Is it your ‘human right’ to access theatres and nightclubs if you’ve not been jabbed?

  1. It’s also the nightclubs’ and theatres’ right to deny service to people who are likely to be carrying infectious disease.

  2. It's their right to deny anyone entry for any reason as long as it's not because they have protected characteristics. They can deny you entry because you're wearing trainers.

  3. If they cared about the infection disease, wouldn't they be asking for proof of negative tests in the last 48 hours and not proof of vaccination?

  4. So..l anyone then? This vaccine does not stop you catching, carrying or passing on covid (6 fully vaccinated people in our office recently caught it from another fully vaccinated colleague)… your argument holds no weight.

  5. I support businesses deciding for themselves if they want to demand proof of vaccination but I don't support the government forcing them all to do it by making it a legal requirement.

  6. If you have a negative test and don't have the illness, why can't you be let in? People with the vaccine can and have still been spreading it.

  7. By the logic of simple likelyhood, the vaccinated shouldn't be let in. COVID cases per 100,000 in the vaccinated are higher than the unvaccinated in most age groups over 18

  8. Heard on Radio 5 the reason for bouncers not letting you in is that they think you may be too drunk and very few drunk people would agree, so they use something arbitrary like wearing the wrong shoes or the wrong flavour of Lynx

  9. This is the problem though. It won't be left to each venue to decide. Scotland shows us the venues rightly loathe the whole business.

  10. That would be the common sense way of doing things but that's not what we have. These business must have this policy and must check your papers or the state will force the business closed

  11. This article is correct that you don't have a legal right to access society and have a life regardless of your medical history, but there's a pretty strong ethical argument that coercive measures like that are a bad idea.

  12. Is it proportianate is the best question any one has asked in 19 months. Even the creators of the vaccine dont pretend it stops the spread. Where this idea has come from that people are killing your grandma by choosing not to get vaccinated is entirely false. The division these vaccinations are creating are entirely intentional.

  13. Rights are always based on a relationship to society. It's always balanced. That's why you have the right to demand a reason to be fired, bit you don't have the right to set fire to people's things.

  14. I'm not saying your overall point is wrong, but your employer doesn't have to give you a reason for firing you - they might have to compensate you if the firing is unfair, but that's not strictly the same thing. This is also a statutory provision rather than a "

  15. It not even your human right to get into a nightclub full stop... Fucking hell half the time you don't even get told why your not getting in on that particular night

  16. it's not a "conspiracy theory" and you have to be pretty naive to not feel suspect of the digital trap that is clearly closing around us

  17. IMO it's not a human right however we are definitely on a slippery slope to fascism when the state dictates one class of individuals are more worthy than another....last year we are 'clapping for carers' this year we are sacking them if they refuse to be vaccinated!. Despite being vaccinated having no bearing on transmission.

  18. I agree with this sentiment. It's effectively state coercion by punishing people for choosing to not be vaccinated. Either mandate vaccination and create vaccine passports, or don't do it at all.

  19. You're confusing rights and privileges. I would argue the right to work, access to food, water, affordable healthcare, and the ability to never use it by keeping fit and healthy are inaliable rights. Freedom of movement, practice of religion, hobbies, clubbing, socialising, etc are all privileges.

  20. If I have a human right to access a theatre while not double jabbed. I have the same right if I haven't complied with other restraints such as l; After the show has started, when it is closed and when I haven't paid.

  21. Their human right to what exactly? If you go to a theatre with a cold or to anywhere with any communicable illness are you violating the rights of everyone around you?

  22. So if the chances of getting it are lessened, the peak viral load is lessened and the length of time you stay infected is lessened, how are the transmission rates the same?

  23. Human rights for asylum seekers risking their lives in the channel - no ta. Human rights for us to go see a show - yes please. Just UK priorities.

  24. So what about every communicable disease, someone with a cold could spread it by leaving their house and going to the shops or participating in society. Being unvaccinated is not being unsafe, it is a risk to that person and not others. Your human rights are also not affected by unvaccinated people.

  25. Agreed. When I've had an absolute skin full, it is my god given human right to access a night club, even if I cannot stand and I have kebab down my shirt.

  26. Nice to see someone bringing that point up. Performers are freelance, so they don't get sick pay. In a big theatre they might be at a safe distance from the audience, but if you're in a small venue and there's some covid-carrying antivaxxer having a good cough in the front row you won't stand a chance of avoiding it.

  27. Same people who complain that their rights are being taken away in mask mandates will say that we need to scrap the human rights act because we can't let refugees die.

  28. They can deny you entry based on your choice of footwear, they definitely should deny people entry if they are a public health hazard.

  29. On top of other arguments do premises not have a duty of care for their patrons and staff? Wilfully letting unvaccinated people in would surely violate that?

  30. Next up - "Is it your 'human right' to burn down theatres and nightclubs with hundreds of people inside if you really, really want to?"

  31. Doesn't the fact being vaccinated doesn't stop you catching or spreading the virus make the argument for "covid passports" redundant?

  32. My worry is what’s next? It’s a slippery slope and while I believe you should be double vaxxed, who is the government and private enterprise to police what you put in your body

  33. Being unvaccinated is a threat to anyone around you with immunity problems, chronic illnesses, medical problems that prevent them being able to be vaccinated themselves, those taking immunosuppressants and many more reasons I’m sure a doctor could give you

  34. The human rights bill covers a lots of things but not that. So if the government decide to say u can’t attend a concert, night club or theater if u don’t have proof of jab or booster they have the right to do so. Just like they did with the polio vaccine in the 70s or the MMR jab after that.

  35. How long until a LBC presenter snaps, goes on a brutally honest rant and cusses these people out.

  36. I've heard a few of their presenters going on a brutally honest rant about the idiocy of antivaxxers and general quacks.

  37. "Human Rights" is a myth. It's something we tell ourselves so we feel better about the crappy world we live in, just a platitude to distract us from the harsh truths of life.

  38. It is your responsibility to be blackmailed into medical treatment to protect those that have refused to seek medical treatment.

  39. By this logic it's a "human right" to also release mustard gas into these venues during your visit But only if some people have gasmasks.

  40. It's my right to be able to go to these places without fear I'm going to become seriously ill, or make those around me seriously ill. It's my responsibility to take all possible precautions to achieve that, and it's the responsibility of others too. Fed up of treating idiots with kid gloves

  41. It’s not, but I’d say it is once you’ve had one jab, mandating anything past 1-2 is overstepping in my view. The boosters seem to grow more and more each day considering “booster” started off as a third for the elderly.

  42. It's not a person's human right to intentionally expose others to danger without prevention being taken.

  43. True, for that you need to think beyond yourself, say to the person/company you're looking at and think: Can I demand them to serve me even if they don't want to? But these idiots fail at the first hurdle, they do not think beyond themselves.

  44. We should be banning the unvaccinated from everything not just nightclubs! In particular all medical treatment should be reserved for those who actually follow medical advice.

  45. Medical advice is also not to drink in excess of 2 units per day but people who do still receive treatment, so should drinking be banned too?

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