Tifu by letting an elderly homeless man who reminded me of my grandfather sleep in my car while I was at work.

  1. Lol yeah. You shouldn’t do something like that without expecting them to steal everything of value they can. It’s about on par with the post someone made here about giving their hotel room (they left a day early or something?) to a homeless woman who trashed the shit of of it and cost them hundreds in damages to the hotel.

  2. As shitty as it would be, I think it would be better for my mental health if someone just died in my car rather than stole all my stuff after I was super nice to them. I would feel like I did a good thing for somebody in their last moments rather than losing faith in humanity.

  3. I'm a traveler and semi retired from the road now. I knew where this was going. You honestly can't trust anyone on the road.

  4. So did I. I guess for me the theft is slightly better bc I'd have to sell my car if someone died in it. Still sucks all of OPs stuff was stolen though

  5. One of the first bits of advice you're told when you're soon to be homeless is stay away from other homeless for this reason.

  6. Where I live apparently earlier today at the grocery store. A post on Facebook said if you were driving the convertible at the grocery store, a homeless man jumped in and was pleasuring himself in the passenger seat.

  7. Man, what a bummer… I guess that’s what real desperation does to a person. I hope you’ll be able to get your setup sorted out soon OP!

  8. He had to feel some remorse because he took the time to write sorry. Capitalism is evil and it is totally not okay someone shouldn't ever reach this level of desperation

  9. My parents were notorious for leaving their vehicles unlocked... under the theory of "Well, at least they won't break the windows". One night, some little thief hit a number of cars on the block. Out of my dad's truck, he took a flannel shirt, a large buck knife, some loose change.... and a baggie of brownish powder out of the glove compartment. My family being hunters (and rednecks) had just finished hunting season. It was a bag of stuff used for tanning hides.

  10. Someone broke into our car and didn't steal anything just trashed it. Didn't take any money, just pulled everything out of all the holders, drawers and cubbys and threw it all over the car, on the floor, etc. Stole ONE glove out of a pair of gloves we had in the car just to be an asshole I guess.

  11. My brother tried to let a drifter stay at my apartment once, the drifter started smoking crack in the bathroom. I kicked out the drifter and my brother pretty much immediately.

  12. This is how the naive and kind people of the world become sour and unwilling to help others. Someone else does them dirty even after they’re trying to lend a helping hand and give them the benefit of the doubt.

  13. It was really not nice of him. Maybe he felt like I was better off since I have a job but I'm still new. I was just trying to be kind, I struggle too. I don't have the privilege of just replacing things at the drop of a hat. It takes time and planning just like with every other person. I have other worries especially eventually getting to a point of getting a place. But these are the consequences of my own actions.

  14. My roomie let a “friend” (drifter) stay in our dorm room at Uni for a couple of days, mostly while we were there. One day, our fridge was cleaned out, shoes and clothes were missing, and he also took CDs and our coin jar.

  15. So You are living in your car and shared what little you have with this elderly person. Yeah, you got taken but you did a very nice thing. Good luck stranger.

  16. I’ve never read one of these “I let this homeless dude crash at my place” stories that didn’t end in someone getting robbed

  17. Well yeah, the other two outcomes are that the homeless dude does nothing wrong so there’s no story to tell, or the homeless dude does worse than just rob them and they’re too dead to tell the story.

  18. I didn't let a guy crash at my place but a homeless guy would hangout outside my apartment complex a lot and we would chat every time I saw him. On Thanksgiving one year he was outside when I was walking my dog. Both my parents are dead so I generally don't do anything for Thanksgiving. So I invited him inside to smoke. We smoked amd ate some food for a couple hours. I gave him some stuff to take with him like food and water and he went on his way. He never asked me for money or food or anything. He just wanted to chat. I had to force him to take stuff. Granted I didn't leave him alone and he was only inside for a few hours, but nothing bad happened. I don't see him anymore and hope that means he isn't homeless. Hopefully nothing bad happened to him.

  19. One time I let a homeless guy move in as roommate, he had $400 and a job so I said sure. His first day alone brought home liquor and a prostitute and went to town. When I got home she was walking around naked, totally shitfaced, him walking around in his underwear "oh I decided to celebrate". I had him pack his things, took him to nearest hotel, and gave him back $350, told him I'm keeping some for the day he lived there lol

  20. Woah chill out, the vast vast majority of people are not looking to kill or seriously injure anyone, that includes older homeless people. I took a chance like this once when I invited a total stranger who I had spoken to for less than 2 minutes to stay in my flat for the night after he said he'd turned up in town expecting there to be a hotel (there wasn't). I went back to my flat, realised I couldn't just leave him to sleep rough, and invited him to stay. He was SUPER grateful, and pulled out a massive stack of 20s and DEMANDED that we go to the pub. He was buying drinks for literally anyone we interacted with, and me and my partner at the time did not pay for a single drink. In the morning he took us to breakfast and refused to let us pay also.

  21. My wife used to work in a Bank (at the branch, she now works from home) and they would leave the area open at night where the atms where, but closed off from the rest of the bank.

  22. Sadly. I think the harsh reality is, that many homeless people are that way for a reason and they’ve already been through a number of “safety nets” designed to keep people off the streets. Such as churches, friends, family, shelters etc. if the average person went to any church, told them they got evicted or kicked out of your house, (spousal abuse, threats, etc) better than half of them would put you up and help you find a new place etc, help you fix your car so you can keep your job. But if you burn though all these options and end up on the street permanently. One person probably won’t make much difference beyond showing a little kindness (which is always a given) but don’t compromise yourself, or think that you’ll somehow “turn the persons life around”

  23. That was good of you, but I'm sorry this happened. Too bad too, that he ruined something that could have been a good thing for both of you. You two could have shared resources and come out for the better, but he made a bad, selfish choice.

  24. Good on you for being compassionate, but I have never read a story that ended well with letting homeless people that are strangers to you enter your vehicle or home, especially unsupervised. Usually ends with either theft, destruction of property, or violence. Let the right places with a proper set up and training capable of helping them take care of them, like shelters, outreach centres, soup kitchens etc., that's what they are there to do so you don't have to put yourself at risk. Even hospitals can help them by giving them a place to sleep for the night and give them food, emergency rooms are setup to be impromptu soup kitchens and free motels for the homeless.

  25. Ugh!!! This stuff always happens. Is why we can't do anything nice for anyone. :( always stabbing us in the back. Very nice of you. So sorry you lost all that gear.

  26. So sorry. Sucks when you try to help someone & they stab you in the back. Let this be a lesson tho. That man could have slit your throat in your sleep, stole your car, anything. Safety first

  27. Honestly dude, bless you for trying to help. It sucks but if it’s any consolation, I’m pretty sure that guy feels horrible (given him leaving a note). Desperation will drive you to do crazy things.

  28. "No good deed goes unpunished" I'm sorry this happened to you & I know how shitty it feels. Please don't let it stop you from being kind in the future.

  29. These comments really show that Reddit has no idea what years of homelessness will do to a person's worldview. This man has likely been living in survival mode, wherein the need of the moment overrides any sense of morals, ethics, or community building. He may have also been mentally ill.

  30. Damn, Sorry this happened OP. It sucks hearing how you were such a good person and yet that guy was so hopelessly desperate he still resorted to what he did.

  31. It’s always good to give what you have, but please don’t give what you don’t have! You need to find stability yourself before trying to help others. For someone with a house, a few pillows and some camping gear isn’t much, but it’s half of your total possessions.

  32. (Edit: just to say I assumed it was US because of references to “gas station” and “sidewalk”… but as was kindly pointed out to me, there is no reference to specific country. I assure everyone it was not intended as a slight on the US or it’s denizens).

  33. You kind of set yourself up for that. You let a homeless guy in need of survival gear and clothes sleep in a car full of survival gear and clothes. I can't imagine a different outcome

  34. Homeless people live under a different set of rules as regular society. You really need to understand that. It is life and death out there, for them. That's partly what makes interacting with them so risky.

  35. Okay my first thought when you said he didn’t wake up was that he’d died so I was just waiting for like “I got arrested cause they think I killed this random old bloke”

  36. I wouldn’t hold it against him. The guy was homeless and in a very vulnerable state. He only took what he needed and tbh, I would have offered him the gear anyway.

  37. I once gave a homeless dude a ride home after I got off work. Somehow or another we started talking about weed, which lead to ecstasy. He told me he could get me some. Long story short, he took my money, bought crack with it, and smoked it in my car while trying to show me porn on his phone. Weird night. Lol

  38. As another poster suggested, please create an Amazon wishlist. Do you have a place where items can be shipped? I’d like to help replace the items you lost too.

  39. exactly. I can understand homeless teens and 20 somethings. But when you get as old as this guy and not one of the many people you've encountered in life (i.e. kids, cousin, old friend, former neighbor, person you used to work or volunteer with, brother, aunt) will let you sleep on their sofa, you have messed up in life majorly...not just one or three mistakes but there has been a loooooong pattern of fuck ups and people are tired of you.

  40. Sorry to say, but I quit trusting people long ago. I'll try to do right by others but that's where it stops, given their due, I feel everyone is a criminal.

  41. Humans being Humans 🤷🏻‍♂️ We will do anything to survive and/or better our current situation. This is why I do not trust people. Scorpion and the frog.

  42. He probably thought he wouldn't have been able to stay in your car again and took the next best option. Its such a huge shame that your kindness was repayed in that way, im sorry.

  43. Sry bout that. It sucks. Although did you really expect the homeless person not to steal from you when you basically did everything but actually put it in his hand?

  44. Put on your own oxygen mask before helping others. Don’t offer anyone to borrow anything that you truly need back. Prioritize yourself.

  45. Man, I'll help someone by buying them a sandwich and a coffee, but fuck if I'm going to let a complete stranger into my house or automobile. That's asking for trouble.

  46. This is America (I assume). Wealthiest country on the planet. Good thing we gave those billionaires those tax cuts a few years ago, otherwise we'd have been wasting that money on things like ensuring people don't have to sleep in their cars and steal from others who have to sleep in their cars. You guys should feel that billionaire money trickling down any day now. We promise .

  47. Do we need to fix the homeless issue as a society? Absolutly! But you actually let a hobo sleep in your car lmao. Probably leave your house unlocked as well

  48. Like I said, we met at a campsite and he didn't fit that stereotype. I felt like I was an example because we were in the same situation, I found it easy to relate. Not every "hobo" looks and acts a certain way. Sometimes you find yourself without a place to stay but that doesn't mean you're not a regular person.

  49. The title of your life is "I make horrible decisions and refuse to correct them". Letting an old homeless man sleep in your car is a ridiculous idea, but when we discover YOU ALSO sleep in your car it becomes very clear just how bad your decision-making is.

  50. This is why we can't fix homelessness. 90% of them are like this, they are homeless because they are lazy and useless. Stop spending money and time on them.

  51. I’m so sorry this happened to you when you’re already living from your car. You did the good thing, I hope your fortunes change soon. Is ther3 an6 chance you can get a room anywhere?

  52. I'm sorry he stole from you. If some one stole from me, I'd feel better knowing it went to some one who needed it more than me. Not that it justifies theft. I hope it's easy to replace the items you are missing? Is there anything you can't replace?

  53. Think of it this way. He probably needed the stuff more than you did. If you have a decent insurance plan you can get it all replaced by making a claim and paying the deductible. If you don’t want him to get caught you could say you don’t know who broke into your car. If he took your camping equipment and sleeping stuff he likely plans to live in the tent somewhere so at least he has a warm place to live for a while. Sucks that he took it without your consent but you’re helping him more than you realize.

  54. Its great that you are a good human, but please do take steps to protect yourself. Hindsight is 50/50 but leaving an unknown person alone in your home with all control is exposing yourself too much for little additional kindness (since you could have woken him up)

  55. Your daily reminder that homelessness is a sign of societal failure and that any society that just accepts it as a thing that can’t be helped and therefore as just another day-to-day thing is a failed society. cough cough capitalism cough cough

  56. I'm sorry this happened. But I'm also not gonna rag on you for taking a risk for the benefit of keeping another human safe. Without people like you, this world would be crueler than it already is.

  57. Try not to let it make you cynical about helping others. Sorry that happened to you. At least you got a crazy story out of it!

  58. Everyone's shitty lives are what they have either brought on themselves and/or tolerated. This guy sounds like he is homeless and has no one because he treated everyone in his life like shit.

  59. To be honest, not really. I'm just bummed that I lost my stuff. It's really cold and sleeping in your car is already uncomfortable enough.

  60. Sorry this happened to you. Idk if it helps, maybe if we framed the situation as you donating all the stuff he stole from you - it wouldn’t be as bad? You did good helping another human. You have a job at the least, so the stuff that was taken can always be replaced.

  61. In his perspective - did he really have any other choice? It's a matter of survival to him so as long as society doesn't fix homelessness problem, these desperate people will have to do what they must.

  62. I'm not better off myself. Aside from being lucky enough to have the car that my dad left me and a job, I don't have anything. But I don't go around stealing even when I would have nothing to eat at all for days. I also need the stuff he stole for my own survival. I do admit that I was too naive and that's what I get.

  63. Yes he had a choice, he could have gone to a shelter where they have the necessities to help him. Homeless people can also go to hospitals which are also prepped to take in the homeless when needed, even if they just need a place to sleep.

  64. So sorry this happened to you while you tried to do a good dead. No matter the situation, being robbed is a violating feeling. Hope you can find peace in the thought that you were doing your best to help someone else in need

  65. You sound like an amazing human being. Even though you are going through your own struggles with homelessness, you tried to help someone else. I hope that you find a way to get out of homelessness long term.

  66. I’m sorry this happened to you. I also want to thank you for being a compassionate human being to offer this gesture and kindness to the world. Unfortunately not everyone is like that, but really glad there are good ones out there like you ❤️. Please don’t be too hard on yourself.

  67. OP where are you located? If you have a mailing address or somewhere to accept postage, I’d be love to try and help out replacing some things.

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