Criminals should be the ones drafted into wars instead of me

  1. It worked excellently for the finnish 21 unattached battallion "the Black Arrow" which performed remarkably well in the winter war after the white collar criminals and communists had either been sent away or had deserted. Their commander, Nikke Pärmi, commented that while they were unfit for peacetime duty, they performed very well in war.

  2. Don't forget the Bolshevik recruiting among the soldiery from 1914-1917. You could say they were impressed.

  3. Exactly. Can you really trust the quality of a criminal to NOT just turn around and either abandon ship or worse yet betray you and join the enemy?

  4. The same way USSR controlled them in WW2. If they turn back or turn on you- kill them. Go forward, win and live another day, or loose and die or turn back and die.

  5. Let’s give a bunch of our societies most dangerous people weapons and advanced military training, as well as coordinate their efforts. How could this plan possibly fail?

  6. Exactly if yo I imagine a crew who robs a bank, but they have military training and weaponry add a little bit of PTSD. This is a recipe for slaughter.

  7. I agree with this sentiment, although usually during wartime, even as early as the Iraq war, some courts (on a case by case basis) gave convicted criminals a choice between the military and prison time. Of course, more serious offenses or dangerous individuals didn’t have that right but there are definitely individuals, some still serving today who turned their life around by avoiding prison by enlisting in the military.

  8. I’m pretty sure the dudes I served with were the most dangerous people on the planet, I’m sure hardened criminals were at least talented at something. My dorm mate was an alcoholic fire spinner.

  9. Yeah it bad. But it's also bad to force young people to fight each other to death because of some political or religious BS

  10. This debate isn’t about volunteering, but your point holds that the average American will be better than the average criminal.

  11. Okay but ya can't refuse being drafted so it's not really volunteering thus the drafted have no reason or loyalty to fight. By sending criminals you can give them a reason, sentence reduction or other benefits

  12. Agreed. Opinions like OPs are usually coming from a place where the subjugation and dominance over others is built into their social/political ideology.

  13. The amount of physically frail or tremendously fat fucking people that are afraid of a draft is completely laughable. If this guy is a US citizen then there’s a small chance of him ever being drafted especially since our population is so unhealthy. Everyone is fatter than the average person from WW2 or Vietnam.

  14. Making criminals serve is a guaranteed way to ensure a ton of ridiculous laws are passed. Simple possession of weed?? Loitering?? FRONT LINES IT IS

  15. If they commit crimes in regular society how in the FUCK does this guy think that they won’t commit war crimes when you put a gun in their hands in another country?

  16. That’s what you get when you have children inputting their thoughts into real world affairs that are way over their heads.

  17. Looks like somebody filled out their selective service card and is worried the big ol’ military is gonna come take ‘em away from mommy.

  18. Well put, man. Not only was I thinking of how bad of an idea this would be in practice but also the complete lack of empathy OP had about war and incarcerated people, this is not the way man.

  19. No you don't get it, he's a good boy with a good future. He's different from those criminals. HE'S SPECIALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

  20. And let's sprinkle in the reminder that the Justice system is very much a human thing, led by regular people who make mistakes. The number of falsely convicted people is never zero, and it isn't worth the risk of sending one innocent person into battle for that reason alone, to me.

  21. I'm sad I had to scroll down this far to see this. Our justice system is fucked. It applies verdicts unequally and also sentences. You really going to send that mom who accidentally voted in the wrong precinct, or whatever it was, and got jail time, to war? Or someone who is addicted to drugs? Or what about the people who aren't actually guilty. The op soundsike a completely life inexperienced person and I am scared if they are of voting age.

  22. I had to go way to far down to find “have empathy.” Especially given our particular prison industrial complex in the United States is specifically designed to incarcerate people of color. So this guy wants to send a bunch of already marginalized people trapped in a godawful system rigged against them to fight wars we probably don’t need to be fighting given our infrastructure is falling apart and a gazillion other things taxes could be better spent on.

  23. Judging by their writing style, a nice man offering free college and a Dodge Charger might be in their near future.

  24. This is something I would mutter to my 16 year old self at the end of a week long drinking binge while I stare at my muddled reflection at the bottom of a jack Daniels bottle. These fucking people have no idea what real conflict in life is, let alone war or even basic military service.

  25. I would rather see politicians who vote for war, to be the ones on the front of said war. And you can include their families who agree with them, that are of age.

  26. There was almost an amendment like that in the constitution. Basically it would have been put to a national vote, and if you said yes, congrats, you’re now drafted.

  27. Best reply ! I've always found it pretty appalling that these folk sit in their luxury offices making decisions like entering/starting a war, yet have no real part in it. They'll usually get their kids cushy jobs away from danger too. It's sick

  28. Last draft was 50 years ago. If we give violent offenders military equipment and turn them loose in large groups it might not go the way we want.

  29. You're also damning the 95% who already received their punishment (prison) and are now adding an even worse punishment for no additional crime.

  30. If you’re against the ostensible prison slavery system, having this position is completely contradictory. Criminals still have rights in the US. If you want to play this game then we should tier all of-age people in the US for first-draft pick. Homeless? Send them to war. Cognitively impaired (slow)? Same thing.

  31. This isn't just unpopular, but also profoundly stupid. Like the government doesn't already have enough incentive to incarcerate as many people as possible.

  32. Exactly what I said lmao first thing they'll do when we go to war is head straight for the poverty ridden neighborhoods and start arresting people.

  33. And when they come back, they're criminals who you have trained to kill and they also have PTSD. What could go wrong?

  34. I'm not surprised no one is catching it but yeah this person obviously doesn't see the people being killed in wars as humans

  35. Why should criminals fight for nothing but the ruling class instead of noone fight for them and we all stop letting those asshole send us to death, criminals or not ? Fuck war

  36. There are theories that much of the organized inner city gang violence in 80's and 90's was in part the result of GIs from Vietnam returning to impoverished communities with urban warfare training.

  37. The US military had no clue how to fight an urban war. Hell, it took them until Iraq to figure it out. What you speak of is a myth. Look up Hue City

  38. My guess is he’s American and just had to fill out his selective service card. Obviously never say never but the likelyhood of another draft in the US is incredibly small. We have plenty of willing soldiers and reservists. This is just a young kid scared of the possibility of a draft. Just be thankful we aren’t Israel or South Korea where military service is mandatory for anyone that turns 18

  39. What a great idea , take all of the most mentally deranged , psychopaths, deviants , pedophiles , criminals and the rest of societies misfits and give them high powered weaponry and release them into a foreign country ...

  40. Lol yeah let's free all the violent criminals, arm them, and let them roam free. It's okay, it's enemy territory. Besides, they PROBABLY won't attack civilians. Well, not TOO many civilians. Probably.

  41. Jesus dude our prison system is already barbaric. You sound like you are in grade school. We are supposed to be a developed country. We have no rehabilitation efforts in place right now and you want to ship people off to war. And also last I checked when was there a draft last. Oh yeah almost 60 years. Get a grip

  42. There are 10 million prisoners in the world. 2 million of them are in the US. We have more than China, which has four times as many people.

  43. A massive forced conscript army? in the first month of war all of your "soldiers" will just flee with all their weapons and military equipment

  44. Hm, quite an impressive rap sheet you have sir, assault, assault with deadly weapon, breaking and entering, assault with intent to kill. Thems sergeant traits, welcome to the marines boy, here's your high powered rifle, hand grenades, and armed team of convicts who I'm sure will all work well together because we told them to.

  45. That was actually done in history, most infamous was the Dirlewanger Brigade in WW2. This was formed by the German Wehrmacht under the command of Oskar Dirlewanger, the whole unit was made up by former criminals which came directly from the prisons.

  46. Where do you live? Just about every 1st world nation has a 100% volunteer army. Israel is about the only one with conscription.

  47. We need to eliminate anything that would incentivize the system into finding people guilty of crimes. For example, if a war was taking place, they would simply start accusing people of crimes and then finding them guilty to fill the ranks instead of solely based on the innocence or guilt of the person in question.

  48. Fat no. You know what that does? Amplify the legal slave labor issue we already have in the American Justice System. Oh we're at war? Go round up more "criminals" to supply the demand. Not to mention all the falsely accused "criminals" whos only crime was being born into poverty with a darker skin shade than our founders. This is probably one of the stupidest takes I've seen on this sub. Good shit OP, take my upvote.

  49. What is a criminal? Just because you’re serving time for committing a crime doesn’t mean you’re necessarily mean they’re awful people as you put them. You sound like a very unlikable and below average iq person.

  50. Hahaha. You are quite naive, boy. Do you seriously believe your convicted gang leader can fly a F35 stealth fighter? Or have a simplest comprehension reading topographical maps, gps coordinates, etc.. You must be thinking that today's war will be like the 1776, where infantry on both sides are shooting muskets.

  51. Anyone who thinks that a conscripted army is preferable to better-trained professional force hasn’t studied the situation properly.

  52. You call these people "awful" assuming that our justice system works perfectly and it only labels "awful" people as criminals... oh boy.

  53. This is such a dumb opinion. Why not just be against never ending corrupt wars? No one should be drafted period. Besides, criminals would need so much incentive to fight for a country that's abusing them (prisons in America are just extremely unconstitutional torture houses anyway).

  54. It doesn't seem like he even wants them trained. Give them "low quality weapons" and stand in front of the other troops. OK, South Park. They'd probably also get the whole "don't fire until you see the whites of their eyes" speech.

  55. I know it's a hard concept for some especially Americans but people don't stop being human when they're criminals, they have rights and still deserve respect

  56. What if, and hear me out here, no one should be drafted ever. And deciding someone who committed a crime in the past deserves to die for a cause they likely don't believe in is never okay.

  57. Seems like you look at people that went to prison as sub-human. The people that are truly subhuman are those that are making their citizens go to war in the first place.

  58. So instead of saying something like there shouldn't be any wars or reason to draft citizens, you say my life is worth more than this person for this or that reason. Generally speaking, there's no bad people, just bad choices and no one is better or worst than anyone else.

  59. So you e acknowledged that prison makes people worse, and you're proposed solution is to double down and turn those people into corpses?

  60. Uh homie what country are you in? If you’re in the US, the draft isn’t really a thing anymore. And even so, there’s plenty of young folks willing to sign up already as is. We have bleak prospects and joining the military gives steady income, health insurance and free college. People sign up just for that alone

  61. Capitilism 101: If your fighting a war its beceause you are poor, the rich stay home and shag while the poor die.

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