Congress likely to give Ukraine MORE than $38 billion Biden requested

  1. I can literally watch, at any time of the day, videos online that show my tax dollars at work. Can't really say that for any other tax spending. Spend 5% of our defence budget to completely annihilate an adversary that we currently spend 50% of our defence to stay prepared to defend from? That sounds like a 90% discount to me. Excellent investment IMO.

  2. Not to mention the US can also observe and analyze how well their weapons work in action thanks to the Russian army for providing real dummies.

  3. Yeah it's been a great PR move by Ukraine to post all these videos for our consumption sitting comfortably in our warm houses. Small price for Ukraine to pay, but we get to enjoy watching them win and that's what matters, that they win!

  4. Exactly. I have zero issue with my tax dollars going to Ukraine. Maybe once russias done with we can start spending more on things we need here (I can dream)

  5. I'm practically a socialist but I cannot think of a better value for our tax pounds than in arming Ukraine, keeping her people warm and healthy and being ready to invest heavily in her economy to all the better welcome her into a brotherhood of nations when her land is once again secure and at peace from the invader. She's taught me that evil doesn't always win, and that's worth a lot in my book. Better yet thanks to modern technology, clever strategy and admirable restraint she's shredding a war machine without having to target a civilian population. As for Russia, save for a few brave souls and partisans out there derailing trains and being jailed for anti-war protests, I have nothing but contempt.

  6. While I am 500% in favor of spending whatever it takes to make Ukraine free of Orcs; to be clear a 10:1 ROI is actually pretty terrible for government spending. Spending on education and science R&D has a much higher (think 100:1) return, which is why rightists block it.

  7. It would be more interesting to see in what materials those billions will materialize. We could really use something that can shoot further than 70km.

  8. If we are serious in supplying air-defense, then this has to happen. You guys need to be able to respond and take out the positions that fire rockets at you. Even if they are in belarus or russia

  9. I’m not always proud of my country lately, but, fuck yeah to The US and Biden! Get it done before McCarthy throws a wrench in everything! Slava Ukraini 🇺🇦🇺🇦

  10. I think there are certain elements in the GOP that don't want Russia degraded because oligarchs have been supportive of them in the past, unfortunately.

  11. Since Kevin McCarthy will be the House leader he can just refuse to bring up aid to Ukraine for a vote. That is why this lame duck session will vote for 38 billion.

  12. Senators who are on the record as opposing aid to Ukraine, who voted NAY on the last major appropriation package, or who have explicitly stated they oppose aid (Vance, R-OH specifically):

  13. Republicans aren't being fed money anymore, so that'll happen. Hell, the lend-lease needed full support months ago, and that happened.

  14. Needs to happen now because when Spineless Kevin Mac and his band of incompetents take over the house they're going to go full throttle on making America fail

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  16. This is an excellent use of my tax dollars and saves American lives from further Russian invasions. No partisan games, this is the best bargain this century. Our excess gear in the hands of determined fighters defending against a dementedly criminal bunch of monsters committed to war crimes.

  17. Hopefully the republicans see how badly biden has done regarding weapons sent to protect the civilian infrastructure and also the longer range weapons.

  18. I'd argue that Jim Bridenstine and his support of commercial space launch providers (especially the legendary

  19. No election so no need to push that nonsense that it effects inflation anymore. I hope nobody was so unbelievably stupid as to believe that disgusting lie that the reds pushed

  20. $38 billion to potentially not have to do a red flag exercise anymore and maybe future joint exercise with ukraine? Win to me.

  21. Watch this video to understand the true motive of the invasion. If it's not stopped then it'll become a much bigger and unstoppable problem down the road.

  22. The Baltics, Poland and Norway have a higher %GDP donation. USA is in sixth as %GDP, virtually tied with the UK.

  23. I'm sure the Ukrainians appreciate $100 billion from the US if that's a smaller GDP % commitment than the other countries. If Montenegro was contributing it's NATO-mandated 2% of GDP to defense that'd be $116 million. The US contribution will go a lot further than whatever bad faith "US bad" strawman you're trying to promote will.

  24. Other NATO countries took a hit with insane energy prices and hosting millions of our refugees though.

  25. Most of this money is already spent. The materiel we sent Ukraine up until this point was older, warehoused stuff. We didn't send them our latest, greatest, in part because it would have actually incurred new expense, and in part because we didn't want Russia or its few remaining allies to gain any insight into our cutting edge technology should the equipment be captured. That having been said, the Ukrainian forces have done a spectacular job at using, and improving on what we've given them.

  26. You're not trying to feed the poor. You're not advocating for the US to stop funding anything else. You're just trying to keep money from Ukraine like Putin's little nasty trolls do.

  27. The US federal government spent 182.5 billion on SNAP (aka literally feeding the poor) in FY 2021. Ukraine isn’t getting anywhere near as much funding as a typical year of SNAP benefits.

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