The West Wing ruined political dramas for me.

  1. I think you all might ban me from this sub for saying this. But I throughly enjoy madam secretary as a replacement political drama between WW watches.

  2. M-Sec always felt to me like the CW version of TWW. It was fine, and touched on similar topics in a good way, but was always the low-impact, decaf, less nuanced version, more focused on how cute everybody is than the importance of the job in front of them. To me M-Sec was nice, TWW was good.

  3. Really? Comparee with the rise of House of Cards and The Thick Of It, the West Wing doesnt feel phony but it feels more optimistic. If it came out today, people would be calling it Ted Lasso but set in politics.

  4. Yeah, I just watched the episode where Santos calls politics too cynical, and I'm sitting here in 2022, thinking you have no idea buddy!

  5. I heard once that The West Wing is what Americans wish their government was like, House of Cards is what they fear their government is like, and Veep is what it really is like.

  6. Newsroom? More media than politics, but politics permeates the show. Also by Sorkin, and I truly can't figure out which is my favorite show.

  7. Personally I liked TWW a lot more than Newsroom. While Newsroom has some great moments and stories, it focused way too much on Allison Pill's drama for my liking. I hated her character and her craziness. It literally made me dislike many of the good scenes.

  8. Borgen will ruin political dramas for them all over again. I recommend the new dubbing to English as being some of the best if you want to listen more than watch it

  9. Yeah, other than Spin City, which isn't a political drama, no other political series comes to mind. I wouldn't count Parks and Recreation. That's more of a municipal government version of The Office. I don't know about Veep, though, but I heard it's close to the real thing.

  10. Veep is a bit like Spin City only the characters are more petty and less likable. I enjoyed it but it’s not for everyone.

  11. With the shitshow of 45’s administration- TWW is all that got me thru it, it was like the anti-onion keeping me sane 💯

  12. I started to watch Designated Survivor basically because the premise seemed directly inspired by an episode of TWW, where the Principal from Buffy is the Designated Survivor. I knew it would be more unrealistic just from the basic premise but given it was seemingly all based in The White House i was hopeful for it...

  13. ‘The Thick of It’ isn’t fictional. It’s a straight up documentary. It accurately displays how UK government works.

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