Woman gets "Negro" tattooed on her leg and has the aforementioned suck her toes while using ketchup

  1. I blame Reagan for getting rid of the nuthouses. We really need to get those dudes in white coats back that just pull up in a white van, corner people like this and put them in straitjackets.

  2. Based on the Spanish song in the background and the entire phrase, this is actually a term of endearment in some Spanish speaking countries. My Puerto Rican mother and father use it and the feminine version when referring to each other all the time. It has not racial connotations that I know of.

  3. Yeah, she tattooed her boyfriend and they recorded her boyfriend eating her foot with ketchup as some kind of irreverent joke. That's all. It's not trashy, just weird. I actually hate that many people seem to have given it a racist connotation when it obviously haven't, even if she was american it would still not have a racist connotation imo

  4. Latinoamerica mágica. The tattoo isn't as bad when you put it in-context, still kinda cringey but not as cringe as the toe sucking.

  5. The toe sucking is definitely cringe but the way the words are used isn’t exactly as bad as it looks. It means my dark one. It’s not meant to be taken as racist

  6. That’s that IG couple. He is Latino, she is white. He has her repeat stuff he says or has taught her.. she says it in broken, bad, American-accented Spanish and everyone has a laugh. Also the tatt was fake.

  7. It’s pretty gross bringing your kinks out onto the public like that but I guess if it’s your shop and that’s the way you wanna run it…

  8. Latin america exists you know, and we have 0 issues with the whitest of the people calling their darker couple "mi negro". The rest of the video is just a weird joke for social media. God, I came to see some real trash, not more Twitter people thinking north america is the whole world, kinda pisses me off

  9. Poor brain, I am so sorry what I have done to you, what you had to process today, is just unbelievable. I truly apologize.

  10. Maybe I am idiot and don’t know anything about tattoos but is she getting two tattoos? One on each thigh? Is the picture on her left thigh as reference for the tattoo being done on her right leg because they don’t look too close. The hair looks different in what they drew on right leg. The guy on the right leg looks like little Richard

  11. The tattoo says "mi negro" which is an affective way to call someone in spanish, you can even see the face of the guy in the tattoo. Whoever doesn't speak spanish doesn't get it.

  12. Specifically, "Mi Negro" which in Dominican spanish (also PR, and I'm sure other countries' dialects) is a term of endearment, not the racism the title implies.

  13. At least the tattoo is fake. The artist doesn’t even have a needle in his machine. This is all just a fake video for the gram.

  14. Lol at the idiots getting offended. It's "Mi negro" in Spanish. It's a very common thing said in the Spanish community. She's dating a black Dominican.

  15. Dumb muthafucka, I hope his ass get hand, mouth and foot disease!! His mother should be embarrassed and his daddy should have pulled out!! 🙄

  16. I always downvote these kinds of videos. But only because like... What does that make me if I upvote this shit? I can't even tell myself it's satirical, it's just FUCKED

  17. Where are they I want their location I want their address I want everything from them I'm going to put 20 lb of C4 in the car toilet bathroom drawers closet TV under the house everywhere I want them dead

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