TIL Ancient Greeks preferred small penises, as it was thought a man with a large penis was a barbarous half-animal with no self-control, while a man with a small penis was smarter and closer to the wisdom of the gods.

  1. Finally, my useless knowledge is relevant! The Jewish diaspora that lived among the Greeks were often shamed for this exact reason, as their lack of foreskins meant that their glans was always exposed. Due to this, many would go through primitive cosmetic surgery in an attempt to cover the glans, or alternatively would simply not compete in athletics/theater.

  2. I didn't even know that thespians HAD foreskins! I walked out on my girlfriend when she said she was a thespian...

  3. Roman gladiators pierced their dicks so they could tuck them back and hold them in place so as not to get them chopped off in a battle. That's the origin of the apadravya piercing.

  4. I read somewhere a long time ago (probably on reddit), that the small penis thing was just propaganda and invading armies just cut off the larger penises from statues.

  5. The truly badass could turtle their member, like it was frightened in its shell. This resulted in a pubis with bush, but sans fleshy glans. This allowed these warriors to return and procreate at a higher rate than their larger dong brethern who oft lost their cocks.

  6. Danny McBride made that line up on the spot while filming. He was told to shave his armpits without any other instructions or related lines.

  7. Makes sense. Literacy levels and wisdom were positively correlated, especially in the olden days.

  8. That could be true for intellectuals discussing the virtues of gods, but their porn still used guys with big dongs.

  9. Seriously some greek philosopher with a small penis just wrote down his thoughts on the matter and people today repeat it as representing the entire ancient greek culture.

  10. What the Greeks really thought was beautiful was a long foreskin. I don’t know about this in any detail but it seems curious that at the same time, some ancient peoples were beginning the practice of circumcision

  11. Generally people who practiced circumscision back then werent from europe. It was mostly common in hot regions like in African and the middle east

  12. Can you imagine future civs trying to figure out what we believed. The coast would be buried so they have no idea NYC existed. Depending on which decade they found writings from they wouldn’t know if we like big butts or thin as possible. We have a hard enough time describing times that there are still people alive from. I doubt statements like this have any basis in reality. There is just too much unknown.

  13. They preferred to depict mostly the gods, and celebrated figures, with small penises, for this reason. There's nothing to suggest they didn't like them in real life. EDIT: this is really just a trend towards philosophy and intellectualism. It just lines up with what the Greeks prioritised culturally.

  14. Art major here. The small penis size in the artwork of that time came up.. They say that women were frightened due to the many rapes that were occurring by the invading barbarians. So the local men said, "Hey, look this one is small. It won't hurt you. You'll like it."

  15. In art its more about de emphasizing it because people already give it outsized importants psychologically. Making it smaller balances it out visually. Also people where more used to seeing nude men in public spaces. The reality is that even if its just cool out penises will shrink. We are more used to seeing nudity in porn when men are erect.

  16. I'm guessing that men wrote the history, as well. What did the women think about all these small penises draped flaccidly over this and that and the other?

  17. Imagine being a philosopher or some other well-respected intellectual, but you have to do everything you can to hide your enormous pocket rocket, or else you'll be made fun of and professionally discredited.

  18. The secret isn't to go back in time to when small penises were cool, rather, go into the future where penis enlargement surgery is as safe, common, and affordable as boob implants are today. Also, can I bum a ride?

  19. Yeah, that's why the forest god of fertility, Pan, was depicted as having a HUGE penis (longer and thicker than his own legs!), as was his protege Priapus, god of veggies, beekeeping, and male genitalia

  20. I collect ancient coins, and will confirm the ones depicting Priapus are awe-inspiring. There’s no better cultural marker than seeing a gigantic hog on government currency.

  21. Have you seen those statues with the incredible details right down to the veins? I don't think one of those sculptors would give up the opportunity to do more veins ...

  22. Yes I'm sure it was about wisdom of the gods and not at all because smaller penes caused less pain during anal. Which they were all about.

  23. It’s kinda funny that people associate Greek with anal because that’s not what most guys did. The far more common method was for the older one to “penetrate” the thighs of the younger partner, not his butt.

  24. Nah they’re all at Alexios’ house. Idk why because he’s the most barbaric animalistic man with no self contr…..

  25. Ancient Greek views on sex: women were for having babies, men were for having fun. So they only needed to impress the other men.

  26. The smol pp men sat around writing these sayings while the "animalistic" big dong were busy plowing chicks. It's just another incarnation of nerd/jock dynamic.

  27. I remember talking to a very respected classicist at college and her saying "no culture has ever hated women as much as ancient Greece."

  28. So is that how they settled an argument of whose smarter? Just picture the Greek senate arguing then the man with the smallest penis coming forth saying "behold, I've the tiniest penis of you all and therefore my wisdom cannot be questioned".

  29. Hmmm post about small penises being revered makes it to Reddit front page and becomes the #1 post.

  30. I swore I could've read somewhere that they don't actually prefer small penises they just artistically associate them with purity and wisdom.

  31. just because a dick isnt breaking records doesnt make it small. this type of male body shaming shouldnt be tolerated on this chinese propaganda site

  32. TIL: ancient Greek women fooled the shit out of the men. No dear, don't worry about Conan the Barbarian, his dick it too big. Yours is just right. We are just friends, he is teaching me how to wield a sword.

  33. There are definitely size queens out there, but it seems most women are good with any size as long as you're big enough to hit their Gspot but not so big you hit their cervix.

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