Russia makes new threats to nuke Britain with Satan-2 hypersonic missile in just 200 seconds and Finland in 10 seconds Defence committee deputy chair made threat as Finland seeks to join Nato

  1. If all nato countries aim for different parts of Russia and hit go, we can nip this all in the bud, and reduce the country to nothing.

  2. Only three out of thirty NATO countries have nuclear weapons, and most of those are in the US. There are 6,000 nuclear weapons in NATO, and the largest is the 1.2 megaton American B-83.

  3. One big problem is that Moscow quite possibly still has what is known as a dead man’s switch in place. It’s a retaliatory system whereby atmospheric sensors detect the pressure from a nuke hit on the city and launch their own nukes automatically in revenge. It makes hitting the capital first a risky tactic as you just don’t know what is in place.

  4. Russia needs to remember that the UK has nuclear weapons of its own. Additionally attacking a NATO member would cause Article 5 to be invoked which would bring an absolute shit storm on Russia.

  5. Sure. If Russia does actually nuke us, I doubt the US, EU, China would take kindly to it. Reeks of just blustering and deflection. That and if they were really going to do it, they wouldn't announce it.

  6. Just a quick scan of the comments / replies shows just how little a lot of folk know about the effects of an escalated nuclear war. Really. Scary. Probably amongst those who have played too many video games and think there is a reset button if it all goes South :)

  7. Whatever your views on Putin, we should be pushing for a negotiated settlement. The longer this war goes on, the more the west makes moves to further anger Russia, the closer we are to something like this actually happening.

  8. Arsecancer Putin thinks he's a hardman by threatening to use these weapons. Tell me: how many Russians does he think would survive retaliatory strikes?

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