Junk food: Ministers to delay ban on multi-buy deals

  1. Good. If you want to promote healthiness, subsidise healthy food. Especially when you take into account the strong link between obesity and poverty.

  2. This isn't to do with the cost. It's to do with the psychology. People think they are making purchasing decisions from a place of pure free will but are actually getting played like a fiddle by marketing departments. And now 70% of the country is overweight.

  3. I think that being able to buy multiples (of any thing) at a reduced cost is a good thing, as long as it has a reasonable shelf life. Nothing wrong with a bit of candy occasionally: Just don't binge it and spread it over the week, or month.

  4. If it had anything to do with cost then the obesity crisis would of started in the middle of the 20th century.

  5. Just keep saying cAlOrIeS iN cAlOrIeS oUt and it will solve obesity. No need to harm the junk food industry's profit margins.

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