Council house tenant loses legal battle over mouldy home

  1. I won't speak to the article here, but to the problem itself. Damp and mold is fucking horrible in a house, but it can be kept in check with lifestyle habits. I spent a lot of time looking into this in a place I lived, as it was horrible and for anyone suffering from it can be horrible for physical and mental health, so if you're inclined to listen I'll speak of what I know on the topic.

  2. We have excellent ventilation in our bathroom and yet the ceiling is constantly turning black because our landlord will not put insulation in the loft directly above. There's fuck all we can do about it. Ours is not a "lifestyle" issue and neither are many other cases.

  3. Thanks so much for this. I have one area in my house, in the front bedroom all along the exterior/front facing wall where we tend to get mould. I'll need to check the insulation along there in the loft and ensure there's more ventilation.

  4. Thats the first thing out of council surveyors mouths. Until you tell them that one of the councils engineers, told us it's a problem with the outside of the block. Condensation, condensation, condemnation more likely.

  5. What I don’t get is this. So we rented for two years. Black mould wouldn’t go away. Tried everything, clean it, dehumidifier open windows etc, wouldn’t go away. We were blamed for it to the cows came home wrote to my MP he refused to help.

  6. Had the worst mould years ago in a house in Southampton, landlord refused to do anything about it, I ended up in hospital multiple times because of lung infections

  7. When I was in my caravan, I was getting water raining on to be one morning, but it wasn't raining - it turned out the previous owner had unscrewed a small vent, about 10cm x 5cm, and screwed it back on with bubble wrap in it - after I undid that, virtually no more condensation in the bedroom. It was all condensation, the whole ceiling was previously getting covered in it.

  8. For fuck's sake. As someone who dealt with mould, which was my own fault as I didn't know not to stack stuff against the walls and let the walls breath. Mould fucking sucks. BUT if it's not caused by tenant and they have evidence that they did everything they could to prevent it, this is bullshit. I hate that fit for habit isn't deemed worth making legal. Why not just shit in our food supply then take 99% of our wages whist they are at it?

  9. Our HA bungalow would be black as your hat inside if we didn't keep on top of the mould. The bathroom and kitchen have proper extractor fans so we don't get much there but the bedroom has two outside walls, no cavity insulation and we found terrible mould behind furniture. We got rid of the divan bed and bought a cheap metal fame bed, same with the desk, replaced it with one with an open metal frame. Moved other furniture away from outside walls and cleaned all the mould with proper mold remover. We feel much more healthy in their now.

  10. Good lord. Buy a dehumidifier. Buy some bleach. Move the furniture around to promote airflow. Keep the door closed after a shower. Stop asking society to wipe your ass.

  11. Yeah I kinda feel that when someone is given heavily subsidised housing for life, it wouldn't hurt them to look after it a bit.

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