TIL in 2020, California experienced its first "gigafire" (a fire that burns more than a million acres) in modern history. The August Complex fire burned an area larger than the state of Rhode Island.

  1. Wouldn't it need to burn about a billion acres to be a 'gigafire' though? A million acres would only be a megafire.

  2. Australia’s bushfires burned 46 million acres in their 2019/2020 fires. At one point the smoke travelled to Chile and Argentina, 11000km away!

  3. What percentage of total land? This sounds so unreal. I’m pretty disconnected so I didn’t grasp the scope of it when it was happening.

  4. Never can understand why people keep rebuilding on areas that are fire prone. Really wish insurance would just make them non insurable so they get the hint that the area isn't that great to rebuild n

  5. If people move out of areas that are prone to disaster, shouldn't be lived in because of dwindling natural resources, or are in danger of flooding, we've eliminated more space than one might think. The US just has way too many people to be removing that much area from consideration. The solution is not just to reduce the population over time, but to mitigate the dangers and hardships of living in those areas. We have to adapt, not by cutting down the forests, but by mitigations around structures, using fewer natural resources (less water) and building for flood protection.

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