to be a rockstar

  1. Isn’t type 1 genetic? Should be saying thanks for the shit genes, that album might be a banger… probably not though

  2. Hope he has better timing when he plays music that he has here. Who does this in the middle of Thanksgiving dinner?

  3. I once had a cousin that told his mom he got a girl pregnant again on her birthday at one of those Japanese grill places. I literally watched chaos unfold before me. Some people just don't take timing into consideration.

  4. Was literally polishing up my “it’s too late to try and magic a responsible person out of him and the nicer parenting thing to do would be getting behind his (terrible) decision and making sure he goes for it 100%” comment and BANG! Mum with the kill shot right at the end.

  5. This is why no one fights for labour rights in the U.S. Your healthcare is essentially held hostage by your employer. In basically every advanced country in the world his access to Insulin would have no bearing on if he had a job.

  6. Damh I forget you Americans need a job to get health insurance. Real question, how do you guys survive over there?

  7. Yes but it's sad. You should be able to chase your dream in America without the threat of medical care financially or physically ruining you forever.

  8. Someone on the original thread posted a link to his album. It is uh, not exactly a springboard to buying-insulin-without-insurance-level success. Best of luck to him though!

  9. Oh God, it's stereo mode too. Someone trying to sing in one channel and someone playing a slinky in the other.

  10. I like how his first song has 4K views and quickly drops off after the second track. It’s just not good

  11. Talk about the truth, I’m just gonna straight up assume this dude has no conception of what it’s like to be a live performance artist & and has never been on a stage in his life. No offense to him whatsoever & I wish him all the best in the pursuit of his dreams, but delusions of grandeur are pretty commonplace from subpar “musicians” who have never entertained a large audience before it would seem.

  12. I was a record producer for around 22 years. The live touring vans were an absolute pleasure to work with I have no problem giving them two or three hours extra time to work out some kinks free of charge. A 12 hour day with a live touring band was no problem at all.

  13. Oh man - gents and ladys when you "drop a album" hire someone for at least one good cover to make it look good before you hit the play button

  14. Also former touring musician. At one point I had to buy canned ravioli and heat it on the engine block for food. Never pulled in any income because all money went back into the band. Worked shit part time jobs in between tours to make money to eat on tour

  15. Adam, if you're reading this in all seriousness, the best advice my parents ever gave me was that I could always do music on the side. Very true

  16. The song Loser is 7 minutes of what sounds like two different songs played over each other. The two guitar tracks did not harmonize well imo. I think the beat was off as well. If you are going to make an entire album with your voice quieter than the music and playing only one type of instrument, the tune has to be on point.

  17. Was fully ready to embrace this guy and hope he makes it. Listened to the first 45 seconds, couldn’t go any further. How do people get this far without anyone telling them it might just not be for them? I’m all for following your dream, but come on, this is just harmful. I like singing, and when I was a lid, wanted to grow up and be famous, like a lot of people. Then I realized, I can’t carry a tune in a bucket, so I just stick to singing in traffic, and keep my aspirations a little closer to reality.

  18. Man, I've met about ten different people like him. All thought they were going to make it big, etc. None of them made it past the local scene. And I'll say that most of them were a lot more talented than him when attempting to make it. He needs some help with song composition to pretty much everything really.

  19. I mean, he‘s not bad. There‘s potential. But he really needs to work on it. And he won‘t be able to survive having type I diabetes if he has no sidejob… I hope he open his eyes to the truth soon.

  20. Okay the real tragedy is that if he released that album which is just either objectively unpleasant or simple at times and he's still leaving his job and plans on maintaining that as his primary career, I'm guessing his social circle is filled with a lot of "yes men" who aren't true friends enough to give their honest opinion.

  21. Man I got t1d and good insurance. Still hardly can afford it. Diabetics costs every month is over half of what we pay for rent. I'm fairly well off and it's rough. Idk how most people with type 1 can afford to live at all. At least in the US

  22. She is correct, even if he were to quit his job to start a business, the common sense thing is to have that second stream of income before quitting your first job.

  23. Oh my god that’s so sad I absolutely cannot bear to hit the unmute button. I worked in the music industry for about 20 years or so and this kind of stuff happens about once every two or three months. So so sad. There’s nothing worse than Mental delusion nothing

  24. It’s so insanely easy to put music out too. I recorded an EP with my friends and we put it up on streaming and spread it around to all of our mutual friends expecting to do fairly well. We’ve made $4 in a year.

  25. Not delusional, just incredibly naïve. That’s the kind of confidence that comes from being young and thinking success is easy to obtain.

  26. As far as reddit standards this mom doesn't seem half bad. Didn't shit on him (too much) for his dream but also tries to be realistic and point out the challenges he needs to consider

  27. This kid has no idea what he’s doing. A great mom would point it out to him like his did. Hope she talks some more sense into him before it’s too late

  28. She really didn't shit on his dream at all. She kind of mocked the "nearly guaranteed" line, but I think that was from the aspect of her seeing that as not at all guaranteed to pay the bills. She basically just kept getting on him for giving up something he needed for stability and health.

  29. I had two record deals back in the 90’s. Spent my 20’s touring and having a great time. Life on the road, no bills. Eventually, the party ends. Can’t imagine living that life and having to pay a monthly premium for insurance. All the money you make out there, gets spent out there, and keeps you on the road. That young fella must chase his dreams though!

  30. Well that was then, this is now. He doesn't even have to leave his house anymore! He can literally make DOZENS of dollars on YouTube.

  31. In the early-mid 2000’s I spent all of my 20’s as a full time musician. Not a star, just a good professional that was reliable. Toured with decent acts and got paid reasonably. When I wasn’t touring I had plenty of work regionally that, while feeling like a whore at times, paid good enough to make a living. Such a good time and lots of amazing experiences. Paid a bit for health insurance but didn’t have any real health issues. I can definitely say that it was no way to live long term. The late hours, being around alcohol constantly, not a lot of family time, hard to date or stay in a relationship because of travel. Stopped all live music at 29 and started working for a tech startup and never looked back. I can still enjoy making music without the instability and made a family that I can spend plenty of time with.

  32. I am in this picture, and I don't like it. I quit a job without finding a new one first... It has been an extremely fucking stressful experience.

  33. I think it can apply to almost anything in life. Look for something (vehicle, job, shelter, spouse, happiness, ect) before you desperately need/want it, desperate people do desperate things and usually not for the better.

  34. Man, I quit a job because I was physically assaulted by coworkers. I walked out without a second one lined up because the job made me suicidal anyway. The money wasn't worth sacrificing my body and sanity for. I figured if i was gonna die for a job, I'd rather die pursuing my passion. You're right it's not easy, but it's hella better than what I walked out on.

  35. I quit without having something lined up but I planned specifically to not look for work for 6 months and I worked in a very in-demand field at the time. Best decision, but the point is to have a realistic plan.

  36. I know someone who did that… kinda. He dropped out of highschool to become a sound cloud rapper with the name “young boy broken” or something. like that

  37. You misread that situation badly. He can't think of a retort, or he's biting his tongue rather than saying what he wants to say, but he sure as fuck doesn't know that he fucked up.

  38. Streaming pays pennies on the dollar, live venues want a guarantee of at least 50 fans coming to see you, and landing a song in tv and film is like winning the lottery. He should be fine.

  39. I played bass in various shitty local bands over the years. Luckily, I never had any delusions of grandeur. But I was in bands with dudes that bet their life on "making it".

  40. Just a little reality check here for that kid… I had 3 major label releases. The only time I DIDNT have job was half way thru the second record. When I got off of the road touring and had a break… I’d be working. As a plumber and painter. I was lucky I was in when people still bought albums and listened to the radio. I could’ve lived off what I was making but I had people depending on me. You gotta work if there’s no real money. It’s a nice fairy tale but that’s exactly what it is. Oh and get into publishing. That’s where the money and longevity is. Ask Sia.

  41. This level of optimistic delusion is very difficult to see. A guy I used to know self published the worst Fn novel anyone may have ever read. I slogged through this completely awful POS about people of color written by the palest & most suburban white guy ever and then had to look him in the eye and pretend I liked it. He spent years thinking he'd eventually make it as a writer and I think 15 years later he's working in a cafeteria. I wish he had a mom that was as blunt as this one is because anyone without that kind of clout in someone's life would probably never say it or get the message across.

  42. Well, you didn't do him any favors by lying to him. His outcome isn't your responsibility or anything, it is odd that you lied to him though.

  43. I used to earn £300 a week roughly through music and almost £100 would go instantly on expenses like fuel, food, equipment etc.

  44. Regardless of whether he’s good or not, it’s sad that the main reason he can’t pursue his dream is because of a condition he was probably born with :(

  45. What wasn't mentioned was food, shelter, transportation, musical equipment ect. His mom just mentioned the main thing he didn't think about but unless he's planning on living off his parents' dime you almost need to have some sort of income if you plan on living any semblance of quality of life. Sure it would be great if nobody would have to worry about medical issues but there's many more things you have to worry about in any country you live in.

  46. Here’s a question - thanksgiving dinners always seem to be served on disposable plates with those red plastic cups. Why is this?

  47. If it’s a larger gathering it’s unlikely they have enough plates/silverware for everyone. Might as well just grab some cheap disposable stuff so you have enough. Plus then you can just toss everything instead of having to clean all those dishes.

  48. If you have a large gathering, might not have enough actual plates and such. My family get togethers are like 15-25 people

  49. It's not always or even usually. Most common is people using normal or even their fancy dishes for Thanksgiving dishes, but some people just want an easy clean up

  50. Hey to be fair your compositions are pretty good I just can’t stand the mixing and mastering and unless you’re able to teach yourself how to do that on your own (which is a whole different skill set ) which takes away from learning better compositions practice

  51. It doesn’t seem that the mom had an issue with him dropping an album. If that was really the case. She had an issue with him quitting his job where he was getting insurance for his type one diabetes. The mom knows that she’s going to pick up the slack, pay for doctor bills, and pay for any medication that he may need. To summit up, she’s not mad that he dropped an album. She’s mad because he’s an idiot and didn’t think things through.

  52. you need a hell of a lot more backbone than that to make any semblance of a dream come true. the real world is cruel, and nobody gives a fuck about some wannabe rockstar. Most people don't even give a fuck about actual rockstars. Poor kid has no idea how delusional he is

  53. I spent many years in a somewhat popular touring band that sold albums all over the world. Loved my band, loved playing music, loved playing for our fans.

  54. This is about how things went one thanksgiving when I told my family that my fiancé and I had actually eloped 10 years before and out up coming wedding was actually going to be out 10 year anniversary.

  55. Ok I quit my job before finding another one and it worked out for me. But to be something like a rockstar is crazy. If he’s committed and willing I’m sure he will get it done. Either way he will learn from the choices he makes in life

  56. Nearly guaranteed haha. I've seen homeless guys in Venice Beach play guitar better than Hendrix and they just hoped to make enough that day to buy some batteries for their amp so they could play the next day.

  57. I mean every song sounds similar as far as guitar effects and strumming go. With that said I definitely could do no better.

  58. I can't believe this comment is so low. "I don't care what you're talking about right now" and smiling like a dipshit in front of a woman who clearly cares for him.

  59. Such a depressing shame that America’s crazy healthcare pricing is what can stop someone pursuing their artistic vision. I mean, I’m not convinced this guy has boundless talent (I’ve listened to the album.) But fair enough to live on noodles, shack up with people for cheap rent, whatever bohemian cost-cutting to give it a go. But just sad that having to pay however many hundreds of dollars a month for stuff that really should cost next to nothing makes even a brave long shot a no-go.

  60. American problems. "You're not allowed to pursue a dream or passion because you are beholden to the capitalist overlords. No health coverage for you because you don't slave your life away in a job you absolutely hate."

  61. She should have caved to one of the previous minor rebellions instead of waiting for a major one for him to draw a line in the sand over.

  62. Bruh. my brother and I have audio engineering degrees, I decided I’d rather go into research, and he’s actively looking for a job because your first few albums aren’t gonna print. Unless you already had a large following from something else.

  63. Every one of us said something dumb as fuck to our parents growing up. There's nothing special about this one and I don't get why it has so many upvotes.

  64. Its the parents job to unpump delusional dreams of children, especially when they live in a country without healthcare and require expensive medication to stay alive

  65. Extremely disrespectful to post this online, family affairs happening under a private roof where there’s no criminal threat are no ones business, even less medical conditions. OP, you should take this down and you shouldn’t share others insensitivities, out of basic ethical and empathetic reasons. and if you’re original OP, then you shame yourself.

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