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  1. Yeah but the Sims 4 version is a soulless shells of themselves compared to the MySims versions. Where is my cheer uniform for Summer?

  2. Oh my goodness TOBOR 😭 I LOVED him as a child, thought he was funny and relatable even if he was sorta rude. He's definitely on my Top 5 list, I think.

  3. My fav was the guy on the my sims ds game that dressed in a dog costume and always wantsd to play raquetball. Dont remember his name though :(

  4. I am an absolute Professor Nova STAN, I love her so much I think she is so fun. She was iconic in My Sims, she was iconic in My Sims Agents, I think her whole aesthetic and design is 10/10, she is my queen.

  5. bro when i was little i had SUCH a crush on ray, but then i replayed the game the other day (now knowing english which is important, when i was little i played the game in spanish but spoke portuguese so i only got like 30% of what was going on) and wow, turns out he has absolutely zero personality 😩

  6. I loved this game/franchise so much as a kid!! Roxie Road and DJ Candy were my faves, but I also liked Violet, Poppy, Buddy, Brandi, Raven, Ray and Goth Boy. I remember my friend and I shipping Goth Boy with Poppy at some point because they would interact a lot in my game lmao

  7. Oh gosh, who indeed-- I'm fond of a lot of them! I think tho that I have to go with Carl, ultimately. I didn't even see him on this list but he absolutely became my favorite in MySims Agents, and I wish I could see more of him! I'm happy he has a MySims Trophy in Sims 4!

  8. In addition, anyone remember Preston? A real trustfund kid asshole, that kid, but a personality! I look back on him now and really appreciate his character. As a kiddo I didn't like him, but also I couldn't stop from liking him at the same time lolol, he was just an interesting personality standout compared to all these nicer Sims. Also one of my first introductions to the idea of rich people being corrupt LMAOOO

  9. My boy Ginooooo, I always loved hanging out in his restaurant. I’d love to play this game again, it’s super under-appreciated imo. Had a lot of heart.

  10. are these all actual things you can find in the game randomly or they just like an artist rendition? I feel like whenever I open the crate it’s just one of six characters

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