TIL in a 1987 interview, Lou Reed described the Beatles as "garbage," and the Doors as "stupid"

  1. I remember a music show on a local station (CityTV in Toronto, The New Music) where one of the hosts (I believe Daniel Richler) was over the top about getting to interview his idol Lou Reed. In short, Lou was a rude a-hole during the interview, the interviewer was extremely disillusioned.

  2. Lou also hated Frank Zappa and his music. Why? Because around 1967-68, Zappa and the original Mothers of Invention opened for Lou and the Velvet Underground. Now picture it. Lou and the Velvets are trying to do their dressed in black leather we're from New York City aren't we cool bit, and the opening band is a bunch of absolute day-glo tie-dyed freaks from L.A. playing music Lou couldn't begin to compose. He never got over it.

  3. It’s his opinion. Each band has its pluses and minuses. For other people to get butthurt over someone’s opinion is stupid!!!

  4. I saw him live at the Liverpool Empire Theatre around about 1972, his band were on for twenty minutes before he even made an appearance. He sang three or four songs, walked off the stage and never came back. Absolute shite, he's got no right to talk about anyone.

  5. Tbf I've heard a similar story about Willie Nelson. My parents went to see him, my father particularly was excited, and most of the time it was a different band, he came on at the end and did a few songs. I'm told he seemed pretty unenthused about it. So, big sad for my parents.

  6. I'm not surprised. He probably liked to shock others a bit from time to time. Remember this is the guy that put out Metal Machine Music.

  7. Lou Reed, is today and always will be a rock and roll legend....Velvet Underground isn't the groundbreaking proto punk band they are because they kissed ass to rock royalty. I'd expect no less from an anti hero of rock.

  8. Lou Reed started recording in 1958. Not the shit he is known for, but he was "doing music". Those two great bands did not lay any pavement for Reed.

  9. Bands are garbage by default. Its obvious. What are the chances that there is someone in a band that you really like and another that you hate and others that you're meh about. You are going to see the 'band' as a con job.

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