Lobsters, octopus and crabs recognised as sentient beings

  1. Great work. Now we just need to push for people on Universal Credit to get the same distinction from this government.

  2. Jokes aside, nonhuman animals endure unimaginable suffering and the inconveniences people living off of benefits experience is incomparable. Clean UC of people who dont deserve it and there will be plenty.

  3. Why not just stay away from anything that has nerves? Once you've got rid of all animal products, why not just exclude bivalves too? Just in case. I'm always surprised at what animals with such tiny brains can do, such as the complex problems bees can solve and then communicate the answers to their fellow bees. Even just a small collection of neurons can do surprising amounts of stuff and throughout the history of the study of animal cognition people just continuously underestimate the cognitive abilities of animals and then end up being proven wrong. Literally time after time people point at a species and say, "Ok, this species is too simple to do X thing" and then shortly after it turns out that the species can do it. Then people say, "Ok they can do X but they can't do Y", then it turns out they can do that too. So to be safe, and since I can't be bothered to do a literature review on bivalve sentience, I just don't eat them. Its no hassle to not eat them.

  4. I don't eat them or use them in any way. I don't know the answer to which animals or creatures are sentient and which I shouldn't eat because it causes pain in a same or similar way to us. So I don't eat it judt in case, also because I don't need it and because I want to do better for thr environment. I think if scientists are inclined to say they are sentient then how can i decline that.

  5. Well it's known they feel pain and I'm worried this won't stop people boiling them alive as I'm not sure that's been outlawed(?)

  6. I don't know about other vegans but I believe crude consciousness is present in everything as a fundamental component of base reality (panpsychism) separate from perception and sentience which requires higher order coupling. Bi valves react to stimulus so they have at least a form of crude perception going on. Knowing they're also derived from evolution, this perception probably is accompanied with crude pleasure/pain as well.

  7. What's this? Is this the word 'octopus' being used as a plural? For God's sake isn't the situation bad enough already?

  8. This is really good news. I hadn’t thought much about decapod crustaceans but it’s really obvious that cephalopods have a very, very high level of intelligence. Especially considering the fact that they’re usually asocial and due to reproductive methods have no overlapping of generations between parent and child to allow for development of advanced social behaviour which tends to lead to advanced intelligence levels.

  9. Some octopuses have 9 brains (a main one, and one for each tentacle). Being an octopus must be like permanently living with your inlaws.

  10. It's really interesting how different they approach manual tasks than us. Their main brain and tentacles work together rather than the action being initiated from the brain like us. It would be like your hands being partially independent.

  11. I understand having octopus and squid etc. in this classification due to their remarkable intelligence but lobsters and crabs? I don’t see much ethical distinction between killing a crab and swatting a fly, in terms of their intelligence and capacity for suffering.

  12. No one is saying don't kill a crab, they're saying they feel pain and perceive their own suffering. When you "swat" a fly you're not doing it over several minutes. It's pretty instant for a fly.

  13. The majority of the country pays for sentient animals to be tortured, have their babies stolen, and have their throats cut, literally every day of their lives (all whilst destroying the world's last remaining patches of nature too). You lot act like you care about animal suffering, but it's only when it's not you causing the suffering. Pretty much every one of you pays for animals to be tortured (if you don't believe me, watch a documentary called Dominion).

  14. They also recognised all animals with a backbone as sentient, so like most land animals if im not correct

  15. This reminds me that we apparently fish a lot of squid, but most people in the UK rarely eat it despite it being delicious... what a shame

  16. Yeah what a shame we don't murder even more sentient beings. Such a shame we aren't causing more animals to suffer and disrupting even more ecosystems. How sad.

  17. Next they will tell me that I should consider a sentient being also our current Secretary of State for Culture and Media

  18. So, if all goes the govs way this week, these shellfish have more of a right to exist than a Public NHS....

  19. I am of the firm belief that Octopi (spelling?) are of a different alien strain than us so I'm all for this. They should include squid and molluscs.

  20. Anything as exquisite as lobster must have been made to eat. That said, I've always though boiling crustaceans alive has to be cruel. The way Americans steam crabs is even worse. I have an old recipe book that says to put a live lobster in a large saucepan of water and bring slowly to the boil. Always made me shudder.

  21. We’re boiling sentient beings that can feel pain. What difference does them being a lobster make? If anything, basic animal rights such as these should be wayyyy up on that list. Makes our problems feel a bit trivial really

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