to suck blood.

  1. I swear this doesn’t usually happen, uh I mean this never happens. Look your blood smells amazing I’m just in a weird headspace right now. What if we just cuddled instead?

  2. Iirc it’s not the skin but was an experiment to have genetically altered mosquitoes with weaker proboscis breed with the regular ones and down the line this happens soo mosquitoes won’t be able to penetrate skin and transfer diseases. My memory is a bit hazy and was in a bio class that we talked about this, so I could be wrong.

  3. I actually felt sorry for a mosquito just then, but it soon passed when I remembered they're little dickheads

  4. Someone in another thread pointed out that this was probably a mosquito bred to have a shitty no-good stinger to stop disease transmission, but you could always try ritual sacrifice

  5. “Alright lemme just… alright, lemme try aga- hm smacks itself fuck this fuckin thing never fuckin works, gotta straighten it out for the fourth time this week”

  6. Right? I was sitting here like, "why am I looking at this parasite and thinking him rubbing his lil nose to get it straight and ready to bite is cute?"

  7. Oh god I thought I was alone. Struggling to fix itself because it can’t survive unless it does… there’s definitely some sympathy there.

  8. I have never personally related to a mosquito… until now. I feel your pain bud. We’ve all dealt with a wet noodle. Sometimes, you just gotta throw in the towel and call it a night.

  9. Drunken Groucho to the party host: sorry to leave so early but we’ve got to get home and try to bend one in

  10. I usually hate mosquitos but I feel bad for this little guy. As long as you don't give me malaria and can escape before I smack the shit out of you, I'll donate a little blood to you.

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