What is your most unpopular/controversial Tyler opinion?

  1. Some of the vulgar stuff in his older music isn’t satire and doesn’t have a deeper meaning, a portion of it his him just being a dick.

  2. Right? I've seen people saying goblin was actually a character he created to critique dark shit that happens in life.

  3. I think newer tyler fans don't get the magic of old tyler's rapping skills and flow on the mic. honestly felt like a horror film and i loved it.

  4. a large majority of Tyler’s old music is definitely not for everybody and that’s okay. it’s nice to have that contrast that he has now in his body of work.

  5. This is gonna be truly unpopular, but I don't really care for the majority of Tyler's jazzy instrumental music. Pretty much the majority of Flower Boy and like half of Cherry Bomb and CMIYGL (Igor for some reason hits different to me and I really dig the softer songs on there). Happy for him for moving his music in the direction he wanted it to go, and it's cool that people are resonating with it. But I just don't find the jazzy songs with "crazy chord progressions" as he would describe them very interesting, and I don't end up coming back to them much. I guess my music taste is just so focused on rap that I can't seem to appreciate his non hip-hop music. I don't listen to jazz or soul by any other artist, so why would I listen to it just cause it's Tyler. I definitely love Tyler's production on his rap songs so it's not like I'm just about the bars or something.

  6. CMIYGL, though polished and strong in some places, lacks the creativity and uniqueness of the other albums; I’d put it below igorfb cb and wolf

  7. If you’re talking about the beat switch you’re fucking insane if you’re talking about boppin bitch then yeah ig

  8. russ and it aint a discussion was a huge fan but i followed russ on twitter and he'd just constantly like tweets from fans saying shit like "no one understands russ, he really out here doing everything himself no other rappers doing this" and they'd pop up on my feed constantly, like bro we got it the first time

  9. 1.) Tyler is really immature for his age, which was represented especially in his earlier work. Dude got famous at like 19-20 and pushed the edgy 16-year-old skater aesthetic until he was like 26.

  10. yeah i think this is a bit different though because im not guessing people's scrotum size based off your favorite Tyler song. it's just a general discussion thread in my opinion. i just wanted to see others opinions

  11. As much as I respect Tyler as a creative, I do wish he didn't tweet the majority of the shit that tweeted when he was younger cause most of it was just MAD fucked up and embarrassing. It's one thing to be in songs, cause you can say it's "satire" or "art"....and it's hard to debate that....but, for example, the Selena Gomez situation.....why did he tweet that shit to her? Like dude should've gotten a damn journal, or saw a therapist....and many may say he was "young and dumb" but the nigga was like 19 or 20. Young, sure....but old enough to know that was wrong.....and it's not like he just said he wants to have sex with her (which would still be cringy, but I mean, not too bad)....but he pretty much threatened to rape her and acted all confused when she was uncomfortable around him. Like, I would've been to!

  12. Yeah, and that’s also why I dislike his previous works and find it strange when fans that are now grown adults pretend that they’re better despite the subject matter

  13. You’re so right about this. It’s tricky situation but I’m glad as he’s matured he’s gained some insight on how wrong he was for doing that.

  14. no era of tyler was bad, each one appealed to a different group of people and allowed him to experiment with different things

  15. Wilshire is bad and really drags the album down. I know people think it's the key to the rest of the lyrics but it adds nothing worthwhile. It makes the romantic songs less compelling by over explaining and dragging out the storyline. Every time I hear it I become less emotionally invested in the album. It's like the song is telling me this is romantic but it FEELS like being trapped with a coworker who talks at you for an hour about some blind date that went nowhere.

  16. SWEET/I THOUGHT YOU WANTED TO DANCE are great songs that I enjoy listening to but they last too long and seem out of place in CMIYGL

  17. I wish he just split each section into its own song bc I thought you wanted to dance is my favorite part and I find myself skipping the first park to get to it

  18. I agree with wilshire. The storytelling is amazing, but the instrumental gets grating after 4 minutes. Should’ve been like DUCKWORTH by Kendrick Lamar, with the beat constantly evolving

  19. I agree but I don’t think “lyrically stale” is the right way to put it. I see what you’re getting at but I don’t think it’s the lyrics themselves, rather it’s just thematically weaker than his last two.

  20. CMIYGL is more of a thematic statement to Tyler's wealth and that's the only thing that should define if it's lyrically stale or not. If the lyrics don't sound corny and play into the themes, then it's not stale. I will agree that sometimes CMIYGL tries too hard as in RISE! and the several interludes. Still a good album and only time will tell if this will become a classic

  21. Wilshire has super interesting storytelling, but it's delivered in a super uninteresting, boring way that just makes you disengage. It's also way too long and the instrumental is entirely stagnant the whole way through. Who cares if you did it in two takes if I stopped paying attention 3 minutes in.

  22. People on this subreddit pretend Cherry Bomb is good because Tyler said it was his favorite project of his.

  23. I agree that basically half of that album is hot garbage but it has some insanely good songs on it. Smuckers is easily a top 5 Tyler song IMO

  24. The majority of the lyrical content on Call Me If You Get Lost is extremely boring and uninspired. I really don’t need to hear a million different variations about how he has money. Sorry.

  25. This is why I don't really care for it. I am only so interested in hearing people brag on every track. I think it's a strong album, but really not my favorite personally.

  26. That he’s actually a piece of shit as a friend. He claims a lot of cmiygl is “true story” so if it is, he admits he would kill a friend just for laying hands on the girl he simped for.

  27. I get a big condescending vibe from him in interviews and shit like that, I really respect his work as an artist but he just seems like an asshole in general

  28. i don’t like how often Tyler completely shuts down his fans. obviously the majority of tyler fans can be obnoxious and annoying but you could ask him “why aren’t you playing this song on tour” and he’ll be like “cuz i don’t want to, get over it” or sum like that. kinda mad disrespectful imo 🤷🏾‍♂️

  29. I feel like everyone was trying to convince themselves it’s some kind of groundbreaking masterpiece because Tyler said it was his favorite a few years ago lmao

  30. definitely my personal least favorite. i don't dislike it, ive just never had an urge to listen to any tracks beyond my first listen

  31. I really wanna listen to his old music to rate it fairly but since I wasn’t there for the era I cannot in a million years see myself actually liking the majority of it

  32. I feel the same way dude. I tried getting into Bastard/Goblin recently but I feel like you had to be there to really get into it. I could totally see myself 10 years ago loving those albums but I’m just too old for the “fuck the world I’m angsty and edgy as fuck” type of vibe his older stuff has

  33. Same here, I have tried time and time again to listen to those old ones from beginning to end and appreciate it for who he was at the time but I just cannot connect with them in a way that overrides the yuck factor for me.

  34. When Lumberjack came out I thought it was one of the best songs Tyler had made since Flower Boy. I fucking love that song

  35. I'm not sure why, but it's one of my favorites on the album. My perception might be colored by that cool live performance he did with the blowing wind and the neat stagecraft though.

  36. i say that because it has the best instrumentals out of all the tyler albums and every song except RUN and KEEP DA OS is a banger

  37. it's hard to engage in music discourse online because of how corny his stans are. obviously tyler has no control over who likes his music but goddamn, a lot of them have weird ass superiority complexes and try to gatekeep his music as if he isn't famous??? the real life stans are even more horrible, i was at his igor show and BRUH, these stans emulated tyler from his aesthetics down to their personality and what made it unbearable is them thinking that they're all unique 😭 being surrounded by wannabes instead of people who just enjoy his art was just jarring. great show nonetheless.

  38. CMIYGL, while good, was a slight disappointment. Every album, up until then, had something new either lyrically, thematically, or production wise. CMIYGL was pretty much streamlining everything from Wolf to IGOR. That isn’t necessarily bad, however.

  39. This opinion isn’t unpopular for Tyler fans, but it’s unpopular casuals and people who aren’t huge fans of him. But Cherry Bomb is such a great album and doesn’t deserve the hate it gets at all

  40. SMUCKERS is one of the greatest songs ever created, across any genre. if that’s not a hot enough take, Trashwang is actually very good.

  41. Everyone decided sweet/ITYWTD was good after Tyler tweeted it was his favorite song. It's corny, it's trite, it's fucking LOOOONNNNG. Not a fan.

  42. that shit he said on stage during that amazon music performance was outta left field and 100% sucked balls. dude was high on my list til then

  43. I love Tyler’s music and I think he’s a fascinating human being but I am disappointed by the fact that he seems to stay only concerned with the things that directly affect him. I’ve never heard him talk about an issue in the world that he gives a shit about. He wants money, love, and for the people in his life to be happy. Other than that, whatever is off his radar is stupid to him. It’s kind of a bummer.

  44. This is the only actual unpopular/controversial opinion that matters, such a ridiculously overrated album that it’s not even funny anymore

  45. This is hella surprising to hear especially from a cherry bomb lover (no hate just the first time I’ve seen a cherry bomb lover not have CMIYGL on endless loop

  46. This is downvoted but I lowkey agree, I listened to it for a couple of weeks and I got bored of it. It doesn’t really have the same effect as what Cherry Bomb, Flower Boy, or Igor did where I listened to that shit for months and months

  47. Wolf is… okay. it’s got some songs i love (Jamba, Trashwang) but there are so many poorly executed ideas in many songs (the “chorus” on Cowboy, the voice modulation on Awkward, i think there’s a lot of parts that could use strong drums w a more prominent backbeat). i find it hard to believe that Wolf even comes close to Igor or CMIYGL or even Cherry Bomb

  48. Big fan of wolf but I see where you’re coming from (tho if people downvote don’t edit the comment calling them clowns, it makes it worse)

  49. As i grow older i see the flaws in Wolf, but hearing it for the first time as a teenager at a camp type setting, that shit was magic.

  50. Goblin and bastard was Tyler just trying too hard to be edgy most of the tracks have aged poorly and sound cringey

  51. Honestly man it’s this weird transition point of I want to make pretty songs but also want to hamfist edgy shit. Like what the fuck was blow my load it and fucking young, they’re just genuinely uncomfortable and unlistenable

  52. There's nothing "good" about Tyler's edgy shit in music, it has only the shock value of hearing it the first time and then it's crass forever and most of the time just stupid. It's barely quotable as edgy humor just because of how it's not creative or memorable. I'd say like 1 for every 5 or 6 of his edgy lines isn't eyeroll fuel

  53. Maybe not that controversial but I feel like IGOR is an album you can't fully appreciate until you've fallen out of love

  54. I saw someone say this and I think it’s the best hot take I can agree with: Call Me If You Get Lost won’t age as well as his previous two albums.

  55. Bastard and Goblin really suck and Cherry Bomb’s no different. They have their moments and if you like them I’m not gonna judge you for it, but if it weren’t for his “Newer” stuff i wouldn’t be a fan

  56. the CMIYGL aesthetic doesn’t match AT ALL with the album. with all the pink and colorful stars n shit plastered all over the art work i went in thinking this was gonna be more of a FB or an IGOR typa album but it’s not that at all. And tbh this is my least favorite tyler album cover of his. easily. at least have the background be like a pastel yellow or something to contrast with the id cards but nope, just a plain white background with the card on the front. CMIYGL is still a 9/10 and a damn near perfect album for me but i think the rollout could’ve used A LOT of changes imo

  57. Golfwang is ugly and only looks halfway decent on Tyler . Compared to other celebrity’s clothing brands it’s pretty trash

  58. I can't believe how many people don't like Lumberjack it fucking slaps id rather listen to that than anything off FB.

  59. Synth beats? I wouldn't hate it. But really dude? Just let the fucking guy mature. His edginess was unfunny like 90% of the time

  60. I was so damn addicted to "She" at one point. Definitely NOT a bad song, but that and IFHY.... BRUHHHH, I haven't went to ANY of his concerts yet but Im already tired of those songs always being on the damn set list. 🤣

  61. I'm not a huge fan of his stuff prior to Flower Boy. I started listening there and could never get into a lot of the older stuff. I still listen to all the classics ofc.

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