Sue Gray report delayed 'probably for many weeks' as Met probes No10 parties

  1. Hahaha. This is amazing. So, after denying that the police needed to be involved because of Sue Gray... He now has seen what Sue Gray has to say and involves the Police in order to delay the publication of her report!

  2. Honestly, there is no way he should be PM or in a position of any responsibility at all, but as a person who was always a bit of a bullshitter, I have to tip my cap to him. He’s never fucking level.

  3. I do wonder if that will push the tories who were going to be polite and wait for the report into action. I think we could be in for an interesting PMQ's

  4. I just can't decide whether this has become a Kafka novel combined with a Philip K. Dick dystopia, or we landed in just some standard issue Balkan politics.

  5. I saw a quote yesterday from someone who saw the report that they "don't see how he will still be PM by the end of the week". It's roughly third hand news so take it with a pinch of salt. But to delay the report must mean it's pretty damning.

  6. It speaks volumes about the lack of laws governing our leadership, they can get away with anything and that is worrying

  7. So No. 10 gets to kick the ball down the road and the Met will just drag their feet until the Covid laws expire.

  8. The covid laws expire 3 years after the evidence of infraction is first brought to the attention of the authorisies i believe? So they have until after the next general election to drag their feet, potentially.

  9. The year is 2100. No-one remembers who Sue Gray was, or whether Sue Gray ever existed at all, but the weekly tradition of delaying the Sue Gray report continues.

  10. The political ceremony gets underway, and PM Johnson The Immortal will continue his reign for an undetermined number of months.

  11. To be fair, criminal investigations get dropped all the time because of a lack of evidence. Using ignorance of the law as a reason to drop one is almost unheard of though. That's not a valid legal defense.

  12. If you believed in conspiracies you could say that Dick was told to start an investigation by Patel in order to delay the Sue Gray Report.

  13. Most investigations into this offence were closed 5 minutes after it opened with a fixed penalty notice. I'm guessing this won't be the same

  14. I'm not convinced that government supporters replacing "we're waiting for findings of the Sue Gray report" with "we're waiting for the conclusions of the police investigation" is much of an upgrade.

  15. Polling already showing rebounding because as eggs it eggs when push comes to shove nobody ain't voting for Starmer or Labour.

  16. Just shows how corrupt everything is. It’ll probably be years if this ever sees the light of day. It’s too convenient to be true, the whole system is rotten to the core. Government. Media. Police. Civil servants.

  17. If there's a *police investigation* going on at the very highest level of government, it's probably time to call a general election. Someone write that into the rule book.

  18. I’m just going to start calling this fucking prick Neo for the amount of bullets he keeps dodging. Fuck this guy man.

  19. The other thing that no one is taking into account is that there may well be other ministers and m.p's who will also be implicated. Richy was on top form on the tequila slammers drinking them long after Dommy and Mickey gove had passed out on the floor while Liz Truss applied a lipstick cock and balls onto their foreheads.

  20. This gives plenty of time for rhe police to say there is nothing they can do (it's the British police right so unless it's investigating what someone wrote on twitter they are utterly useless) and for public attention to shift elsewhere. Its a house of card type move. Genius.

  21. I’m curious if this delay is just to give them a chance to see what they can get away with leaving out of her report

  22. I wonder weather the goodlaw projects case had anything to do with the met investigating.

  23. You could hear it in the statement that they won't be giving regular updates basically fuck off we'll just let you know whenever it's convenient.

  24. It will get delayed and pushed back and delayed until borris is gone and our new not corrupt PM does a reshuffle then it will quietly come out on a Sunday just before the newest big news story of the week explodes all over the media

  25. Lets face it Boris is hoping for a Russia invasion so it take the spotlight off him... Delaying tactics. I am sure the Con's have requested to be investigated by the Met Police.

  26. How convenient, I'm looking forward to hearing Boris reply to Keir tomorrow with" I won't discuss anything related to the ongoing a police investigation"

  27. Im thinking with all the ukraine news im hearing at the moment why is this so important? I get that the government are absolute dicks for this but surely the possibility impending war is more important than tabloid scandals.

  28. You should really get a job mate, instead of posting all that nonsense here. I'm sure it's very entertaining for you but your contribution to society is disappointing, for sure.

  29. Oh you again. You assured me the tories would lead in the polls again and all this would be forgotten by the end of January. How's that going for you then?

  30. What's vile in this is how many people Boris has convinced into cheerleading blatant corruption and criminal activity.

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