its so sad that the voice actor of BW megatron(WFC Trilogy) is being harrassed and being send death threats by the Community

  1. Can someone explain to me why death threats are some peoples first response to disliking something? Like it seems so common now. Like anyone who is anyone gets death threats for no reason it seems. What the hell is wrong with people.

  2. Because it’s a internet fandom of course there are gonna be man children and actual idiots and it’s nostalgia is one heck of a reason to send death threats and cry about “HEeE’SssS nOOt DaavID KaaAAyEee” sometimes I forget how pathetic this fandom can be

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed “Fanboy” Megatron, I thought it was a hilarious twist on the character. I can understand why US/English speakers might be upset, but the character was a complete gag in the Asian market.

  4. Imagine where a person has to be in life that they can’t see the problem with sending death threats to someone you don’t know because you didn’t like how they voiced a cartoon character.

  5. Ok ok I grew up with Beast Wars (Beasties here). So the , Yesss Megatron is my boy. And my first Optimus was Primal. And as much as I love the OG T-Rex Meg's.... This guy was awesome. Like, I bet if we saw dino Meg's meet up with real Megatron like these guys did. I bet he'd be a little bit of a suckuo too..

  6. Now that is truly sad. Has watching the various series taught us nothing? Those “fans” must like Decepticons.

  7. This is so dumb. It’s not the voice actor’s fault that he was a shit character. In technicality, it was his fault that the voice sounded so dumb, but that’s no reason to send bro death threats. Sure, I agree, he could’ve done better. At least a little research. Like look at the person who voiced rattrap and starscream, he did research and in my opinion those are the best voices in the series. But still, no reason to send death threats this guy.

  8. Yeah, this is my thought on the matter too. Was his performance good? No, certainly not - but that's no reason to send him fucking death threats.

  9. I mean.. actors are typically cast in the role by people and receive direction on their delivery the whole time. If they wanted it to sound the same as OG then they would have told him to or cast someone who could do it.

  10. It's the most dumbest shit in the world when you are in a community or a fandom. The VA did nothing. If the VA did illegal stuff then yeah, harass him whatever you want. But he did absolutely nothing. So people legit have no reason or anything to ever harass him if you ask me.

  11. I always thought the problem was his character being the other megatron’s bitch, not the voice. Sure it’s not the best voice for mega, but death threats are retarded

  12. Yeah, my thoughts exactly. I absolutely HATED the voice for Beast Wars Megatron, but I do NOT support the VA for him getting death threats.

  13. We've become such a petty, passive aggressive society. It's not just in fandoms. Everything is polarized. Any death threat should be taken seriously and reported to the local authorities.

  14. Most of us Transformers fans are respectful and just want to collect bots. Shame on those in the community sending death threats and being toxic. Find a new hobby, this hobby isn’t for you.

  15. Hasbro didn’t write this or do the voice direction. The shows biggest problems are with Roosterteeth for the awful direction they gave the voice talent and the writers for their bland script.

  16. Why?! It's the Voice Director's fault for how bad the voices came out in this trilogy not VAs! They're just doing what they were told to do.

  17. The losers doing it are deadset idiots. They need to crawl back under their rocks and not emerge until they grow a brain.

  18. While I wasn’t personally a fan of his rendition, I think harassment is never the option to go when saying you dislike something, especially death threats. Honestly people who think it’s okay to do that to a guy who voiced a fictional character, who isn’t real mind you, are absolute losers. Seriously the guy sounded like he was having fun voicing the character, he probably grew up with beast wars and finally got to voice someone from something they loved, and this is how he gets repaid? Disgusting.

  19. Why? While he may not be David Kay, (sorry if I misspelled his last name) that is no good reason to harass him and send him death threats.

  20. The majority of the VO in the WFC Trilogy sucked, but who is sending death threats? Whoever is doing it should be prosecuted and drummed out of the community, they have no place here.

  21. Thats just terrible. I wasn't a fan of the voice of the new bw megatron but still enjoyed kingdom. I wish him well. What a terrible world we live in.

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