Back to the bad old days of the 1990s as recession looms for UK - Inflation is set to jump to 9% this week when official figures are released, and fears of a slump are growing

  1. Nothing makes my belly fizz like my third once-in-a-lifetime financial crisis at 30 years old.

  2. Swapping someone who doesn't care about the economy for someone who doesn't understand it but also thought Brexit was a good idea...

  3. If the rate of inflation keeps going up by 1% every few weeks, we are going to be looking at 20% by the end of the year.

  4. Plus the things that are affected the worst by inflation are the absolute basics. Fuel, energy and food.

  5. Couple that with the disregard with which Wall Street treats retail and Main Street and you have a bailout situation equalling or surpassing 2008 dominoing throughout the world

  6. I don't know; there could be a new variation of Covid that escapes the vaccines and has a high mortality rate; back to lockdown for everyone. That should deal with inflation for a bit!

  7. That would be the only way that this inflation would actually be seriously reported on, it seems.

  8. Ooooh my 1.5% pay increase is really going to make a dent in that. Can’t wait to be a couple of grand worse off

  9. I had a 50p raise about 3 months back, I'd been trying to get any kind of raise up from minimum for two years... minimum wage went up to £9.50 and ate my raise. Another thing my place does that pisses us off is giving up a clocking in bonus by including it in our hourly rate meaning my actual hourly rate is £8.85 and I never see the clocking in bonus... they can't even take it off us if we're late as it takes us below minimum wage...

  10. I wish this sub had a list of the words that get your comments auto shadowbanned. This thread already has an active comment count and none of them are visible.

  11. The sheer amount of horrendous stuff the government has done over the last 11 years, including recently breaking the law and being fined for it and still, people want to vote for them.

  12. Right wing, left wing attached to the same decrepit decaying body. It's a class issue; if you have no money or wealth and are struggling, you're all rowing the same boat. Political divisions are manufactured divisions.

  13. It feels like we are in a bit of a perfect storm and I personally think things will get a lot worse before they improve.

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