Doug Ford Swallows a Bee Live During Press Conference

  1. I’m still confused how he just brushed it off? Surely a fucking bee in your mouth would cause a little more resistance. He swallowed that thing like a vitamin lmfao

  2. But if they give him bad service, he can just say it’s a reason to privatize, so they have to treat him very well. 4d chess /s

  3. I was waiting for this to pop up On my feed because I want to ask, do Reporters ever actually give him a tough time about how shady his healthcare funding is? Has anyone ever directly asked him if he’s purposely defunding healthcare to make it look worse so he can bring in privitizaton?

  4. For all his faults, Rob Ford was at least good for frequent, terrific moments of dumb physical comedy (walking into a camera, falling down throwing a football, tackling elderly councillors...)

  5. Lol @ the camera man zooming in on his stomach, as if to highlight the horrific reality of a live bee buzzing around inside him.

  6. "He's down here buzzing around" Pointing at his stomach "He has a lot of real estate". Regardless what you think about the guy that was an awesome follow up.

  7. I personally can't stand him but that was a surprisingly good recovery. Just as Jim taught Michael, someone laughing at themselves takes all the fun out of mocking them.

  8. I love Reddit, the place where all you have to do is post something positive about someone everyone hates and you get downvoted to hell. Ford's a douche, but that clip is funny as all hell.

  9. I salute this bee for its valiant sacrifice. It tried to save us from privatized health care. Don't let its death be in vain.

  10. I opened the bathroom door this morning to a spider who chose violence, scream stomped on it, then my cat comes over, gives the dead spider a pat and then slurps it up.

  11. Pave the wetlands! Highways over all forests! Bees are trying to kill us. Folks, with your help, we can eradicate bees and the danger they pose. The Liberals wouldn't get rid of them but I will! God bless the people of Ontario, but not the bees! God damn the bees!

  12. Sorry Doug, but the local ER's are closed because a lack of staff. Don't worry,there is no Healthcare crisis for you.

  13. Holy fuck that website is cancer. I tried 3 times and still didn’t get to watch the video thanks to ads and their shitty player not working

  14. Honestly very much dislike the softball reporting here. Yes, the bee is funny, but it's distracting from the content of the press conference. Ford and the conservatives are taking a page out of the Koch playbook, underfunding and undermining public healthcare to create a pretext for privatization so their cronies can get a payday.

  15. The bee was fossilized in his arteries, along with all the plaque made out of 85% crude oil and indigenous tears

  16. Make him wait for three hours of in the ER like everyone else. Then just maybe he’ll see the healthcare sector for what he’s made it?

  17. I am very disappointed that Doug Ford took this opportunity to swear and take the Lord's name in vain multiple times over this.

  18. All obvious comments on the state of healthcare aside, that is fucking horrifying. I am irrationally terrified of bees (no allergy, will scream and flee if one gets near me despite being a grown adult whi has been stung before and knows this won't kill me). I would not have wished this on a political enemy.

  19. That's how much Dougie knows about the environment...that wasn't a bee. Plus, if he spent as much time listening as he does flapping his piehole, he might not have swollowed that bug.

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