to ram open a steel reinforced door

  1. I love the last swing that the second guy does, it doesn’t even make it to the door and just clangs against the floor because his arms are so tired, why keep trying at that point if not for pride lol

  2. He was so eager to take over from first guy too. If you listen closely you can hear his ego and pride shattering into pieces on the last strike


  4. I can’t tell you how often I say this. The classic is people that lock the door to their garage. My answer is that once a thief is in your garage they will close the garage door and be surrounded with tool more than powerful enough to continue. Not only that, but the could simply use a hammer to make a hole, reach through, and unlock the door. Likewise, when people get twisted up with fire, I again say, just punch the wall, rip the drywall, and crawl to the next room. Finally, I’ll mention horror movies. Just go through the wall and bypass all the other crap.

  5. Just tell them there are a bunch of kids inside in a home school program. The cops will wait outside for an hour, letting you get your business done.

  6. This comment makes me feel like there's a flamethrower trap behind the door, along with some chainsaws sliding through a hallway, which is the only way forward

  7. If and that's a big #if, If they got through that door, that guy will get an ass whooping of biblical proportions

  8. This is a good door. The most important thing is that the people inside have enough time to destroy the evidence.

  9. Lol that's funny, but definitely an actual door. It does vibrate a bit freely in the frame, and the bottom right actually flexed a fair bit once he hit it lower down.

  10. The ad should be someone taking their time casually flushing drugs down the toilet with a banging sound in the background. "That's all of it!"

  11. I used to install doors similar to this. It's not only reinforced, the whole door is usually 3 layers of steel and so is the frame, which is mounted in the wall with 12+ screws that are over 20cm long. It also has pegs going in from the door into the frame so you can't lift the door out. Some models even have additional pegs that poke out when you lock the door like a vault. Only way you're getting in through one of these without a key is with a circular saw for cutting steel, and that's gonna take you like 15-20 min and a LOT of noise. Edit: and most of them don't even swing inwards even if it sometimes looks like it when looking at the frame.

  12. Isn't this a security door? Pretty much all houses in my country use some kind of security door (ranging from grade 1 which is made to hold against hammers/brute force to grade 6 which is made to resist against explosives).

  13. This may sound fun, but it's a usual setup for big Russian cities. I have a 2–layer steel door with "anti-lifting" knobs you've mentioned. And I'm not a security freak, that's a usual medium-priced solution (I've paid like 500 bucks for that).

  14. Well, that didn't go quite according to plan. I'm sure the suspect appreciated the notification and added escape time though.

  15. “Hold the door! Hold the door! Hold the dorrrr, hol the dorrrr, holda dorrr, holer dorrr, hole dorr, holdor…. Holdor…. Holdor”

  16. Lol I had one glance at the thumbnail and knew it was Spanish police, before even seeing Guardia Civil

  17. Instead of using force, just send in the Lock Picking Lawyer. Steel or no steel, he'll be inside in like 20 seconds and declare that was a huge challenge. 10 of those seconds being him just taking his tools out of his bag.

  18. You keep a knockin but you can’t come in….you keep a knockin but you can’t come in….. you keep a knockin but you can’t come in…….come back tomorrow night n try it again.

  19. I feel like it should at least be protocol to pass the ram after the 3rd attack. They're getting Hella gassed and mad and trying harder with less force on each following attempt, and wasting more time. If the 3rd man can't get it by the 9th strike they need to move to an alternate option because the target is likely out the window and down the street by the 15th or so attempt. Your element of surprise is gone and your target is either down the street by now, or armed and you're already tired and frustrated.

  20. Lockpickinglawer would be in it in about 45 seconds. "Great against physical attacks but they really need to work on pick resistance. Anyways, thank you and have a nice day."

  21. This is Spain. I lived in Spain for 5 years and I can confirm that every apartment I lived in had the most impenetrable doors. I always felt it was odd that the doors were always the most secure feature of the apartment. Perhaps it’s because you can’t own a gun in Spain to protect you from home invasions so you buy a vault door instead. No need to shoot anyone if they can’t get in.

  22. the palpable anger and frustration of those guys not getting what they want would lead me to the conclusion that they're not the kind of people who should be given guns and badges.

  23. I got a feeling that the second guy has some anger issues and would be the one shooting randomly if he heard someone say he's got a gun.

  24. For a brief second before the second homie steps in, it looked like he was joining him in a dance routine. I was waiting for the music to fade in.

  25. This is in Spain in what looks like an apartment building so the walls won't just be wood like you find in the US. Good luck getting through a concrete or rock wall.

  26. Smart move to make the police tucker themselves out before they get to you. They're all hopped up on adrenaline to think rationally.

  27. If the audio was better, you'd hear the sound of multiple toilet flushings in the background.

  28. They tried using an explosive charge, essentially C4, to try and gain entry to my brother's house one time, he had a steel door with two old school drop bars that went across behind and laid in arms welded to the steel frame. They rammed it as shown, tried the fucken assault tank and finally explosives. They never got through that door, they ended up going in through a cellar window and unlocking the back door from the inside, of which my grandmother could have easily kicked in if they had checked; he was actually out taking his police-trained-but-rejected-for-service German Shepherd, Loki, who was normally in the backyard, to the vet.

  29. By the time the police has managed to break down the door, the criminal has already gotten a good nights sleep, ordered takeaway, graduated college, and flown to Tahiti.

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