Comprehensive list of ways to do comparatives

  1. Dangerous territory: Anything that can go in a "lon" prepositional phrase can also be put in a "la" phrase (mi awen lon ma ni --> ma ni la mi awen) - so you could argue that for each of those la-phrase comparisons, a prepositional phrase exists that means the exact same thing. Very odd.

  2. I've added these to the list, and off the top of my head, I can't think of any downsides to suli pi tomo mi li anpa e suli pi tomo sina! Well done!! :-)

  3. I agree with jan Tepo... I think that's a creative idea, but it would require a virtual relexicalization of kama, in my opinion, so it doesn't quite seem to me like the kind of thing that we can just do by fiat...

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