In broad daylight!

  1. I'm not gonna lie... I always wondered what those massive asses actually looks like without clothes. And I can confidently say 10/10 would never watch again.

  2. I don't judge any more... I once begged to use a public restroom before and ended up pissing on myself before I could make it to a McDonald's where I could buy a sandwich and use the toilet.... This world is full of cruel or clueless people who don't understand that the number one cause of illness and filthy conditions for decent homeless people comes from not having access to toilets showers and laundry facilities.... I almost got jaundice from holding my poop...

  3. I gotta agree. Gotta go, gotta go. If you made a good faith effort and couldn't make it.... Well, God bless you.

  4. You can now imagine what the situation looked like when 15k illegals stuck under that bridge for few weeks in San Diego. Even if they had PortaPotties, you know people pissed and shit all over.

  5. Makes sense. Have you ever seen an animal look around to see if anyone is watching? They just go indiscriminately wherever they want.

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