..and grieved...for god knows how long.. but she began feeling better

  16. See I think the game gives you enough pieces to like Abby if you’re open to let go of your bias, but in the end, it doesn’t really matter if you like her if you can at the very least realize she’s just as much a complex human being as anyone else is. What I don’t understand is how you could think Abby deserved death more than Ellie or Joel besides the fact you can’t get your personal bias out of the way for them. If you were playing this game from the perspective of Abby and you had to play as Ellie or Joel, you’d likely think the same thing and want them to die. If you don’t find Ellie coming to terms with Joel’s death, forgiving him, keeping her humanity and showing mercy to go on and live a life where she can move on and heal to be more satisfying than her murdering a woman (and her adoptive child, people tend to forget killing Abby would’ve also likely killed Lev) who just did what she thought was right in getting justice for her own flawed father that she loved who was brutally murdered (exactly as Ellie was doing) and has come to her own personal terms to redeem herself because she realizes her faults and shows that revenge gets you nothing, I feel like The Last of Us has taught you nothing, especially Part II.

  17. i like how you specified about the fireflies maybe not being able to get the vaccine because i think the same, they were desesperated and unorganized, not even mentioning lacking in resources and manpower, comparing with the real world a vaccine takes maybe even years to develop and test and roll out using up to date tech with an army of scientist working on it, the fireflies were just keep killing inmune people to never achieve anything of note, because they desesperately wanted all the death and suffering to be worth it at the end, they were already out of their mind at that point and hoping for a miracle.

  18. Still don’t like it, just didn’t hold up IMO, the first game will always have a special place in my heart but this one won’t ever come close

  19. It's ok. Nowhere near as good as the first one IMO. The connection between Joel and Ellie just can't be recaptured. It's one of the most magical and outstanding relationships in story telling, not just gaming.

  20. I completely agree with you on everything but the dogs. I didn't have much of an issue with killing them at all. They were hunting you down so it was up to you on how to deal with that threat. But everything else 1000% agree.

  21. When I first played it I sort of jumped on the bandwagon in support of the entire game. But after some time I think I realize that I did that because I loved the first game so much. After a year, and replaying it several times, I personally feel that story has more flaws than the first game. There were a lot of statements trying to be made with the game that it kind of came together in a messy fashion and I think playing as Abby was a little forced and did not serve the story well. Overall I loved the gameplay and I still have mad respect for Druckmann for creating such a fascinating world and characters but I do feel that the story fell short and a lot of content was a little on the nose.

  22. As a returning gamer after many years away, I first played TLOU and then savoured the sensation of just looking at TLOU2 in my library knowing the day was mine to choose. I remember calling my girlfriend over to show how Elie’s backpack moved independently- blown away. From then on the experience multiplied exponentially. Now I listen to Gustavo Santaolalla on long runs in the forest, only Sunday just gone, lost in the brown leaves everywhere, and a tear came in my eye- Elie… Joel…. Our Future Days…I wondered where she was now, if she was ok and how she or Naughty dog could ever even contemplate continuing something that was not just a game but a relationship with a point time I will never forget.

  23. I still can’t get over how ND promoted and marketed the game where you play as Ellie but turns out half the time you play as Abbie a character noone knew existed.

  24. Abby was the center of the PSX TLoU2 trailer in 2017. We all knew she would be a big part of the game when she was focus of the second TLoU2 trailer.

  25. I liked it, it felt unique and special in a good way. Liked the characters. Only gripe is that some plot elements feel disjointed and are portrayed to the player in a weird way which can cause confusion, for example the fireflies and rattlers at the end.

  26. Just started my 2nd play through. About 20 minutes in so nothing has happened just yet. I love it. Not as good as the first, but still fantastic. Wish they would hurry up and announce Factions!

  27. I think the devs bit off more than they could chew. I think they had a grand idea for what they wanted to do, like a destination, but didn’t focus as much on how to get there. Not that they didn’t have good intentions but hey just didn’t execute it very well. I think there is a lot of fat that could’ve been trimmed that would’ve allowed them to focus and flesh out certain things.

  28. I just finished my ninth play through and, in terms of story and character, it’s still the best game I’ve ever played. Probably the best story I’ve ever consumed. The characters are rich and complex. The story is nuanced and elemental. Even the environment tells a story.

  29. Literally one of the best video games ever created. And EASILY the best narrative I’ve ever experienced in the medium.

  30. Still love it. Just started my seventh playthrough, attempting my first permadeath run—per chapter, very light difficulty (I’ve beaten it on hard before, I just want the trophy).

  31. Still a masterclass in story telling for me. I've never been so upset about having to play as a character, to having all my own hate thrown right back in my face. I remember wanting to quit and not even finish it, and I don't know when a game will ever top it. Uncharted 4 I thought was going to be hard to top, but TLOU2 is going to be even harder. Start to finish it's an absolute masterclass.

  32. My appreciation for the story, characters and overall tone/themes has only deepened with time. This is one of those rare titles that made an impact that probably won’t leave for a long time, if ever.

  33. It left me heartbroken and more conflicted than I’ve ever felt with any other game or even movie. The way it depictated hate is revolutionary

  34. Loved it then, love it now. As soon as I heard about the leaks I removed myself from all social media where I could see reference to TLOU so I went into the game completely blind. Absolutely no regrets, it's a shame other people weren't able to do the same

  35. Great game, solid story driven linear action adventure game. So many bland open world games these days it’s nice to see some talented developers putting so much into a linear experience.

  36. First play through was my best experience. All downhill after that, I am very critical of the story and the characters. I honestly couldn’t play the game more then twice though because I disliked the story so much. I tried to play it for the gameplay and just couldn’t…

  37. Don't see any reason to return to it after getting the plat. After everything, I feel the whole game screams: the first one was so successful that it would be a waste not to leech off more of your money by not making a sequel. The characters were fine. The whole execution was not.

  38. It was...ok. i mean i wasnt as emotionally attached to it as the first game but I dont think it deserved the hate it got in the beginning. It was a fun experience overall.

  39. I had to play it a second time to understand Abby and not be angry about the ending. Now she’s my idol and I have hope.

  40. I’ve definitely come full circle. Went from absolutely hating it to appreciating it. I don’t love it like I love Part 1 but I do see the good in the game.

  41. the game is a rollercoaster of good and bad but i think i would've left having a positive reaction to it if it ended at farm 1. Ellie has ptsd but she's trying to be happy. Good.

  42. The story of The Last of Us II is just insanely great. Of course you may like it or not, but that doesnt change the fact that it is just… very well crafted. The characters are great, they feel alive which is basically all you can ask for, they did a great job at creating ,,the villain” which is supposed to be Abby, but what you know, fans love her more than Ellie so i guess she’s more of an anti hero now. Skipping all this, even the attention to detail, graphics, how natural everything is, animations, voicelines and all, is enough to make for the best game ever even this day. The Naughty Dog just keeps destroying the game market, considering how most of the game companies went to shit anyway, and i doubt much studios can compete with them. They just seem to get better and better as time passes, which is unusual.

  43. Definitely did not like the story, and I feel like the gameplay could've been expanded upon more but I still liked it. Graphics and Sound design were amazing. I'm happy for anyone that enjoyed the game but there were way too many major flaws for me to enjoy ir.

  44. One of the greatest games ever made. But a year later and I still dont like Abby. No amount of essays posted here will change that.

  45. I think the pacing and storytelling was kind of odd, and felt jumpy/unnatural, but the characters and plot were 👌🏽 the last leg of the game gave me nightmares for a long time.

  46. If somehow the lord made me Neil Druckmann and gave a second chance at making the story of TLOU2, I would do it the same way all over again.

  47. Usually, when I truly love a game, I won’t touch it for 2 to 3 years after beating it so that I can forget as much as possible about the story for when I replay it. But with the last of us 2, i beat the game and I just couldn’t stop thinking about it. About how I missed Joel, about how much I’d wished that Ellie had just quit while she was ahead, how Abby was just as likeable and real as Ellie was, with even more justified motivations. Usually I would beat a game, think about it for a week, and forget about it, but this game really sank its teeth into me. I’ve beaten it 4 times now, and am about to start a grounded run for my 5th. Every time I play it, I think to myself “maybe this is the time I won’t cry.” But every time I end up balling. Telling such an emotional revenge story from both perspectives was genius, and helped me let go of some of the grudges that I’ve held against certain people in my life. Now obviously, a lot of people hated this, but I think those people either A) didn’t even give it a chance, B) didn’t want to play something that challenges the way they think, C) prefer more simple, straightforward stories. And that’s fine, all I know is that this game is without a doubt my favorite of all time, and was more than I could have ever hoped for from a sequel. 11/10

  48. Maybe it would work in another medium, but a story that progresses for 10 hours, comes to a climax, then backtracks and takes another 10 hours to get back to the climax, doesn’t work for me. I really enjoyed the first part, but I lost interest pretty quickly after that

  49. My wife and I watched a "movie version" on YouTube recently, we've both played both games previously mind you, and cried together... again. Amazing games.

  50. I have a lot to criticize. But it has nothing to do with "my Joel" or "I have to play as her". For example, characters that should've been more fleshed out (Isaac, Jesse).

  51. Too long, too many Characters, too many subplots, and main focus of the original game was not really addressed nor resolved only more complications.

  52. my only big problem with Part II has nothing to do with the game itself - it’s that Joel’s storyline was spoiled for me before I even got the game. It felt like I missed out on a key piece of the emotional experience.

  53. I love almost everything about the game, even Abby as a character. But her three days in Seattle seem to have forced in some sequences just to get some action gameplay. Especially when she goes back to rescue Yara and Lev and the latter one later AGAIN. It's just a stupid decision to take so much risk for two kids that you just met.

  54. Same, I’m waiting so much in factions but I get if they are trying to make it the best they can for us cause remember we are still in Covid and they still probably need people hence why they keep hiring more people

  55. I must not have enjoyed it as much as the first one, since I only beat it once and then sold my PlayStation shortly after lol.

  56. It saying this in a bad way but it sounds like you sold your PlayStation right after playing it cause maybe you also got mad at the game and stuff, I could he totally wrong but that’s just the vibe I’m getting there

  57. One of my favourite games of all time to be honest. Already on 5th or so playthrough; warming up for a Grounded per chapter perma run. It’s just a work of art really from a technical and narrative standpoint. Level design, sound design, mo cap; nothing has come close to this nor will for a long time - praying for a part 3 at the end of this generation. How good it will look, I can only imagine.

  58. It’s a great game story wise. And while I do enjoy the combat and the different things you can do. I can’t find myself to replay the game (replayed it once immediately after finishing the first time). I tried about a month or two back, but a lot of the sections just kind of feel like a chore to get through. There are very few sections of the game that I find genuinely enjoyable.

  59. I had a lot of mixed feelings about the last of is part 2 when I initially played it. But after countless play throughs, I can honestly say I wouldn’t change a thing.

  60. There is nothing else like it, and I hope it trailblazes more games to be like it. So much risk and so much payoff, it’s such an achievement for gaming. All time favorite for sure.

  61. I still haven’t finished it because of life being busy and just obstacles in general. That I haven’t had the right mindset to get back into it after a while :/ I left it at a very depressing cliffhanger near the end I think.

  62. This is a game that hit me hard. My first playthrough was the start of a 6 month post game depression. I'm on my second playthrough and I don't even think I will be able to finish it.

  63. I really love it. I’m doing my first replay since beating it back when it released, and it’s still depressing as hell. The gameplay is so much fun, but damn, it’s so sad and heart wrenching. Joel is forever my favorite character in any medium ever. Tv shows, movies, books, games, etc. So seeing him get brutally murdered really put a sour taste in my mouth at first. But, I realized, it’s a brutal world. Joel did kill Abby’s dad, to save Ellie and that was that. He didn’t begin to think of the repercussion of the fact that he DID just brutally murder an entire hospital of people. His time was going to come sooner or later. Joel wanted to save Ellie, and be a father figure to her. And he did. But in the same breath, he killed Abby’s father, and left her as an orphan. It makes total sense she’d make it her life mission to kill Joel to get revenge. Did it hurt seeing him die? Yes. Yes it did. But the flashbacks really helped with that. Seeing Joel try his hardest to be the dad he never really got to be for Sarah made it all the better. He was an old disgruntled survivor, who tried his best to be soft and caring as a father figure. That’s why he is my favorite character ever. Part 2 is a triumph in terms of pretty much everything. Gameplay, and story. But Part 1’s story will always hold a special place in my heart because I was introduced to Joel and Ellie.

  64. It’s the best game ever made and I don’t know how anyone who has played it can’t see it as fact, and I’ve played every AAA game for every system since N64.

  65. Ive only played it once all the way through, and it's because i've never felt so emotional at the end of a video game. It really hit me hard. I played again halfway through just for the platinum, but i still have it downloaded for when i attempt the permadeath/grounded trophies

  66. Just played it for the first time a few weeks ago. Have to admit I didn't like playing as Abby since I spent the first of the game absolutely hating her guts.

  67. One of the most incredible experiences I've ever had. Good and bad. It was a brilliant but haunting story. I had to just stay away from everything after I finished it for a few days. It tells just a deep and difficult story. I understand that it might not translate well for others but I wish they could see how I do. So excited for Part 3

  68. It is amazing personally I have no complaints about the game (besides a few bugs) but I would change the order of how things happened

  69. I finished my fourth play through for grounded+ permadeath. I have had the same reaction every time. Shock, rage, heartbreak and sympathy. Technically it is marvelous, the sound of the wind, the chaparral in Southern California, the buzzing insects, the sprayed blood on grass when you take or deal damage. It’s so above anything else I’ve played that I spent most of the last year mostly playing it and not once feeling like it wasn’t worth having my console.

  70. Still as I did when I beat it over a year ago. It is brilliant. And I’m of the minority who just thought the first was alright. So I walked into the second thinking I’d feel the same. It was the most visceral experience I’ve had playing a game. Never have I had a game dictate my emotions like it did. What they pulled off is by far the most unique experience I’ve had playing a game.

  71. It still makes me sick how the general public responded to this game. TLOU is my all time favorite series outside of dark souls. I don't think part 2 deserved any of the hate that it has received. It honestly feels like man-children tarnished this games PR and turned people away from the series because they wanted a story that wasn't self serving. The story hurts. But in a realistic and meaningful way a lot of games don't provide. But games traditionally are there to make us feel good as we play it and since the TLOU has such a hard hitting story a lot of people took that negativity poorly instead of appreciating it for the story it was trying to tell as painful as it is. The arm jerk reaction of the general public has really made me realize I don't see eye to eye with how a lot of people interpret stories and story telling, particularly in the videogame industry. I think a lot of people just don't "get it". Maybe I'm pretentious. Maybe I read too much into this series. But I don't think so. I think a lot of people have a lot of growth to do with coming to terms what they should expect out of videogames.

  72. Still the best game i played last year alongside Ghost of Tsushima. Nothing even came close. And story wise, haven't been as invested in a story since Red Dead Redemption 2 and the first The Last of Us. The highest forms of art and storytelling that can compete with highly regarded movies and TV shows.

  73. Good game. Didnt love the story, but also didn’t hate it. I also appreciate they didn’t pander and made the game they wanted to make.

  74. It’s probably the best game I’ve ever played, and not one I can replay lightly. Shortly after it was released, my father died. We were estranged and though I tried to mend our relationship, it wasn’t enough.

  75. I feel just as conflicted as I did when I first played it and have never come back for a second round. Not sure if I will. I would like to try to but I don't know if I'll enjoy it any more. There was a lot I didn't like about it, things that didn't land for me with the story and characters etc. For me, the first game did a much better job although it was far less ambitious and complex. Although that was part of what was so great about it. The second game tried to do too much I think and had too much going on.

  76. Still the best written story I’ve ever seen, as well as the best looking game I’ve ever seen. Gameplay on Grounded is still 10/10. So yeah, still my favorite game

  77. It’s hard to put into words what this game makes you feel, and it’s a fucking roller coaster of emotions and I wouldn’t change a thing. I can only think of maybe 4 stories that has truly stuck with me and the impact they have and this is one of them maybe up the top of a very short list.

  78. When I bought it, I had just suffered a mental breakdown a few weeks prior, and the original game was a destressor so to me it seemed obvious.

  79. I still wish that event hadn’t happened, but it sure as hell led to one of the best stories ever told. Very little could be done to improve it, it’s as close to a perfect game as I’ve ever played.

  80. I love the gameplay, it evolved so much and made the environments more interactive and the accessibility was great. Along with the score, performances and the production quality of the cutscenes

  81. I liked the risks the story took. Marking is walk in the shoes of people we would normally kill.

  82. The game isn't actually that bad. It's not the greatest when it comes to it's writing but the Oscar worthy acting and amazing visuals/graphics make me love this game. But I have to disagree with it being better than tlou part 1.

  83. It was a good game to play with a blend of interesting characters and I don't regret it but the pacing/length made things a bit tedious and I'm still not a huge fan of the revenge plot and resolutions.

  84. Well I recently bought a PS4 PRO from one of my buddies and he threw tlou2 in there. I'll say that the gameplay is very good. I love the tooth and nails combat and crafting on the go. I love how brutal the game is. I love hearing my enemies choke on their own blood because I mercilessly shot them in the throat with an arrow, as their comrades scream their name. While Joel's death was contrived, I still think that Ellie's part is masterfully made and Ellie's insanity is masterfully crafted. I still hate Abby. But this time around I cared for Lev, Yara and Owen. While Dina and Jesse aren't as great as joel, they are still very nice companions to be around. While the character switch was a nice idea, they made the mistake of trying for us to sympathyse with abby instead of empathysing with her. In her segment she is suddently portrayed as a superhero, with her only flaws being the fear of heights. She has a lot of character inconsitencies. I would still give the game a 7.3/10 overall.

  85. The game’s not bad, imo i wouldn’t say i enjoyed it more than the first but that’s mostly just because i found more replayability out of the first game since it was shorter. There are some parts where the story feels a bit slow and some of the new characters i didn’t really care much about (most of abby’s friends who get killed by ellie), aside from that though the game’s a blast. 8/10 pretty good

  86. I heard that the developers said that the Last of Us was a game about love, and that the Last of Us 2 was a game about hate. With the amount of hate lavished on either Abby or the game itself, I would say they did their job.

  87. Didn’t like it the first time, tried a second play through, got to the aquarium stuff and turned it off. Good on a technical side but far from a masterpiece.

  88. I stopped playing when they tried to force me to play as Abby again 20 hours in. The main issue for me is that this isn’t the sequel I wanted. I felt cheated when Joel was killed 2 hours in and the next 20 hours became about Ellie’s revenge, with her acting in ways that didn’t seem to make sense for her character after the first game. Then suddenly I’m Abby again after being geared up to hate and kill her the entire time as Ellie. I had no interest in learning Abby’s story as a viewer, let alone having to experience her side as a player, and that was all I was going to get to experience, and I completely lost interest.

  89. Still one of the greatest games ever made, without a shadow of a doubt. An absolute masterpiece. It honesty feels like more than just a game. It blows my mind that people think the writing is terrible. It’s ingenious. It’s better than the first. I really hope we get a third one day, as long as it’s done well. And I have absolute faith that it will be.

  90. Yea that's just one of the limitations of telling a story via a video game. You have to embellish aspects like that. I doubt in the show Joel or Ellie kill anywhere close to the number of the people they killed in the games.

  91. I think it's one of the greatest games of recent memory but it's certainly not without its flaws. I like the story but I do feel there are pretty weak parts, the pacing isn't the best, and some of the side characters aren't that well developed. However, there's so much in this game, storywise and non-storywise, that is incredibly well done that it's still one of my favorite games of all time.

  92. Just finished it yesterday , sincerely I don't understand the criticism this game gets , I was sceptical about buying it , heard it was terrible and bla bla bla, truth is , game's amazing in every single front, it's a technical marvel , combat is challenging and fun as hell , the story is pretty well written , strangely paced but whoever that can add 1+1 can figure out the order of events without any confusion. So what's so wrong about this game? Still don't get it , one wonderful gaming experience.

  93. I think tlou2 was a perfect sequel to the first game. And I'm glad they pushed the limits of what a game could be. I think a lot of people forget the games are not about Joel but Ellie.

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