If we were sent back to the middle age majority of us wouldn't have anything to contribute

  1. Witch burnings were a early modern era thing. The Catholic Church was pretty firm about magic being fake, and it was the Reformation that broke that consistency more than anything

  2. Doubtful. Getting burned at the stake wasn’t that common. Especially if you’re talking about being burned as a witch. The medieval Catholic Church considered it heresy to believe witches existed.

  3. Okay. Have fun locating lodestone and enough copper to make copper wire, and then turning it into copper wire. And then have fun getting tungsten to make tungsten filaments. Oh and you gotta do a lot more too, so…

  4. This is the real answer. Our bodies aren't ready for giardia water and pease porridge in the pot nine days old. The assault on our immune systems and gut flora would be overwhelming lol

  5. They already knew this back then which is why wine and ale were the main sources of fluids back then

  6. Except whatever diseases they had in the Middle Ages have evolved by now and become stronger. We have successfully fought off the evolved versions, so their less evolved diseases would only make us mildly sick.

  7. If you can read and write you'd be useful, but only if you can read and write in Latin or Arabic. Tbf if you can't speak a relevant Medieval language you'd be fucked well before you were put to work.

  8. Modern Arabic and Arabic from hundreds of years ago are two VERY different versions of the language. I'm not even sure one would be able to understand most of the words used back then.

  9. All I can think of is how much I'll keep touching my thighs only to realize I no longer have a smartphone in this timeline.

  10. I thought about it and if you do have a smartphone with charge left, you could sell it to a local lord for a huge amount of money saying it's a magic game machine from the far east of something. Just make him play whatever game you have installed and bail before the battery runs out.

  11. Plumbers would be kings.. remember the main thing that separates a first world country from a 3rd world country is running water to the house and sewage away..

  12. I'm a craftsman with a history degree who likes camping in the Great North. I hope I'd do okay at least. Definitely have to turn in to the hermit outside town who speaks funny

  13. I’m an industrial designer with lots of mechanical skills relevant to middle age crafts and manufacturing for any purpose. My guild would build the dopest shit.

  14. If you are a talented artist. Create a portrait of a religious leader or lord, promote it to the village to the point where you are allowed an audience with these lords or religious leaders and you will then be hired as a professional artisan. It’s not a super prestigious title but you would be in the same category as a craftsman.

  15. No, they wouldn't, no one would be able to speak the language. In fact historical linguists might stand the best chance but even they probably would be considered dumb and unable to communicate.

  16. Honestly based on how much doctors knew back then I could probably easily be a doctor. They didn’t even know about bacteria then

  17. Yes, basic first aid and hygiene and refusing to bleed patients would make me a great doctor.

  18. Do you think they would believe your ideas? Or would they just burn you, or mock you for saying such silly things.

  19. But what are you going to clean the wound with? Do you know how to make antiseptic or antibiotics? You may know how to clean wounds but can you make the stuff you need to clean it with?

  20. There have been attempts to recreate certain medical “recipes” from the Middle Ages that were discovered to have formed colonies with antibiotic qualities. So your medical knowledge may not be as novel to them as you think!

  21. What I came to say. I got a Biochemistry bachelors and have no doubt knowledge of bacteria, virus', general health, physiology, even being able to draw on literature and philosophy hundreds of years advanced would jump start scientific progress.

  22. As long as you have good teeth and smell good you probably could be a high class concubine. I would die outside in the field during work in the winter.

  23. Nah, instead of people arguing about who discovered Calculus first, the father of Calculus would be forever known as ahangrywombat.

  24. The post said Middle Ages, not 1700s. If you discovered calculus in the Middle Ages, they’d probably execute you for being a witch

  25. This is a sick response. Mathematicians would probably change the world the most, if they aren’t put to death that is ;)

  26. The average science major could absolutely destroy the mind of mathematicians back then. So much basic shit we take for granted now was be revolutionary back in the days

  27. Not gonna lie. Making beer and other alcohol drinks is very useful, since it contains a lot of energy that you can use for later. Also good for a harsh winter. So anyone that is permanently drunk in the winter, just know he's trying to survive! :P

  28. So you’ll show up significantly taller and stronger than the average person and with fantastic teeth which means you’re some foreign royalty. As soon as you can learn the language in a basic way, you’re fine. There’s so much you can do with basic info and not be a witch. Again, you’ve got your whole life to do this. It doesn’t need to be in a day. Blend in, do something cool and make a niche for yourself. Even if you can’t read the language, if you’re in Europe you’ll be able to sound things out and they’ll know you’re educated. So you’ll likely be send to the nearest lord and they’ll explain that you’re an educated person from far away and they’ll teach you their language and ask you to scribe for them. From there, you’ve got a cushy untouchable job with food security and literal security.

  29. There are tons of historical re-enactments in my area (whether year-round military history towns or renaissance faires) that would find a lot of worth in having a primary source to talk at events, so I disagree on the grounds that if I was transported into the distant future, I could be a tour guide for the, idk, Turn-of-the-Millenium-McDonalds-Museum.

  30. I like how there’s a fairly even spread in this post between people who accept they’d die of starvation in a ditch, and smartasses who’d get themselves quartered within the first twenty minutes.

  31. If you speak Latin then you are golden as that's the language of the church, you can say you are an envoy sent from Rome and talk your way into a position of influence.

  32. I'd just become a wet nurse. I make plenty of milk and it would be a job that someone would need to do because no formula and I don't need to speak the language to have feed a child.

  33. You’ve got to frame it how they think. “There’s these little sickness demons, and soap wards them off, so if you wash your hands with soap regularly, you kill the demons and people will get sick less often”

  34. Most people don’t know what’s in the medicine they take now. Just tell them it’ll clean you or it’ll make you feel better. They might just go along with it. But approach one person at a time. You don’t want to be that crazy salesmen with a bunch of elixirs in the town square.

  35. Reddit is where fantasy worlds for some Redditors are laid out bare for everyone to read and it's laughable.

  36. Oh yeah, win adoration through peoples stomachs. Make KFC centuries before the Colonel did and you’d be invited to all the castles around the world. But then you’d be introducing the people to fried foods way too early, probably killing humanity early on.

  37. Imagine how helpful screws and screwdrivers would have been. I think you're the one under-estimating just how far we've come, and how much simple technology we take for granted.

  38. The machining needed to produce screws and screwdrivers didn't exist back then. Neither did sufficiently advanced metallurgy. Are you going to be able to invent all of those on your own?

  39. Your language and accent would do you in. They would dub you “ye old weirdo and throw you in a dungeon to await public execution. Because that was football on Sunday back then.

  40. Idk , I've been a carpenter for 20 years and have spent more than half my life in the backcountry of the rockies, camping hiking , hunting ect. Not only that , but as stated I would have a better understanding of basic medical procedures and I can read and do math. I'm pretty sure that puts me ahead of 99.9% of middle age Europe.

  41. There will be a lot of carpenters and hunters. Far more than there are today. You'd need to find something you can invent that they hadn't considered at the time. Not saying you can't. I just have no idea what you might invent.

  42. I'm sure the exercise would really do the people working all day every day some good. Also knowing about micronutrients of bread and beer would be really helpful for the vast majority of the country.

  43. Your fundamental premise is mistaken in four serious, serious ways. A modern person, even a pretty bog standard person with a decent high school education, would be extremely valuable in medieval times, if, lacking in the knowledge that is necessary for their environment (much like if aliens plopped down tomorrow).

  44. I see this shit pop up all the time and it completely misses the fact that most people in the middle ages could barely do basic arithmetic and were more than likely illiterate. So this isn't so much an unpopular opinion as it is an uninformed opinion.

  45. They knew enough arithmetic to buy and sell goods to run a business, and more math than that isn't all that useful (if you aren't an engineering type). Also literate in those days meant that you could read and write Latin, while the majority could read and write basic English (not to mention books were very rare before the printing press was invented)

  46. We would also be plague carriers. Shit that we’ve been inoculated against would let us live a long life but those around us the moment we enter the Middle Ages would likely catch whatever bug we brought from the future. Every single person we interact with would have a high chance of catching something from us. Within 1-2 years of walking among the inhabitants of the past and there would be a massive shift in population.

  47. 100% this is absolute BS if ONLY because of the average literacy rate. In the middle ages the average literacy rate was less than 20%, if you got out of major population centers that number probably dips into the single digits.

  48. If all of us were sent back, we'd be able to recreate modern society fairly quickly. If just one of us was sent back, we could easily be hailed as geniuses. I think all of us have something useful memorized, whether it's an engineering technique or a mathematical formula or some songs you can pretend you wrote.

  49. Yes i shall write WAP and then get burned at the stake for being a witch with my cursed tongue but I would die happy knowing i taught the pilgrims to twerk

  50. Not for nothing but the amount of porn I watch I can really step up the prostitution game where ever I wind up at. Really get that economy booming.

  51. I think you underestimate how valuble literacy and basic mathematics were in the middle ages. A person with a highschool education today would easily be able to find a place among the middle and upper classes of middle age society.

  52. I understand Maths but your literacy would be less useful the further back you go. I'm sure there will be similarities but probably not enough for you to be able to have a proper conversation with anyone.

  53. I get your point but it only takes a second thought to realise that anyone with a high school diploma is centuries ahead of anyone alive in the Middle Ages, if you can remember a single biology, sociology, philosophy, etc class from high school you would change the world forever As for living in the Middle Ages, I think you would be surprised with how adaptable human beings are, there are stories of people surviving in extreme conditions and complete isolation, if you were to thing yourself in the middle of a functional community in the Middle Ages you could very easily get by as long as you can cook and aren't cognitively limited to the point of not being able to learn how to work the fields or do some kind of manual job (even though with a basic grasp of 21th century concepts you would quickly find yourself in the elite of society)

  54. Water treatment engineer here, the middle aged folks would fucking love me, I just need to figure out how to mass-produce chlorine

  55. Just look up the doctor that tried to convince Doctor s to wash their hand s when delivering babies. He died destitute in an asylum or something because no one believed him

  56. Also maths, like even basic maths knowlage would be really revolutionary. Like "oh hey I juat invented calculus and linear algebra"

  57. Why would anyone listen to you even if you have the knowledge to make a antibiotic. You have to convince them there are tiny creatures all over trying to kill them, and they are too small to see but they just have to trust you. You would be a strange foreigner that no one knows. Does not know most things they would call basic knowledge, and apparently knows more than anyone else. They would laugh at you realistically.

  58. I can make paper to sell to the gentry, and with a little bit of coaching could learn to cut, comb, dye, and spin wool. I could grow a very good garden, and would love to apprentice a tanner/leather worker. I could sew whatever you need right now.

  59. Pretty sure being literate and having a 21st century college education would benefit me immensely once I acclimated fully.

  60. There were plenty of monks and minor nobility as well as major who were literate. It's not that big a deal. You would be a hit at the monastery I guess. And what exactly is your college education in? Medicine, engineering, mathematics? Sure. Medieval literature probably not .

  61. Depends on what kind of degree you have. A computer science degree probably won’t get you far while an engineering or architecture or medical degree might do well.

  62. I would argue that it would also be relatively difficult for a middle ages blacksmith to thrive in modern society.

  63. I have basic first aid training, survival training, and an understanding of advanced maths and physics. I've memorised the designs for steam engines, internal combustion engines, and Stirling engines. I know how to build a water filtration and distribution system that could provide for about a hundred people and I know how to make electric generators.

  64. This is why I watch all those YouTube videos for skills I'll never need. Just in case I get time travel ShangHai'd

  65. You're doubting how much entertainment we can rip off before it's been invented. You could sell play versions of every star wars; you could literally be Shakespeare before Shakespeare

  66. I was thinking something similar, although more… er… aggressively. If you can somehow get a firm grip on the flow of information and social discourse, you can become the king.

  67. It depends the time frame I'm transported to. The mid 1100's or so? I would be only valuable in the chance I know history. Earlier, say the time of the sons of Ragnar? I would be invaluable to either side because of my knowledge about the events. I have knowledge of army sizes, compositions, generals, kings, and secrets from both sides

  68. Whilst you have this knowledge there are some factors to think about. Most obvious is language barrier, also do you really think that a king or battle hardened general will randomly trust a random guy than their own scouts/spies?

  69. I thought that was common sense? The real smart people would, but most of us, probably not. Computer and tech whizzes would be useless.

  70. This is unpopular? I thought the majority of us realized we would be completely out of our depths.

  71. I’m a chemist. I could 100% make myself useful in the medieval era, just set up shop as an alchemist or look for a patron.

  72. I know how diseases can spread, I know how to make steel, I know how to filter water, how to make soap, the fundamentals of an electric motor, how to make alcohol, I know the scientific method, I know how to make gunpowder, I can make bleach, and lye. Problem, getting the raw materials and learning the language will take years assuming I don't die.

  73. The way you would revolutionise the middle ages would not be by giving exact details on how things nowadays work.

  74. I know how about sanitation, I know about germ theory and vaccination (specifically how cow pox vaccinates against smallpox), I can make pennecilin (goodbye plague, tuberculosis, and a ton of other crap), and I know how to can food to preserve it (increasing the food supply and the longevity of it will help with malnutrition, famine, etc).

  75. Flutist with a fairly good ear. I’d probably be a decent piper, but may end up burned at the stake if I play any tritones in the wrong company.

  76. The book "A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court" is about a man in the 19th century going back in time and basically making himself a powerful "wizard" by inventing the gun and predicting eclipses.

  77. This was true, even then. Just because technology has become more complex doesn't mean that it didn't take a lot of training to be...a blacksmith, for example.

  78. Umm...Duh? To use a gaming concept, most of us aren't built for that meta. We're set up to (sort of) succeed in the world we exist in. None of us have all of the information we need to succeed at anything, and most of us spend too much time at work to learn skills that just aren't relevant anymore.

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