TIL: The average cloud weighs more than a blue whale. According to scientists, the weight of the average cumulus cloud is 1.1 million pounds

  1. Not a meteorologist, but I'll adapt my mechanical engineering knowledge and guess no. Due to gravity alone, materials tend to stratify by density, in the sky and even on a slower scale within the earth. In the sky the density is heavily dependant on temperature, so higher temperature (thus lower density) gasses go higher. So when water condenses it becomes more dense than the surrounding vapor and it falls out of the cloud.

  2. I had a girlfriend once who said she felt "as light as a cloud". I pointed out the average cloud in the area was about 12,000 pounds.

  3. You are using a majority american app, so ofcourse we are going to use our own measurement system. Do what we do when something is in metrics and look it up, not that hard...

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