Best of luck our Ukrainian friends

  1. Russia is doing everything Germany did before WW2. Claiming "Ukraine shot first, we are just defending ourselves". The world needs to just take the unruly baby we call Russia and stop playing with them. Heavy sanctions agains Russia and reclamation of Ukraninan territory.

  2. What's spooky is, this could very well be the last days before what turns into another major war develops. People sitting around before WWI and II certainly knew there was a chance for conflict, but very few predicted what would actually develop. And I'm not talking about a nuclear war, but rather an escalating ground war throughout Eastern Europe. This is a bad scenario, it's easy to escalate and already is.

  3. Germans also annexed parts of Czechia to protect German speaking minority there. Putin is just using all Hitlers old tricks. I wonder if Biden will be a modern Chamberlain too.

  4. I'd go and fight with my Ukranian brothers against the Russian horde, if my country weren't on the other side of the planet.

  5. Yeah, they actually murdered a lot of people and dressed them up in polish uniforms to make it look like the Poles "assaulted" the German border. Putin's playbook follows Hitler's very closely.

  6. Because german military culture is very very different after the WWs, you don't see army recruiters going from school to school, people would loose their fucking mind thinking it's wartime again. Likewise it's also really weird to see huge foreign military bases right next to your house...

  7. Not so creative. But, apparently, still works. They fake Ukrainian aggression with retarded level of quality and it is still enough for most Russian people to believe that it is all true. And there are people outside of Russia who could believe (just because of big numbers rule).

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