TWICE 11TH MINI ALBUM “BETWEEN 1&2” Preorder Links and Site Benefits

  1. Just ordered all 4 of the signed versions on the twice shop, so happy cuz I missed out on the solemmys signed albums, gonna get a few more from target in person release day too tho the JYP shop Polaroids look so tempting 😭😭😭

  2. Wow, this must be fate, lol. Just woke up from a bad dream, and felt the urge to check out Reddit, because why not. Saw this post when I opened the app, and managed to get myself a couple of signed versions! Didn't manage to get any last time, so this is pretty exciting.

  3. I can’t believe I actually secured a signed copy. Guess it’s a good thing my flight got rescheduled to this morning or else there’s no way in hell I would’ve been up this early. Praise God Jihyo!

  4. I kinda realized that JYP is trying to do an alternative to mwave shop, by selling “signed” albums (99.9% chance of signed postcard). But at least a signed postcard is better than nothing. I remember Got7’s last album in mwave was also kinda a random signed poster within these normal prices.

  5. I’ve never bought a kpop album before but Im interested in getting this and past twices albums. Am a bit confused though, what is the difference between all those versions (complete, cryptography, etc)? Is it just the color that changes?

  6. Which photocard set would look best? I'm thinking of getting the hologram ones which I'm guessing would be like the Twicecoaster Lane 1 version

  7. Honestly, they all look like the same concepts for all sites. And I am really hoping they are selfies. But for JYP artists POBs though, Soundwave usually has good ones.

  8. All the signed albums went out of stock right before I could choose a payment option 😭😭. I am beyond devastated! Will the signed albums come back in stock anytime soon? Does anyone have any idea?

  9. I'm interested in this, too. I had thought it was 12-noon for the opening of preorders. Imagine my surprise today. :(

  10. Honestly these signed albums lasted longer than nayeons but they also probably have 9x the number available for this

  11. don’t think the signed ones are actually physically signed by the members. Isn’t it a bonus with a printed signed signature? Wouldn’t make sense for the signed version to be the same price as the regular version, as they usually go for like 3x the price

  12. it’s most likely hand signed postcard, same as with nayeon’s album and the most recent itzy album. it’s not a printed signature, it’s wet sign. i’m guessing it’ll likely be a random member and not all nine

  13. You can buy one from Amazon just search photocard holder. It's the same one you use for pokeman cards

  14. Music Plaza has an option for hologram bonus cards. I think for Nayeon’s solo they were the same as the Withmuu holos?

  15. Got my 4 set order in at Target last night. Now to hope there are at least two versions in that order and that the stores with me have a good distribution of the versions if I need to exchange any copies.

  16. Okay i have a question: If the album is good i would like to order it, but i wouldn't want to preorder in case I end up not liking the song. Is there any way to still get preorder benefits?

  17. I know if you buy the album in store at target, it'll still have all the preorder benefits in the album plus the target exclusive

  18. I’ve never ordered from them yet actually. But it is likely but not a guarantee as with all sites that don’t offer an album set.

  19. I bought 4 copies from Withmuu, do they send all different versions? Also I didn’t get a confirmation email, did anyone else experience this?

  20. Since the Twice shop is the only place you can actually choose all albums and not on random, does the pre-order still include the usual poster set and photocard set that comes with pre orders? I hate how the twice shop doesn't say what's included ): I'd order on other sites but I don't want to leave up getting all 4 versions to random chance

  21. If it's anything like their previous album releases, the photocard set POB will be included, but not the poster.

  22. Too bad this is only available in the US. I was able to order all 4 but got cancelled today since I am in Canada

  23. I missed signed editions and I want to kill myself… sigh… now to debate from what’s left, glitter sounds fun 😔

  24. From France here, I won't buy from those links since the shipping cost is insane so I won't get any benefits, buy I'll buy it from a local store

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