CMIYGL Tour Megathread

  1. AXS gave me one hell of a lower bowl seat right next to the stage & stairway aisle for OAK show. Impressed given I had another ticket onsale to handle first. See y'all there.

  2. AXS just randomized the seats for me at the Staples Center. I kept trying to change them and the it would say that there were no more tickets. My heart dropped lol. I got tickets then I tried to get better seats and now I have an extra pair of tickets. Fml

  3. you can move around on the floor, concerts are very dynamic and people are usually fine if you wanna scooch closer you just gotta move with confidence

  4. I mean, technically you could make your way to the front even if you aren't there first. It's common and usually welcomed to move through the crowd at electronic events but the culture is probably gonna be different here so people might be pretty pissed

  5. Hey thanks man. Used the bottom one for Seattle. Surprised at how quickly I saw the vip tickets sell while I was buying. No GA left either if they had any on offer.

  6. I tried one from another redditor here and it worked (that person is the mvp). I appreciate your spirit. But yeah the scalping is out of hand.

  7. Thanks so much for posting these man!! I signed up for presale and my friend did too but neither of us got codes. I also used the bottom one and it seems like it’s good for more than one use if someone else said it was successful for them too!!

  8. Wanted to thank you! Was able to get some vip tickets earlier today! Thought these would be redeemed, glad i checked!

  9. has anyone bought vip tickets for ny? i missed the presale and idk if i'm screwed or not. i heard there might be more starting on the 6th.

  10. My friend got 2 VIP safari while me and the rest of my friends got 6 VIP Globetrotter. VIP safari sold out pretty quickly so good luck tomorrow

  11. i got standard tickets for the floor in minneapolis! they were a little bit more expensive than i expected but honestly still hella good for a concert, omg i'm so excited see y'all there

  12. If anyone’s looking for GA floor Minneapolis, I bought some I won’t use bc I got Chicago and I’m closer to that!!! DM me

  13. I went to that show from his last tour and it was a lot of fun. The crowd was really great. I would recommend the lower bowl seats near the stage.

  14. GA in Columbus with 4 other homies. I know I relied to a couple of y’all who said you’d be at Columbus’ posts but it’d be cool to meet some other Tyler fans there as well :)

  15. Im planning on Columbus, is there a code for the location or sre they just personal codes? Just got off work and haven't had a chance to buy or look

  16. Should i go to the concert? All of my friends dont listen to tyler so i dont have anyone to go with but i still want to buy tickets. I was thinking i would probably find a friend to go with that likes tyler by February butttt idk. I wanted to buy two tickets for me and a friend, that is if i even find a person to go with and i dont want to waste money on tickets you know?

  17. i j moved to a new place and dont have anyone to go w so i j bought a single ticket. i had the same thought ab making a friend by march but nothing guaranteed so i j bought one. imo being by yourself n not having to be aware of ppl goin w u can be rly fun, just having urself and the music :)

  18. after almost 7 hours of panic stress tears and $600 lost i can safely say i am a globetrotter vip 😊😊

  19. TAMPA - I have two seats in the 200s that I bought in the wrong section by mistake. The tickets alone were $45(65 with fees) that I’m willing to sell for $45 each. PM if interested thanks.

  20. got general admission pit in Sacramento for only $92 including all the fees 🤧 thank you to the man that put up his code for early access: TTCGLJkZ3bw

  21. Was able to get tickets on presale from someone’s post with a list of the codes. Super fucking excited to see my nigga in concert finally, anyone else going to the Philly show? Shit gon be hype af 🙌🏾

  22. I am going to philly too, super excioted cause the philly concert is on HIS BIRTHDAY. I hope all of us as the crowd sing HBD. Imagine he does soemthign extra cuz it is his birthday...... so dope

  23. I got a ticket from the presale I'm gonna be on the floor of the Wells Fargo Center IM GONNA BE STANDING IN FRONT OF THE STAGE ON THE FLOOR TO SEE MY FAVORITE ARTIST IM SO FUCKING HYPE

  24. Extra Tickets: Hey everyone I accidentally bought extra tickets to the Tyler concert. I have Two sets of Two tickets that i can send via the AXS Mobile Transfer. I’ll sell them at the same price I got them for; no upselling. I need help getting rid of them I fucked up on buying extra.

  25. How hard is it to sneak onto the floor. I got seats in the 200’s for Duluth and I would have paid the same amount as I would have for floor tix

  26. I bought the globetrotter VIP tickets (2 of them) How will they get my size right for the vip package because it never asked for a size?

  27. Ya I did. Lol shocked it's in Worcester and not Boston. I live next to TD Garden so kinda disappointing, but still worth the trip.

  28. Don't support ticketmaster's scumfuck practices by buying an "official platinum" for multiple times the original cost of a ticket. Wait until the day before or day of the show you're going to, I guarantee you you can get one cheaper from a reseller then.

  29. Found these codes by Googling the URL that showed up in the text message (""). One of them got me PDX tickets. Good luck!

  30. Who’s going to Charlotte, NC ?! I got floor tickets! Anyone want to get lit before the concert? :) Hope to see any North Carolinians there!!

  31. Friend with a pre-sale code snagged us safari VIP GA tickets for SAC. Super excited to see Tyler for the first time, been listening for almost 6 years.

  32. Got a ticket on presale yesterday, didn't receive an order confirmation and didn't stress it because I remember seeing something about orders taking a while sometimes and you'll get an email when they're ready.

  33. If you got charged on your card and have that youre fine. And did you check your account on the ticketing site to see its in your order history?

  34. Never got my code. Waited in line and GA was sold out. First time ever not getting GA - knew my luck would run out one day. Toronto let's party in Sec120!!

  35. Damn, I had terrible luck ono securing a ticket to the staples center show and now I gotta see if anyone came in clutch. im looking for two tickets for the March 31st show at the staples Center that someone can part ways with:'(

  36. Were you even able to get through? My pre-sale code isn't even working?? Keeps saying the password is invalid..

  37. Anyone know what ticket prices will be when they go on sale? I’m looking at the Charleston SC show if that helps.

  38. ordered my tickets and i’m pretty sure I got the safari vip but whenever I go back to look at my tickets it doesn’t say anything about it. anyone else?

  39. i thought the same but if you click on view receipt, it should show Safari VIP Package w/ General Admission and the price

  40. When should i hop on to try to get tickets tomorrow for the Sacremento GA floor seats? Does sale open at 10 am?

  41. SAN DIEGO- Anyone have a GA admission they would want to swap for a lower level seat. Will pay the difference in pricing

  42. yo - thank you so much! got general admission tickets for my brother and i! first tyler show i'll be attending since seeing odd future live in 2011

  43. it depends on how taxed your state is and the venue but on average safari is $200 and globetrotter is almost $300

  44. Got 3 GA tickets at Duluth with some friends. First time being in the pit and I’m 5’3 so this’ll be interesting lmao

  45. Mad I wasnt able to pick my seat through the axs portal, but also happy I got a ticket for GA lol. Also to all the GA people, tickets are much cheaper on AXL than Ticket Master. not sure why this is.

  46. selling two DC section 119 tickets right by the stage, $125.50 each but willing to negotiate, DM if interested!

  47. Selling a pair of seated tickets for the Vancouver show: Section T, Row 10, Seats 15-16! :) Bought on TicketLeader so idk exactly how the transfer happens lol

  48. hii everyone, i'm looking for GA tickets for the staples center!! I was able to get section 106 row 19 which is fine but i'd be willing to trade + cash or full cash! please lmk!! xx

  49. i have 6 tickets for the dc show! we bought these, but decided to go to the philly show instead because of the distance. they’re great seats, right next to the stage, please message OP on

  50. Did anyone else immediately opt for a seat ticket because they’re too old and short to deal with the pit? lol.. though I did pit last time and had a blast. I was just thinking, it’d be nice if I could actually see the stage and not be squished behind some tall person.

  51. i'm gonna pretend i didn't just drop VIP prices on a regular GA ticket but yk what, money comes and goes. IM SO EXCITED SEE YALL IN SAN DIEGO

  52. I wanted to get my Wolf vinyl signed, but I can't go to the concert in DTX since it's on a Wednesday and I'll be busy. I've seen prices for a signed one go upwards for 8x more than I paid. Is there anyway I could get it signed? I thought abt sending it to someone and paying them to get it signed for me but reddit be sketchy

  53. Accidentally bought two extra tickets for March 14th nyc mgs lol. Sec 116 row 10 seats 5 and 6. I bought each for 385.75 from ticket master so that's all I'm trying to sell them for.

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