TIL Larry Payne forgot about a lottery ticket in his truck. Just before it was about to expire, his nephew finds it and they win 1 million dollars. Excited, Larry shows it to his boss, who lies and sues him saying his nephew stole the ticket off her desk.

  1. What makes it worse was neither of them knew it was worth $1 mil at the time. The clerk told them it was over $600 and too much for the gas station to handle, he shared the news with the boss afterwards, and they only found at afterwards that it was worth $1 million.

  2. Yeah, I met a guy that won pretty big but not huge. He was already a "middle class millionaire" type guy with a retirement account and all his finances in order. So the first person he told was his financial advisor. He said lock it up till it's cashed. Take off work and go out of state for at least a couple weeks if possible. Contact a lawyer and set up a trust or something to control who can get the money. Tell nobody that you wouldn't want to fight with about money. 2nd, 3rd cousins twice removed will crawl out of the gutters with sob stories about grandma's cancer etc.

  3. This should be a situation where the loser pays for the winners legal costs. If true, that is one POS boss.

  4. Tell no one if you win the lottery. Treat it like the Lufthansa heist and put it away for a while. If the local news calls and wants an interview, hang up. People will come out of the woodwork looking for a piece. Con artists, beggars, charities, family and high school people you barely know from forever ago. Better to keep it under wraps and share it with who you want to share it with.

  5. She lost that trial and then appealed it and still lost that one. Her and her husband are a real piece of work.

  6. I mean it's pretty obvious reading that stuff that she was lying. For those not reading, among the evidence was the fact that she claimed it was hers because she always picks those number, but it was a quick pick ticket in that the numbers were picked by machine randomly. And that's only one thing.

  7. Lol the boss doesn’t realize that legal fees alone will eat up that 1 million dollars. It’s not as much money as people think

  8. I was thinking that. Depending on the state they can take a huge chunk of the winnings. My wife won $25,000 when she was in College and I think after Fed/State they took something like 25% if she didn't do the annuities payment method

  9. Considering he had it in his sun visor for months, I'm sure any video of the transaction is long gone. As he didn't have a bank account, it means he very likely paid cash.

  10. What the fuck is that attorney doing? He shouldnt be saying shit with a hint of a smile. Go get my fucking money thats why i paid you

  11. Always sign your tickets. If there's somewhere on the back which there usually is. Always sign it. Especially lotto. If Larry's name was on the ticket and the boss's wasn't that'd help them out.

  12. Never tell anyone except your spouse that you’ve won the lottery. You can only get screwed over by doing so.

  13. For those looking in the comments for answer on how it ended, the case is still pending in the supreme court, according to the article. But the ticket buyer won the initial case in the commission. After 5 years, the appeal on that decision is still pending at the supreme court.

  14. This guy's appeal is public record, right? Anybody know how to look that up? I'd love to see the arguments for the appeal...

  15. When there's money involved, you find out very quickly who the real pieces of shit are. There're probably people that you know and like that would throw you under the bus without even thinking twice for some easy money.

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