Fighters of the Legion called "Freedom of Russia", in which former Russian soldiers are fighting on the side of Ukraine, captured their compatriots.

  1. Mark Twain famously said, "Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it."

  2. Correct translation: Russki, blyad, suka, Russki, blyad, suka, Russki, blyad, suka, Russki, blyad, suka, Russki, blyad, suka.

  3. Thanks for the translation. It's a bit hard for me to know how believable this is when they're kicking people who are in the same situation they were in. I imagine its very possible that Russian soldiers could switch sides in this war but feel like they would be well aware of what it's like to be inside Russia and it's army too with all the gas lighting and disinformation about Ukranians.

  4. Best thing these patriots can do is let the captives go back to their units. 2 Pows mean nothing in military gains, but two infiltrators spreading the message to join the Patriots and save Russia? That is a huge fucking win.

  5. Guy standing to the guy on the guy, furious: "You're Russian? You're no Russian, you're Putin's buttboy!!"

  6. I also think the Freedom of Russia guy wants the Putin slave to break free, and knows the only way to do so is to tell him how he's dead wrong for believing in Putin and shaming him for committing atrocities in Putin's name at the detriment of both Ukraine and Russia.

  7. Good for them. If anyone needs liberation it's Russians from Putin. Let them actually pick their own leader instead of fake elections.

  8. Freedom is pricey, but it's probably worth it: can you imagine living under oppression or immorality, regrets? Guys like these are hope for their homeland. I wish them success, if not in the near future, then at least some day. May their forces grow stronger.

  9. Hopefully the Russians can shame the Ruzzians enough for what they've done that they actually feel bad for flying Z's everywhere.

  10. This ought to be the only form of atonement allowed to Russian soldiers other than death or imprisonment if possible.

  11. Many are poor kids whose limited options includes this. These aren’t oligarch and politicians kids. This is not justification of war crimes.

  12. Now these Russian soldiers i like. It is so easy to hate all Russians right now, lord knows i am guilty of it, especially after all the war crimes. But then i see stuff like this and it reassures me that not all Russians are evil Orcs. A lot of them fighting against Putin.

  13. I think a couple of hundred, but it's hard to know for sure. If I remember correctly, it was formed by a whole unit of ~100 Russians that defected very very early in the war.

  14. This is true Russians. And there is hope, that more and more will stand against Putins regime. Look at Shevchuk concert, a lot of people cheered, when he spoke against war and Putin

  15. Even though you're obviously not wrong, it's way easier to say while sitting in front of monitor with a hot cup of tea.

  16. They captured Russian soldiers on Ukrainian soil, and are trying to shame them for simping for Putin.

  17. I am reminded of friezes of Ancient Egyptians and Greeks and Polyphesains, etc. where the victor is always shown with his feet on his defeated foe. Mankind becomes more sophisticated in some ways, but not in many.

  18. What are they supposed to do according to you? Theyre PoWs, there are laws that the UAF strictly follows about that, these guys included.

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