just a man and his motorcycle

  1. YO I’ve seen that exact guy riding. He was riding on 694 over to Wisconsin in Woodbury Mn. We did the same thing, had to take a pic.

  2. Just a man working on his tan. Riding down the road, with the breeze on his toes. No on knows where he will go, but he will certainly have a sun-kissed glow.

  3. I've never seen a candidate more in need of a reminder about proper and safe attire while riding a motor driven cycle.

  4. Well, they did say he was due to come back and start his program any day now. About time Jesus, WWIII bout to start but you already knew that 😂😂😇

  5. F-off! I'm stopping at subway for a spicy Italian on my way back to Hickory hills. May even drop a few bills at Chester's.

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