Britain's supply disruption hits Greggs' vegan sausage rolls

  1. I reckon the Government should pre-emptively send the Army into "The North" to swiftly put down the rioting which much surely be inevitable now.

  2. Most of us here in 'the north' will quickly switch back to sausage rolls, I believe it has a lower meat content.

  3. I miss the greasy flaky textured brown salt chew. It might not sound it from my description, but I’m being sincere. It was the perfect hangover cure.

  4. It makes me wonder how much this is a press release to get non-vegan Brexiteers to rush into the stores to 'support' Greggs. They were sold out the two times I tried to buy them in my local store at around 3-4pm.

  5. I've only been in Greg's twice since they axed the steak and cheese roll.... probably for the best on balance, no diet is improved by daily steak, cheese and pastry

  6. LONDON, Nov 17 (Reuters) - British baker and fast-food chain Greggs' (GRG.L) has warned its vegan sausage roll was the latest product to succumb to supply chain disruption.

  7. My local greggs was shut on Sunday, I wanted sausage rolls and a box of yum yums, sign in the window “due to transport issues we’ve decided to close this store today”

  8. Oh well, the general population will be healthier, since vegan food is mostly an excuse to pack with sugar, soya and grain. Non of which is healthy.

  9. Will anyone notice? I tried one and it had even less taste than other Greggs products, which is an achievement in itself.

  10. It tastes identical. If you can notice a difference in how they taste then you should probably submit yourself for scientific research because you have some superhuman abilities.

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