Pressured the fighter with the heaviest hands in 155lb division's history, and subbed him in the first round. The champ has a name, and his name is Charles Oliveira.

  1. Finished Chandler,Poirier, and Gaethje all in one year I would say so. His shot placement is really good but he has to have some more power than they give him credit for lol no one floors Gaethje like that with one punch

  2. To be fair, the translator may have been trying to help Charles. Dana did say they are still paying Oliviera the PPV share (I have no idea who is to blame on the scale drama)

  3. I love a good conspiracy. Why would the UFC want him out as champ? He seems to be universally liked by the fans and the media. He is a popular and likeable champion. I don't see any upside in taking his belt.

  4. Yes this is the most aggravating part about translators. They PC the shit out of the man’s words. It seems as if they tip toe or at the least glance over his controversial opinions

  5. Anybody else notice the way he kept his back turned on Joe the whole time. Only talking to the translator barely even joe or the mic for that matter

  6. If he knew he had made weight, why did he show up 5 minutes before the end of weigh ins and not come early? Seems super sketchy. Typically that means they were cutting until the very last minute.

  7. Such a gangster, walked straight into Justin willingly and exchanged willingly. I was so nervous

  8. If you watch Gaethje he’s not a very technical fighter. He’s a wild striker with heavy hands. Charles and Dustin are much more technical. I mean we all need to talk about Charles having heavy hands. The guy knocks people out as well.

  9. He's definitely not the superior striker in terms of skill but he has good striking with insane power, hence the 2 knockdowns. Charles is a very technical striker and everything is so perfect and accurate which leads to his power.

  10. like i was telling my buddies charles looked like the better striker in terms of technicality. i’ve watched charlie for years and he always goes to his back after taking big hits. he plays it like it isn’t a knockdown. i don’t think giving charles time to lay on his back and recover was a good idea for gaethje but taking it to the ground was not the way either. this fight was so heavy in charlie’s favor giving he just had to not take a one punch knockout

  11. i have never been as excited for a grappling match as i am for islam vs olivera. who knows maybe they keep it standing?

  12. Totally agree. Charles is a fantastic fighter. I'm a huge Justin fan and am not liking the hate and disrespect he is getting. The fight could have easily gone the other way. It was a one round fight that either could have won. I reckon Charles would have won it 60 or 70%.

  13. Man the way he pulled guard was so badass to me I don't know why, he's pretty much carrying BJJ in the UFC at this point.

  14. Give it a week and they will change it hopefully. Maybe they are doing this to setup the Islam fight since Charles didn't look interested. Khabib and Islam seem like a tough matchup for Charles because they are always about control and position. So he would have less opportunities. I would still think he can pull it off though.

  15. heartbroken over Gaethjes loss but so happy for Oliviera! Hes an inspiration and I respect tf out of him. I wish Khabib was still fighting, what a match that would have been.

  16. I would say similar to bj Penn vs gsp. Dominant wrestler negates the jujitsu and Charles is so happy to go to the ground.

  17. 100%. Nothing but respect for me tonight, he is definitely the man at 1:55 right now. I will not doubt him again. Very impressive.

  18. I lost $100 dollars and i ain't even mad. Charles deserves to be the champion and he will be again.

  19. DoBronx was all business, exchanged with Justin took hits and went super saiyan and started smoking Justin at the end. Great fight

  20. Feel like the rage of being denied his belt by that bs scale fiasco made him come out with that fire under his ass. Charles might have surpassed Edgar as having the best heart of all time.

  21. As soon as he dropped Justin, you knew it was over. Olivera's ground game is insane. Justin was hitting him with some bombs early and I thought "uh-oh". Charlie's chin is solid, he is fucking serious trouble for anyone right now. I was crazy impressed.

  22. This is pure delusion if you actually believe this. During the time Khabib was champion nobody was talking about Oliveira.

  23. ???? Bruh I hate this narrative, because Charles wasn't near when Khabib was fighting + Khabib's father passed away

  24. Hope he starts some legal action to get back his 30% of his purse and also the ppv points. That weigh in was some rinky dink nonsense, UFC scale out of whack/commission holding the weigh ins against their own laws.

  25. I can understand why they stripped him of his belt and even find It a little bit funny but the man is a beast. He deserves the same love that other superstars in the sport do bcs guy is consistent as fuck (and no matter that he's not the champ anymore, the fans deserve to see a prime charles vs Islam)

  26. Really happy Charles won. Now we can speculate about the "what if he fought Khabib" etc.

  27. Took him long enough to be a champ. I'm sure someone's gonna have to kill him to take that belt from him. God I hope he doesn't pop for PEDs. Anderson Silva destroyed his GOAT image with that for me.

  28. Gaethe looked wild. He was going for bombs, some connected some were big misses which wasn't good. Idk man where's he go next? But Oliveira is the man for sure. Sucks about the weight issue

  29. I will never be the guy who claimed to have thought a certain outcome would happen without actually saying it first…but I fuckin’ kneeew it! I like Justin but the primary weapon in his arsenal is being a hard hitter and i think that’s about it. There was never a single doubt in my mind that one of the best submission guys out there would….I don’t know…. submit him? Even with all of the weigh-in, title stripping hubaloo…did we think there would be any other outcome?

  30. After all the mind games and adversity from yesterday, I'm so happy for Charles! Other people might not handle stress that way, that man channeled it into a super power.

  31. Yea he’s dope and the champ, can we stop saying this “the champ has a name” shit, it’s so god damn lame. Lol

  32. Heaviest hands? Not even close. Charles does just as much if not more damage with his strikes. The difference is that he’s not wildly swinging all the time like the retard Gaethje.

  33. Straight bullshit what the UFC is doing to this man. Arguably on route to overtaking khabib with how impressive his fights are. Fucked him over for the belt, didn’t do anything to rectify it. Took a fuck load of money off him and now we have to wait in limbo for the rightful champ to get his belt back. Smh.

  34. Not the heaviest hands in history, maybe the most technical hands ever but let's get real, he's not even top 3 heaviest hands in lightweight

  35. “The champ has a name, and his name is Charles Oliveira.” What a statement. A statement that will probably be remembered for years upon years in the UFC. THE CHAMP HAS A NAME, AND HIS NAME IS CHARLE OLIVEIRA!

  36. Folks really overestimate Gaethje’s power. He can crack for sure. But he is not the legendary power puncher he’s made out to be.

  37. Never having watched any kind of sport before, I bought ESPN+ and 274 just to see this fight and see why so many people hail him as the LW champ. It was so amazing and it put into perspective that awful strawweight title fight. If you’re a champ, you show why you’re the champ. My first time seeing Rose fight in that didn’t do any of that for me.

  38. This boy 100% beats Khabib, who’s fought Gaethje, barely beat Poirier, barely beat Conor who was coming off a loss & journeymen

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