Guys - I've done it. This sums it up. Truck parked in bike lane, in front of (now) 5 TPS cruisers, and they do nothing.

  1. Anyone who lives around Kingston and Woodbine (specifically a bit further east on Kingston) knows Mohammed. He regularly walks around the middle of the street, harassing cars for money. He gets to the point where he will actually start slamming his hands down on the car of the unfortunate person who he has set his eyes on. Last week, I saw him doing the hand slamming thing on a car that was directly in front of a police car. Light turned green and the police literally swerved around him and moved on. Mohammed is in desperate need of mental help, and I do feel for the guy, but maybe just maybe they should have had a talk with him? Go any day around 4pm and you can see him for yourself. I once bought him a candy bar, and the next time I went to the corner store, the lady told me not to do that because he walks back into the store demanding a refund every time someone buys him food and harasses the corner store owners too. Anyways I am rambling - the cops may have something better to do, but in my experience, the majority of cops are lazy fucks who do not contribute to the community.

  2. I live near the social housing building not too far from there and have seen him come in and out of there, so I would hope they'd provide assistance but I guess not. I can't believe he hasn't been hit by a car yet. Fortunately for me, when I drove by him I had my dog in the backseat and the dog completely lost it when he approached the car, so now he won't come near me.

  3. This sounds like more of a situation for 211. They offer mental health teams that respond to people in crisis and find them solutions & help. Of course police and mobile crisis teams (police/nurse combo) can be used but the city is trying to utilize 211 more in these scenarios so police can respond to criminal aspects/police specific matters rather than less non violent mental health issues.

  4. If this is the guy I think it is, he has a broken hand or wrist. I just went past on the 22 and he's got a pretty substantial plaster monstrosity on his right hand. Hopefully he doesn't do any slamming with that.

  5. Are we talking about the guy that wears a suit jacket and no shirt on underneath and just wanders back and forth on the road between live traffic?

  6. I was on Yonge & Alexander just before Carlton. I literally witnessed a man in distress do the same thing but on a police cruiser. The constable came out of his vehicle, the distressed man quickly sat on the curb. I didn't get to witness what happened afterwards because I didn't want to cause traffic. Regardless even if cops were to put them in jail they know they're going to be released back out again!

  7. Sometimes there are more pressing matters to attend to. If they are on their way to a domestic violence, break and enter, theft in progress, etc. and they really can't afford to stop for this issue.

  8. Ohhhhh now I know why the empty parking lot near my building has cop cars just parked way in the far back (and I can’t see what they are doing). I used to think it was some patrol related thing but hrumph, that sure is milking your hours and time theft.

  9. Makes it obvious that this isn't about public safety as much as it is petty grievances and power trips. Pretty representative of TPS as a whole.

  10. okay, rebuttal here: heard gunshots near my house ... not fireworks it was quite different, and I saw some kids run off... and cops were here within 10 min and scoured the area with flashlights... I think they have prioritized guns and gangs

  11. That's a Toronto Parks vehicle, I passed by it today. They were doing some work in that vicinity, so ya it was temporarily in the bike line.

  12. There are other places to park that that do not endanger cyclists. Its against the law to park in bike lanes. Its just plane laziness.

  13. This is the High Park north entrance at Bloor. And that isn't that a City of Toronto maintenance truck? It also looks like it's parked just before the bike lane starts.

  14. That's the north entrance of High Park by Bloor Street. Judging by the uniform being worn by the person standing by the truck, I suspect it's a High Park worker. High Park workers also use white trucks. Since there is no side picture you can't see the City of Toronto markings on the side of the truck. It's probably a High Park worker doing their job.

  15. They are subject to the same laws everyone else is, regardless of employer. I would get reprimanded at my work for such action because I am representing them while at work.

  16. Pretty sure that is a city parks truck on work detail. Certain that the guy behind this Twitter account is an idiot.

  17. I love it when someone’s blocking the bike lane. It often makes my day. It’s one of the few times you will have the total, complete, uncontrovertible de facto right to take the lane.

  18. I get what your saying but the reality of taking a lane in Toronto is just an increased risk of injury or death.

  19. lol okay I hope you're enjoying that moral high ground next time you're mangled under the garbage truck you decided to cut in front of.

  20. They were there looking for a missing elderly man who was believed to be lost near high park. Instead of accusing them maybe go up and ask what they’re doing?

  21. I actually did go up, and ask them, and they answered just that. They were from 11 division, and they had flyers printed out for the missing person.

  22. Something tells me that when there are 5 cruisers in the same spot, they have a bigger issue to deal with than someone who is illegally parked...

  23. Should I post and cry on Reddit or Twitter everytime a cyclist is riding on the sidewalk? Do you know why there were 4 police cruisers there?

  24. Going above 20km/h is also a bylaw infraction, yet TPS was ticketing people for that in High Park. I wonder why TPS would ignore bylaw infractions that occur right in front of them but actively ticket for another bylaw infraction, it's quite perplexing.

  25. If 5 TPS cruisers are at a scene of something, I would think that they are probably busy with something more important at the moment. Besides isnt illegal parking a job for bylaw?

  26. Are you the same bootlicker that's in the twitter comments too? How much are they paying you to ignore their incompetence?

  27. The police are clearly busy in that picture. Who knows what theyre doing but if they're on a call they wouldn't care.

  28. Was their call to stand around on the curb? Because that's what they were doing. Would it kill them to cross the road and say "hey you can't park here"? I would be more understanding if they were doing actual work

  29. im going to guess if 5 police cars are there that something bigger and more important is happening than ticketing a schmuck in a truck

  30. Living in this city is like being in kindergarten everyday. Every single person is a child. Only difference is I don’t get nap time.

  31. If you have no idea why the cops were there you can't blame them for not ticketing the lady. The amount of cars probably indicated that they are following some directions.

  32. It isn't difficult for one to step out of their cruiser, walk across the street and ticket or even simply tell them to get out of the bike lane. It isn't a big ask.

  33. She’s putting people in danger and she is also subject to the same laws everyone else is. Your hatred toward cyclists is seeping through your comment.

  34. The constant victimhood by middle-aged white men on expensive ass bicycles is annoying as fuck. Literally acting like they're Rosa Parks on two wheels smh.

  35. its weird eh, its almost as if the people who pay taxes to keep this city running want to be able to live in it.

  36. I just be trans-racial, trans-class and trans-aged the way y'all anti cyclists paraders assume everyone on a bike is white, middle-aged, wealthy and men. Let me go affirm my 300 dollar 1980s road bike that it's actually an expensive ass bike and not the rusted beater it actually is. I am the Rachel Dolezal of cyclists!

  37. Looking past the fucking awful comparison to a human rights activist, are you saying that if the roles were reversed and a bike was parked in the middle of a drive lane blocking traffic that any driver who complains has a victim complex?

  38. If you live anywhere near where I live in midtown, the vast majority of people you see on bicycles are non-white people working food delivery. Such people also use bike lanes.

  39. I laughed when someone on this sub reddit said the police enforced people parking in bikelanes. I see it 5-10 times a day. And I see cops drive by. And if I ask why they dont enforce it they just give you a smug look. Hell half the time its cops parking in bike lanes when there is parking like 20m away. They dont give a fuck.

  40. Subreddit can't pencil in caring about this, they're too busy complaining cyclists caused the holocaust or some shit

  41. Man I don't even know why they bothered creating bike lanes. You constantly have to deal with idiots parking in the bike lanes, idiots walking in the bike lanes without regard for cyclists, idiots making deliveries and blocking the bike lanes.

  42. They were enforcing the 20km/h speed limit bylaw for High Park, as well as back in 2020 having TPS officers radar gunning cyclists on multi use trails which also have a 20km/h bylaw speed limit.

  43. Sums what up? Normal TPS doesn't deal with or care about parking violations. Parking Enforcement division does and nobody respects them. Also the twitter account has his profile pic witha bike helmet on so you know he is one of those biking nuts who gets mad about every little bicycle related thing and "bikes everywhere" and makes sure to tell you about it.

  44. Lol I love the loser in the truck just smiling with their bag of whatever they decided was so important they needed to park in a bike lane for it

  45. TPS doesn’t have jurisdiction over parking matters, they’d have to call the parking unit officers to respond.

  46. The bike lane just started, and the owners are nearby. If they really cared so much they would have confronted the truck owners themselves. Clearly they just want internet clout.

  47. In that case, I take the lane for an entire block or two. They can honk all they want, but I will NOT give in. ;)

  48. who cares???? the biggest question when is eglinton gonna be finished? when is the dundas-bloor-symington shitshow gonna be done? when is the gardiner gonna be done?

  49. SO.. Channeling Karen, when I was growing up a police officer would uphold the law... any law, any time. Now, you have to catch an officer while he is enforcing whatever specific law is being broken. Ran down a pedestrian, sorry I am on my way to traffic court. Bike lane, sorry I am watching the freeeeeedom rally!

  50. It’s a City of Toronto truck that’s blocking the lane. They won’t do anything. I mean all they do is nothing but especially in this instance. F’em. They’re useless in majority of situations. But they love chatchin ya speeding.

  51. I believe they leave it for the parking enforcement or special constable. So you better hope they call them over lol!

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