Putin Is Preparing to Flee When Russia Loses War, Ex-Aide Says

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  2. Iran is not looking so stable right now. It's either going to be China or North Korea, or maybe Venezuela as a dark horse option.

  3. NK most likely. They host rich people who committed crime with nice sum of money. Saw it on this Korean TV show, but wouldnt be surprised if it was based on testimonies of NK high ranking defectors.

  4. The article says most likely Venezuela, with a second possibility of Argentina. The lower down on the totem pole people will go to Ecuador.

  5. My guess would be Saudi Arabia. Crown Prince Douchebag has sheltered other dictators such as the Tunisian one. And he likes to piss off Biden.

  6. Italy. Poo-tin likes nicer things, a good climate and already owns a few villas hidden under multiple layers of shell accounts. He will get plastic surgery, a new face, boob implants, hormone therapy and wigs. He'll slip out of the country with a new identity and leave the body of one of his look-a-likes in the bunker.

  7. “Heeheee, it’s the one place, they wont think to look for me, I outsmarted them, so in a way, if you think about it, I won the war in Ukraine! You’ve done it again, ol poots”

  8. The rumor mill around Putin has been so ridiculous since the war started. Half a dozen deadly diseases "confirmed by a doctor that saw a photo of him once", he was hiding in 10 different bunkers/villas at the same time and assassins can't wait to kill him at a moments notice.

  9. Read the article. If the source is to be believed, the plan for this right-wing dictator is to seek refuge from the left-wing dictator in Venezuela. Left or right, dictators are dictators.

  10. A secret bunker, with his most loyal people. Not sure what he plans to do there, other than just die akin to what a cat does- find a place behind the couch to settle in and, you get the rest.

  11. I seriously believe he has no spot to hide on this planet. USA, Ukraine and others have the motivation and tech to liquidate him.

  12. Venezuela. Hope they know Spanish or are they going to force the population to start speaking ruzzian? Trying to overthrow German government. That went well. Lol

  13. This is exactly why Snowden got citizenship. Russia might capitulate, but not even France extradites to the US, so it is very unlikely that Russia will ever extradite their own citizens to the US. Russia joining NATO is infinitely more likely.

  14. I'm sure he can be acquired/eliminated if he comes to South America just need a Spec Ops team to sneak in to the country and either eliminate him out or take him away. No need to get the governments permission. What's the worst those countries can do, whine?

  15. I don't buy it. This sounds like an info op to weaken him further. Putin does seem like the type to go down with the ship, trying to take everyone with him. He will probably be shot while reaching for the nuke button.

  16. The hilarious part is that whatever unethical country he goes to will accept the money transfers from putin into their national bank, freeze it for themselves when he arrives and sell him of to interested parties.

  17. The only decent thing left for him to do is end his useless life. Even though he's old and dying I think he will still try to run and hide.

  18. Today it will be impossible for putin and his friends to hide anywhere safely. Ukraine will build its own international revenge force and will use every weapon available to retaliate. Fortunately all russians are open to and willing to accept bribes. Poor little putin will not live a year after he goes.

  19. Flee where? He can only be overthrown by his own people who need to eliminate him to solidify their rule. What countries would provide safe heaven for Putin against both Russia and the West?

  20. I bet my left nut that Putin will never ever admit defeat and the only way for Putler to stop this war is by being killed or dying form an illness.

  21. Let's be real here, he won't be held truly responsible, or at lest not in the way we wish. He will either life the rest of his days comfortably in a hidden bunker, or avoid justice by a way of bullet in the head like so many before him. Both are fine with me, he can still be sentenced in absentia.

  22. I was thinking this slightly plausible until I got to the part about Argentina. That just smacks of made up, to draw parallels to the Nazis fleeing there after WW2. I'll gladly admit I could be wrong, but I have a feeling this is fake.

  23. If there is any credibility to the list of medical conditions he is currently experiencing it is likely that he would not survive (long) after such a relocation.

  24. Ah yes, Argentina, the holiday of nazis fleeing justice. of course, we all know putler will not leave russia alive if he tried

  25. Putin will be a wanted war criminal for atrocities and crimes against humanity and will be hunted down like the dog he is. He thinks he will be safe in Venezuela or Argentina should he even make it that far, he's got another thing coming. His many billions won't be enough to save his miserable life.

  26. I find it very unlikely he's even in Russia right now, or if he is, he has to be hiding far, far away, deep in some bunker somewhere

  27. He knows no matter how deep the hole he has built to escape his comeuppance the russia people will dig for months if they have to to get to him. He really does need to escape russia to a more friendly climate, possibly like the nazis the deep south of america, but like the nazis he will be found no matter how much plastic surgery he has done.

  28. The people around him know what is going on and their best chance of escape is to help secure refuge for Putin and then ride his coattails to Venezuela.

  29. Venezuela, of course. Dictators on the left are not any different from dictators on the right. They're all just psychopaths.

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