TIL The man who took the first up close photo of a snowflake, Wilson A. Bentley in 1885, also started the concept "No two snowflakes are alike". In his lifetime, he took over 5k photos of snowflakes.

  1. I see someone else watched the Veritasium video. The guy made a good point, everything is "no two are alike". No tree, grain of sand or wolly mammoth.

  2. I recall in the 90s researchers had found identical natural snowflakes, and they can be grown in labs nowadays like any crystal.

  3. Nah I watched a documentary on this last night with the Snowflake master, and he can perfectly predict the snowflakes formation behaviour but, he does it all by hand, and because of the nature of the process even side by side snowflakes created in the exact same conditions will not be completely identical. Then he goes on to say how nothing is really identical if it has any level of complexity. Was really cool and worth a watch for the process. (From the front page of reddit yesterday maybe?

  4. The book of Bentley's photographs never gets old. I got mine as a gift decades ago, and it's still joy to revisit every year.

  5. That's how I know about this guy! I definitely read that book. I bet my parents have a copy somewhere still.

  6. You do know the subreddit is called "today I learned..." right? Knowledge isn't found in a vacuum and people "learned for the first time today" from a wide variety of sources.

  7. My grandfather (long generations) loved to take photographs of snowflakes, probably inspired by this guy. He was doing it in the 1930''s through 40's. My mom has some hand developed pictures.

  8. Wow, you just opened up a core memory I completely forgot about. My elementary art school teacher was obsessed with this guy. Every winter he'd tell us all about this guy and show us pictures of snowflakes that Bentley had taken. We watched Snowflake Bentley probably dozen times in his class.

  9. Yet another nugget of info seeded to my brain from the awesome that is Veritasium. I saw a bit on the dude and having never heard of him looked him up. If that's disagreeable to you, that the source of my personal discovery was a YT video, my deepest condolences for your current mental state.

  10. Lol he’s like that guy at the end of Road to Perdition that takes photos of his victims. Like he takes a photo of the snowflake then masterbates while it melts.

  11. In the digital age her would have taken 500.000 pictures and didn't know what to keep and what to delete.

  12. in the world of IT the snowflake term is usually meant for a one-off/unique setup of a system that is not standard

  13. Why are so many people commenting on where OP learned this from? Does it not count if it's learned from YouTube?

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