Cup stacking sequence in a seconds

  1. I'm pretty sure he just set a world record according to the comments last time this was posted, very appropriate reaction lol.

  2. My brother was actually on the same junior Olympic team as these kids and is standing right out of frame. These kids and this sport and the kids involved get so hyped for each other and the team it's really wholesome to see.

  3. Right? There’s something oddly wholesome and great about people in a very niche field who are so excited for their accomplishments!

  4. Subway was kind of my guilty pleasure every once in a while but yo! Last time my buddy went in there he said all the veggies were old as fuck and there was soggy brown lettuce! Barf

  5. We had a cup stacking tournament every year in my grade school which I did bc I had nothing better to do. Fastest cycles in the schools, and mine, weren't below 18 seconds

  6. I'm an elementary PE teacher and so I've practiced this over the years. I can get sub 15 seconds as an adult on my clean runs but absolutely never into single digits. It's pretty impressive fine motor skills

  7. Man I remember in elementary school they really pushed cup stacking on us. I don't know if that's still a thing schools do but yeah I remember it being a big thing for a bit.

  8. So I was gonna make a joke about how the video was old and hes probably some banking professional now but I searched his name and he has a youtube channel where hes still at it, 7 years later! Video below was posted 2 weeks ago.

  9. I wonder this myself. Why cups? Stacking? Why did one person turn to another and say "I can do this faster than you"?

  10. This was a trend in the late 2000s, early 2010s? I remember a Christmas one year where my younger relatives all got these game sets - came with cups and a mat to time each trial and you had to do the formations in the video.

  11. for entertainment to a certain group of people who like it really; what are you describing is pretty much someone who doesn’t like baseball saying hitting a home run is impressive, but why though?

  12. It is sped up. The entire clip is 4 seconds long, but his timer was 5 seconds. Idk why they felt like they needed to speed it up

  13. 1 : a person who is trained or skilled in exercises, sports, or games requiring physical strength, agility, or stamina.

  14. I never understood the point of this. Isn’t it the same thing every time? Like with Rubik’s cubes it’s different every time, doesn’t cup stacking get repetitive

  15. I want to master something that’s marginally impressive looking and serves absolutely no purpose. Juggling is a bit too flashy..

  16. You know, I’ve always wanted to do cup stacking ever since I was young and I first saw it on that tv channel (was it Nickelodeon?) where they had all those teen team events with slime and the Ancient giant head crypt thing with riddles.

  17. When we were taught this in 4th grade I really was expecting cup stacking to have a bigger role in my adult life but somehow it and hot-crossed buns seem to be non-existent in my daily routine..

  18. I got obsessed with this when I was a kid and I remember get in the sub-8 second range and honestly that was pretty dope. This is super impressive!

  19. Okay cool, now what's that gonna do to feed your future family, everyone In college gonna be like wow cool, but after college no one gives a Frick.

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