“she’s probably already dead.” what was your reaction when you found her like this?

  1. She’s suffered enough. She looked completely different and traumatized. No matter what Ellie had planned, it wouldn’t had been more than this (even death). I genuinely just felt bad.

  2. My dad watched me play through and he didn't even realize it was Abby until we were knife-fighting. Granted, we were taking a week between play sessions, so he was thinking it was some character he didn't remember from earlier in the game. Lol

  3. I ran around the area trying to find the muscle mommy for a few minutes, before I finally realized I had passed her 5 times.

  4. They intentionally put a fairly muscular woman with a braid right in the middle. Pretty sure we were all meant to think that was her so we were more gutted when we saw the real one.

  5. Dude me too. I was getting annoyed thinking that theres smth wrong with the game and i was this close to opening a walkthrough and seeing where she was, until i turned and saw the triangle button.

  6. I literally had no idea what to do in that area. I was aimlessly wandering around for like 15 minutes, certain that I had checked everything and just couldn’t figure out where to go or what to do lol

  7. Duuuude, same! I spent a lot of time looking for a way out of there because Abby was nowhere to be seen but then I saw her like that and it was just like damn bro

  8. The fight afterwards that they force you to do was probably one of the most depressing, darkest video game moments for me.. Just sad all around... and a pretty brutal fight!

  9. That fight was so vividly uncomfortable. One of my favorite things is to watch streamers play it for the first time and just laugh and laugh at how uncomfortable they look the whole time. I don't know why I find it so funny, but it never fails to crack me up.

  10. I was far more depressed fighting Ellie as Abby earlier, honestly. I was legit angry during that fight that the game was making me fight and strangle - possibly to death - a character I loved, while playing as a character I didn't even like (and who had just killed Jesse and possibly Tommy). Closest I've ever come to just turning a game off and never finishing it. Really upsetting experience.

  11. I was begging Ellie to stop as I had to press the buttons to fight. I don’t think I’ve had a bigger sigh of relief caused by a video game.

  12. That’s one of the saddest thing for me. I wonder if she’s gonna be back on routine on the next game? She’s past the revenge phase so I dunno if there’s any motivation for her to bring back all those gains.

  13. Lmao if Ellie listened to Dina and stayed on the farm, Lev and Abby would’ve been left there on the pillars.

  14. Lmao, ‘damn what the fuck more can I do than this?’. I was the other way though, I was shocked as hell. Never seen a playable character beaten down like this before, always used to playable characters not having lasting injuries.

  15. Shit... is she dead? ....She looks awful.... shit.... what're we going to do now, Ellie? Still go through with it?

  16. I don't even think she knew after seeing her tied up there. She let her down and followed her to the boats, and was ready to go her own way until having those flashbacks.

  17. Utterly shocked. First they faked me out with that other girl that was tied up with the long braid. Then it gave me the action button on someone I didn’t realize was Abby until it zoomed in on her face. Seeing how she dropped so much muscle, her cut hair, and overall weakened state really shook me.

  18. My opinion is unpopular but I never really connected with Abby as a character. I enjoyed playing her days during the game and the narrative from her perspective but when I got to this point, I didn’t feel bad for her character wise. On the flip side I was glad that Ellie did not kill her in the end though since that made a ton of sense character/journey wise for Ellie. Just my two cents.

  19. i thought she’d suffered enough, too much. the fight was sad and didn’t need to happen, but it’s what ellie thought she needed to have closure. like everything in this game, any bit of revenge ends up costing the characters more than it’s worth.

  20. That is just revenge in general. It never really solves anything. Though it can feel so necessary. The journey is where revenge becomes redemption.

  21. I was so sad. I fell in love with Abby after the forest sequence on her day one and grew very attached to her. I loved how tough and strong she was. Seeing her like this broke my heart.

  22. After having mowed all those fucks down that were holding these people captive I just wanted to cut her down and give her a hug. I wondered in a real life scenario how absolutely terrifying and traumatic it must have been. Knowing that she was probably beaten and raped and how she probably fought tooth and nail only to end up hanging on that pike. Maybe death was a welcomed visitor. I was really squeamish about having to fight her. I had to pause the game mid fight. It is the best game I have ever played.

  23. My wife played while I watched and she had to do the same. She paused and said "Just gimme a minute cause I really don't want to do this!"

  24. I was looking for her, looking for this muscular girl with the long blonde braid only to see a weak and tired abby with cut hair.. it felt like shit to see her like this.

  25. I found it interesting how she exhibited so much fortitude as a character, by prioritizing saving Lev over fighting Ellie despite her threats at the theater, when she was physically at her weakest. Contrast this to the moments leading to Joel's death, where she was physically at her strongest, but mentally at her weakest because she chose not to restrain herself.

  26. On my first play through, I felt a lot of tension because I had no idea how the aftermath of cutting Abby down from the pillars was gonna play out. When I saw Abby there, it was kinda like “you got what you deserve” (cause on my first play through, I didn’t fully come to terms with Abby’s motivations UNTIL my second playthrough).

  27. At first, I had thought that either Abby or Lev were dead. As numerous characters had already been killed off, I wouldn't have be surprised if one of them had died. When it was revealed that both of them were alive I thought, "What's the point in getting revenge now? Everyone has suffered enough pain and misery. Revenge just seems selfish now".

  28. I was confused cause theres another person with a braid i was certain was her even though the face waa different! Then i tried all the others until i found her.... i walked right past her before

  29. I guess Im in the minority here, but I never really connected with Abby for this moment to have the payoff the game wanted. I enjoyed a lot of the moments playing as her, and felt bad when I got to this, but I didnt feel “heartbroken” like some of the other people in this thread. I really didnt like the fight that happened afterwards.

  30. in all honesty i was pissed off and ready to kill her. how many good people have died because of this situation that she caused? i didn’t really care much for her and it fits the tlou world more for ellie to kill her but, idk, that’s just my opinion. i obviously have sympathy for her but, at this point it was time to end this and finally let them both find closure.

  31. I was so sad for her. I didn't want to fight her. When the fight started, I set my controller down, and was really upset.

  32. Once i found her (not before being deceived by the other girl who was tied up), i just stood there for three solid minutes in shock.

  33. This was such a great moment in the game. No other game has made me pause or take a minute to say "Oh my god, I don't want to do this".

  34. We didn’t recognize her. My sister and I were playing the game together (passing the controller back and forth when we died) and she kept walking right past her. We only figured it out when we got close enough for the triangle to pop up

  35. I didn't even see her and tried to climb on the path to the beach. Didn't work because Ellie just kept slipping. So I walked all the way back to the house again. And looked around literally everywhere. I actually had to pause the game and google wth I'm supposed to do. Kinda ruined the moment.

  36. i loved that level and im glad they used it but i hated that whole part storywise. wasnt surprised tho i knew she was fucked when i started getting closer to the beach and there wasn't a trail of dead bodies.

  37. I took for granted the amount of time between when Abby got captured to when Ellie got to California. The way they framed it really seemed like it was only just for a couple of days

  38. Maybe I’m an asshole but I’m a joel fanboy and I honestly didn’t care about her and was kinda mad I couldn’t choose to kill her or not

  39. For me it was that there is someone who resembles Abby also there strung up that I saw & went to first. Then you find her in that condition! Very well done bait & switch that had me aghast.

  40. I ran around that beach for like 10 minutes because I couldn’t find her. She was so unrecognizable (and the button prompt didn’t pop up) that I passed by her multiple times.

  41. I felt bad for her. She was not my favorite person but I felt she been through enough. I thought since Ellie rescued her and then led her to where the boats were that they might start talking and Ellie would find out why she killed Joel. She didn’t have to agree with it or like it but did Ellie ever find out who Abby really was?

  42. My wife played while I watched and we were both dumbfounded, sitting there saying "Who the fuck...?" I was thinking, is that a character from another part that I've forgotten?!

  43. I wanted Ellie to do what she needed to. If that was kill Abby, then kill her. She didn't need to kill Abby, which is fine for me as long as she found what she needed, which she did. I did not care about Abby or wanted her to live "for walking a mile in her shoes" because this isn't something that Ellie experienced or went though.

  44. I think this was one those "oh shit" moments in the game. Seeing Abby in that state and the fact that she had gone through hell made me feel like shit. It only got worse with the final fight and the flash back.

  45. I remember thinking “That’s not even Abby anymore.” And thinking that as bad as Ellie wanted to kill her, being a slave and being tied up facing Lev while they starve, was so much worse than whatever Ellie had planned. I also remember thinking “This isn’t even worth it anymore”

  46. Just pure shock. My jaw hit the floor and I realized that she must’ve been through hell while her and Lev were at the compound. And of course, after that moment in the water…that fucking broke me. I just wanted them to stop

  47. Honestly I thought it was time to finish this up. I thought it would have been easy until the game forced her to get cut down. I mean ellie is shot and bleeding, she's right there might as well make it quick ya know?

  48. Tbh I said “if they don’t let me/Ellie kill her ima be be pissed” It wasn’t until the same moment as Ellie that I was willing to let it go. That’s why I loved the game so much.

  49. I thought it would have been poignant if she died: Ellie goes so far only to see her dead by someone else's hand. THAT would emphasize the futiity of vengeance

  50. An ending I thought would have been really shocking for Ellie is imagine if Abby was dead then we would have came all this way just to find her and kill but Ellie is frustrated that she is not the that killed her then you have to walk all the back to boat through all the dead body's and seeing what the cycle of violence can do to someone.

  51. I was in total shock honestly. Even though I knew she was there for months I had never thought about how it would effect her physical appearance.

  52. I thought ND was actually gonna be crazy and kill Ellie. Have the dichotomy of the game beginning with Abby surviving bc Joel saved her then killed by her. Then game ends with Abby surviving bc Ellie saves her and Ellie dies from wounds sustained bc she hunted Abby.

  53. The epilogue is legit why I’m having so much trouble convincing myself to play through it again. It’s such a good game but it fucked me up

  54. I got completely fooled by the other girl with the braid. After realising that wasn't Abby, I kept looking around for a while until I passed by the actual Abby and the prompt appeared. I was like "Wait, is that her? Oh my god..." It didn't even look like her. The transformation was so shocking.

  55. That final battle was shocking to me in that it wasn't a difficulty I had experienced in a game before, it wasn't difficult, but it was hard emotionally. Knowing what they had both been through and understanding them. It was so hard seeing Ellie throw away her life for revenge, and then we see that scene with Joel, fuck I was balling.

  56. As much as I hated her(Abby), when I came upon her like that. I felt disgusted, and heart broken. She was a shell of who she was. I felt so terrible for her. Then from that moment on, I actually didn’t want to play any more. The fight, the anger, it just kept going and I absolutely hated every moment of it. I just felt gross playing it at that point.

  57. it literally took me 30 minutes of in game looking around and watching a walk through bc i looked at her and immediately thought “that’s not abby keep moving”.

  58. It made me think that Ellie wants to kill her so badly... But this just isn't fair. She's days away from death as it is. What kind of gratification will she get from this? Which ultimately leads to thinking of Joel and realizing this isn't who she is.

  59. Honestly, I just felt bad for Ellie. It's not that I have a problem with Abby, per se, it's just that I don't care about her as much as I want to. Plus, Ellie spent all those time being haunted by revenge, only for things to turn out like... this.

  60. This scene gave me a whole new perspective of the characters. I don't hate Ellie, far from it. But to threaten to kill the one person Abby has left, (after killing everyone else) Was way too far. I understand grief and wanting vengeance. But Lev had nothing to do with it. On the other hand, this one made me like Abby a little more. It showed that, even though she didn't care about Ellie in the slightest, she was a still mature enough person to attempt to walk away. (Also, Ellie just couldn't leave well enough alone. Every single time Abby would let her live, Ellie just came back for more).

  61. I literally thought the game was glitched bc I couldn’t find her and reloaded the area twice until I finally noticed the button prompt and my jaw dropped. I was completely shocked.

  62. This part of the game was so depressing. But seeing Abby like this was so shocking. I did hate Abby at the beginning but she grew on me. It hurts so much seeing her without her defining features, her braid and her muscles, and seeing how defeated and broken she looked. That fight at the end didn’t make things better

  63. My reaction was weird. I honestly didn’t recognize her for what felt like forever. It didn’t have a huge impact at first because I was so caught off guard when I finally realized who that was

  64. A single, lone thought crossed my mind, one trenchant on despair and nihilism that made me rethink me previous hours of playtime: ‘Is the game over yet?’

  65. I’ve never had a game affect me so emotionally. By the end of this, I was gritting my teeth and semi-screaming at the TV “I DON’T WANT TO DO THIS.”

  66. Put a stake through her just to make sure. It was shocking, it makes you wonder how long she's been captured for (don't think they ever say), and how long she's been hanging there. Weird though that she's so skinny, while Lev hasn't changed much. A bit inconsistent there tbh.

  67. My reaction was “Who is this?” because she looked absolutely nothing like the person I’d been hunting for the whole game. I honestly couldn’t understand what was going on or who this stranger was I was cutting down from the stake.

  68. She was almost unrecognizable. I felt terrible for her and for Lev. Seeing her like that reinforced my hope that Ellie wouldn't kill her.

  69. This got spoiled for me before I played but I didn't know her name or anything and when I was playing, halfway through Abby's side I thought to myself "When are they gonna introduce that skinny short-haired girl?"

  70. I remember after hunting her the whole first half of the game and finally getting my chance (though it was scripted cutscene) then it starts over with Abby's perspective from the beginning. I was gutted like they had built up the climax and then ripped it away the end. After going through Abby's story it did give a little more perspective but I still held on to that anger against her and I could never fully appreciate her like I may have if I hadn't just gone through what I did with Ellie's side of story. while I enjoyed parts of Abby's story I just could never get fully into it. Though I don't know if there would have been a better way to do it because if they switched the order then the first part would have been better than it was for me and I would respected Abby more but my time with Ellie may have been less emotional. I really felt like i was in tune with what Ellie was feeling the whole time but never really got to that point with Abby.

  71. Shock and sadness as i really like abby. I was so uncomfortable and upset when ellie started fighting with her.

  72. Before I found Abby I was under the impression that she would have turned already...and I was so glad she hadn't...but then fighting her just felt shameful. Like what is the point after going through all this. In the world they live in, it's all action and consequences, in our world we can't do that necessary or we are too numb for that. Joel did a thing, and it warranted another thing. End of story.

  73. I was shocked, and then even more shocked when Ellie picked up her knife and still tried to pursue her death. After letting her down. Just leave her up there then if that's what you want..

  74. It made me pretty sad to see Abby like that. Abby's character goes through a lot and has some pretty great character development. Plus Abby got her revenge, Ellie got her revenge, Abby let her go- Ellie just let it go already! And, luckily, she did.

  75. Unpopular opinion, but as much as I enjoyed the game, it could've lost all of Santa Barbara and been trimmed down in a bunch of other ways. I got what Naughty Dog was trying to say about the cycle of violence

  76. Took me a long time to find her. I didn’t recognise her. Didn’t see the button prompt either. Was quite a shock. Even when I looked at her, it wasn’t till she spoke that I realised it was her. Closest I came to properly caring about her (wasn’t a big fan of Abby, but can respect that she’s a good character, just not a favourite of mine)

  77. As much as I hate Abby, I wouldn't have killed her here as it just felt like killing a helpless, weak women. I would've let her go, but follow her to the fireflies to 1. Ensure Lev is safe and 2. Make her regain her strength so I can fight her properly and kill her with honor.

  78. Anger. She killed my Joel! I loved that they let made us fight her, and I was ready to walk away from the fight when Ellie did. Enough damage was done.

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