Staring on public transport: 'His eyes were glued on me'

  1. Did you read the story? The poster are just asking people not to be dick heads. And there is already public order offences for the example described. “Staring is not illegal - but intrusive staring of a sexual nature that causes harassment, alarm or distress can be classed as a Public Order Offence.”

  2. Considering we've been told to stand 2 metres apart for the last couple of years, you'd think people would realise how close it is. Think how annoying or stressful it could get when someone stood too close in a queue during peak covid.

  3. So imagine you've had a hard day, are tired, and are on the subway. You start to zone out and some woman sits on a seat across yours.

  4. I mean if someone is staring at you menacingly then that is already illegal / harrassment. I don't think you need a poster to tell you to worry about literal psychopaths....

  5. The article seems to present the issue in a weird way. It describes a guy looking at a woman on the tube and then following her around a station, and then implies that the part where he was looking at her was the main problem not the part where he was following her around.

  6. I don't think women realise that we (other men) also get intimidated by men sometimes. It sounds like not as often, but it happens, and when it does we have to deal with the situation by either running or fighting.

  7. “Bex says there is a clear difference "between someone [who is] people-watching and somebody looking and staring at you". Jamie Klingler of Reclaim These Streets agrees: "We've all been caught admiring someone's shoes or outfit... but it is the act of staring with intent, which makes [a victim] want to change [their] behaviour, that the posters are trying to tackle."

  8. Bro if you sit in the seat opposite of mine i WILL stare at you because you are sitting directly in front of my line of sight and i ain't moving my head because i am cradling my depression with my arm that supports it. If you want to feel sexually offended over it that's on you!

  9. Maybe it's because I'm blatantly (awaiting an assessment) on the spectrum, but I just don't understand how you can tell the difference between somebody staring at you sexually or staring at you because 'ooo I've not seen that kind of earring before' or something.

  10. You can acknowledge why it's uncomfortable for you, so I'm sure someone who isn't on the spectrum but still stares is aware of their behaviour - but still chooses to act up.

  11. How is staring a someone sexual harrassment?? Weird, creepy, uncomfortable yes, but this would mean every time I've been to Germany I've been sexually harrassed multiple times a day. They love a stare.

  12. The BBC is “manufacturing consent” for new laws to outlaw non-attractive people staring on public transport.

  13. Not just staring - intrusive staring. Just intrusive staring is harassment. It becomes sexual harassment if it is of a sexual nature/sexually motivated. Let’s be real, staring a bloke staring at another bloke for 30 mins is going to get punched.

  14. I was on the tube recently and a lady who had clearly drifted into a day dream was unfortunately staring directly at my crotch the whole time. It's hard for me to recall but it was at least a minute.

  15. Caught a guy doing this to a teenaged girl once, I just stared at him, as soon as he noticed me, he stopped. Made sure he got off the bus before she did as well

  16. Going off the man’s behaviour in this example he’s absolutely going to be convicted of raping a girl in the park in 5 years time.

  17. This happened to me on a German train once and I eventually decided to stare back. After a bit he suddenly turned his head to glare at me as it turned out he just had at least one lazy eye the whole time :(

  18. About time this is made a criminal offence. Speaking from daily experience of harassment staring, it’s disgusting to read these ignorant comments. How about pushing for change to stop women from constantly fearing for their safety and bodily autonomy.

  19. Yep- they start saying it doesn’t exist, then they say it isn’t a problem then they say ‘actually it happens to men more’. So desperate to not actually understand the reality and turn themselves into the victims they get caught up between denying it happens and that it happens but worse for them 🙄

  20. I came here expecting this. Everytime the subject of men being inappropriate comes up, it's just people missing the point and claiming its "wokeness".

  21. Lol I’m forever zoning out on trains, that rhythm and sound is so hypnotic to me. Now I’m going to be super paranoid I’m staring. It’s already bad that while I’m waking to work at 6am I’m legit scared someone is going to think I’m stalking them as I walk to work minding my own business as it is. Never hurt a fly in my life and the worlds making me feel like I’m a danger 🤷🏻‍♂️. But the worlds a messed up place and shit like this really happens so stay safe ppl and let’s all wish for a world where ppl ain’t scared in the first place.

  22. It's official, some people in this country are now .U.S. style: pathetic, bigoted, hypocritical, permanently offended professional victims incapable of dealing with everyday occurances without declaring them sexist and or racist outrages and demandning society change to suit their delusional beliefs and villifying anyone who calls them out for it.

  23. With the proliferation of cctv, facial recognition, body cams, smart phone tracking, smart speakers, dash cams; We clearly don't care if weirdos are following/watching/listening to us, we just don't want to know about it. So maybe people accused of this should be issued dark glasses, or offered a job at apple or the met. (\s, you know, a bit)

  24. I’ve been on the tube & zoned out, staring into space because of the hypnotic , somniferous rhythm of the movement the vehicle. It was only when the train stopped and ‘woke’ me, that I realised I was gazing directly at the lady opposite. I apologised for staring, and she did too, for doing the exact same thing, unintentionally.

  25. I’ve been on the tube & zoned out, staring into space because of the hypnotic , somniferous rhythm of the movement the vehicle. It was only when the train stopped and ‘woke’ me, that I realised I was gazing directly at the lady opposite. I apologised for staring, and she did too, for doing the exact same thing, unintentionally.

  26. It would impossible for the police to enforce this. Especially if the man is partially blind, fully blind and might also be gender neutral or trans

  27. Do you honestly think the police would even try to use the law in those cases though? It seems that there is just a gap in the law that the police would find it helpful to be filled.

  28. So we're gonna get to a point where someone THINKS someone is staring at them, when in reality they're looking at something BEHIND the person, and they're gonna start screaming sexual harassment, just watch.

  29. You hear that goy! You're not even alloud to look, all sexuality is band! All possibility of social interaction must be removed

  30. TFL nanny state garbage. Khan isn’t a law maker . Yes starers are annoying but look the other way or move . If you go to India people will stare at you until the cows come home

  31. Ah yes India a place of blissful gender equality and where women report feeling suuuuper safe, all the time, especially on public transport. Certainly a place we should aspire to be similar too.

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