Any recommendations for hardside luggage w/outer pocket?

  1. I had a hard case with outer pocket and it was a huge fail. Ended up throwing it away after a couple of years’ use. The hard outer pocket is attached with fabric and the weight or transition between polymer and fabric wasn’t very durable. I now have an Away piece (fantastic) and carry all my in flight items an a separate smaller bag.

  2. Hmm maybe you’re right that I should just put all my items that need easy accessibility in my personal bag. 🤔 The extra pocket sounds convenient but maybe it’s too much of a compromise.

  3. I did, but I ended up not getting the one with the laptop pocket. No complaints so far. Funny enough, while waiting for a flight this week a lady commented that we had the same suitcase, and she DID have the one with the laptop bag. She said she loves hers and was using it instead of her Away suitcase.

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