Texan culture is super annoying

  1. My brother and his family moved from the Midwest to Texas for about two years and then moved back. My now ex sister-in-law continued to decorate their house with Texas stuff and "it's a texan thing" kind of nonsense for a decade afterwards. She grew up in affluent suburbs in Ohio but would wear cowboy boots and shit.

  2. I cry laughed at this !! so hard thanks for the pre birthday meltdown belly laugh wish I had an award to give

  3. Did you know Texas actively campaigned to keep Alaska from becoming a state because it would make Texas the 2nd largest state?

  4. I've had Texans refuse to acknowledge the existence of Alaska, or claim it was the size of Rhode Island...

  5. Ok I’m from CA and I’m constantly telling people the only thing I like about Texas is Buckee’s. They think I’m insane. It’s the Nordstrom of gas stations.

  6. I know a guy who grew up here in the Chicago suburbs then moved to Texas. Within 6 months he had a lifted truck with longhorn horns on the front. Like, what? Your name is guisseppe and your afraid of spiders. Fuck off guisseppe.

  7. I assimilated to Texas after 34 years in CA fast too. Its a misunderstood and misrepresented culture and place. I lived in North Dallas and it was a hell of a lot more diverse than Los Angeles where most races and cultures self segregate. My subdivision itself was like the UN and there was an Indian guy next door to me who used to walk his dog in short and cowboy boots every morning.

  8. I was with you until the comment about Florida. People would care if you bragged about being from Florida because nobody brags about being from Florida …. 😂😂

  9. I'm from Texas and live in Florida now. Floridians embrace the ridiculous Florida-ness and have a good sense of humor about it. Whereas Texans take insults or jokes against Texas personally. I will always be a Texan no matter where I live moving forward. It's fascinating!

  10. New Yorkers are similar. They think they’re God’s gift to the planet and never hesitate to bring it up wherever they go.

  11. Of the Texans that I have met, those being tourists in Iceland, I absolutely adore them. Showing up in frilled shirts, cowboy boots and a hat. Super friendly, loud, but without the assholery.

  12. They are all different though. If you were in NYC and stood on a bar stool and yelled “FUCK NEW YORK CITY!” not a soul would give a shit. In Texas, however, you’d get in a fight for sure.

  13. Can't speak for NYC, but I think California is really variable. The further north you go the more you get a weird mix of canopy-dwelling nature hippies and anti-government rednecks, both of which are much more interested in the autonomy of whatever weird little independence movement they have going on (e.g.,

  14. They each do in their own way. Like New Yorkers wear it like a testament to the horrible conditions they have endured, Texans have an arrogance of that manifest destiny 'Merica shit but all pack up in state form, Cali's all we're touched by the sun gods and everything is beautiful and awesome and super cool here

  15. im SO GLAD im not the only one who got defensive when HEB was brought up. During a tornado/storm/hurricane/idont remember warning they had to lock the doors for safety and they passed out free cookies and drinks to everyone in the store while they waited out the weather, AND let people go without paying?? Yeah yall better not come for HEB cause them’s fightin words fr

  16. THIS! what did HEB do to you? all the freshly made food is so cheap compared to whole foods. and a lot of other groceries just dont make fresh food, or not as many varieties.

  17. Did y’all know Dallas doesn’t have an HEB? Just a central market or gentrified HEB. Fake ass millionaire wannabees. I hate it here.

  18. Oh. Mah. Gawd. You don't know about Texas? Well, pardner, I'm here from the PINEY WOODS of East Texas to tell you EVERYTHING you'd want to know about Texas. C'mon boss, grab a chair and some iced tea and we can start with every style of taco sold in Texas. After that, we can...

  19. my favorites are the girls who move to Dallas-Fort Worth (cough, cough TCU and SMU) for college from like the suburbs of Chicago and are suddenly fascinated with cowgirl boots & hats, thinking they're all "country" because of the whole "it's Texas, y'all" vibe

  20. And then they try to use yall casually but they dont use it right and maybe its just my area but they fake southern accents?? And theyre so bad at it like i can tell thats not your real voice girl please just stop (maybe this is too specific to my area but I’ve encountered multiple people like this, especially at my work)

  21. I'm originally from the Northeast and currently living in the Austin area. I generally agree with the OP. The arrogance over "being Texan" seems rather undeserved. Don't get me wrong, I love being here, but there are pros and cons to every place, and I don't find the pros here to excessively outweigh the cons.

  22. Lol I’m also from the northeast and you could say we have an arrogance to us up here too, a lot of people act like everyone in the south is dumb. Don’t understand why people get so annoyed over Texas

  23. Upvoting this because I love how incredibly down-to-earth and rustic Texas is. It's a more fun version of Australia imo.

  24. Having lived many years in Texas when I was school age, I can tell you that the "Texas is best" indoctrination starts in pre school. Grades 1-12 include 2 whole years of Texas history, only a couple of semesters of US and world history. I have cousins that still live there. Two of my cousins have, at different times, turned down positions with huge raises with great companies because they would have had to move out of Texas. A particular type of psychosis.

  25. One weird thing I found when I lived in texas for a while, we’re the texas editions of stuff. Like there’s the TEXAS EDITION FORD F-150, and it’s so weird. People that have only ever lived there didn’t know that each state doesn’t have their own edition of trucks and cars. Just texas as far as I know

  26. They call them regional value packages. LA has some, I believe GA and FL also but they don’t call it by a State name. Ford, Chevy, Ram and Toyota all have Texas editions. Hell the Tundra is made in San Antonio.

  27. I was on a flight from Phoenix to Austin several years ago. The pilot announced when we crossed from NM in TX and I swear, all of the Texans applauded. The lady sitting across the aisle said "I'm so happy to be in TX air space!". From that point on, I decided to mess with TX.

  28. It really depends on where. Decades ago I always ended up in Houston repo’ing cars and hated being there. Fast forward about 20 years and I moved to Texas (not Houston) for a job with many of the same assumptions you have noted. Turns out I was wrong. I love Texas and I have no plans to move. It’s a different world somewhat but it’s a good place to live if you like diversity.

  29. I don’t think that is an unpopular opinion anywhere except Texas. Is your next unpopular opinion that Florida is full of crazy people?

  30. I'm from the UK and it's hilarious to me that people wear cowboy hats over there! Makes me think of Tom Segura saying 'well cock a doodle do'

  31. I hear you but…..whatta ya gonna do about it? Knock it off their head? Anyone with a brain can tell at a glance the urban cowboy from the real deal. Texas doesn’t have a monopoly on real deal cowboys but they’ve got plenty no doubt. Give ‘em a a good old “cock a doodle do” next time you’re in town. I’m sure they’d be glad to discus the issue.

  32. Just like in politics, the vocal obnoxious minority of Texans doesn't match the qualities of most Texans. (In my personal experience, but I get your point)

  33. I've known a few Texans and not a single one gave 2 fucks about cowboys or the culture, neither did they care about rodeo or that padded American rugby rip off. Also 2 of them left as soon as they could.

  34. As a Texan, I can wholeheartedly agree with you but you missed a few other reasons to dislike Texas culture.

  35. I go to college in the south and there are tons of Texas people here. There’s this complex among Texans where they always have to have their own special and unique thing that nobody else could understand no matter how hard they tried that really gets on everyone’s nerves. If someone talks about playing sports in high school it’s “oh you think your football team was good? HA! You would never make a Texas team. You couldn’t even make JV! You should see the size of our stadiums! You should see how good the teams are at my high school!” Or “did you just say there is traffic? HA! You should see the traffic in Houston! This is nothing! If you think this is bad you wouldn’t last a day in Dallas!”

  36. People who make anyone1 thing their entire personality, whether it is their religion, their place of origin, their sexuality, etc. are universally shallow and annoying. It isn't a Texan problem, it is an individual person problem.

  37. I lived in both Texas and California (from the east coast), and will never in a million years move back to Texas. Hot weather, backward politics, etc. Maybe people are nice to you at the store but if you make a mistake they’ll probably shoot you in the head next thing.

  38. I think Texan culture is misunderstood. All of the idiots you're paying attention to are loud and obnoxious. In reality, most Texans are pretty chill and very polite. HEB is actually pretty awesome but some of them are basically the same as Kroger. As for the punk girl, I'm not sure what the problem is. Selena is an icon of tejano music. That's like judging someone for wearing a Nirvana patch.

  39. This is true, and I'm a Texan. My mother grew up in a tiny Texas town, and I was subjected to terrible things growing up. Texas flag embroidered jeans, the cowboy hats, the meat.... all of the meat..

  40. My smallish town in Canada holds a RibFest, where various people show up with their rib sauce recipes. There's a group from Texas, and people weirdly presume their ribs are the best because of their geographic position.

  41. I don't get that. Texas really isn't known for our ribs in general (dino ribs don't count because most places don't sell them). Texas is known for brisket, brisket, and more brisket. Not that there's anything wrong with that; the burnt end of the portion of a brisket point is one of the best bites of food on the planet.

  42. Just because you're not proud of your weird ass state which is most famous for headlines of men doing strange things, doesn't mean that Texans are the weird ones.

  43. My hubs worked a job where he dealt with people all day long from all over the world. He said that Texans were the only people world fucking wide that felt the need to tell him repeatedly all day long that they were from Texas. And then compare literally everything around them to Texas. Pretty much it was a game to see how every single topic of conversation could go back to how they were from Texas.

  44. some people from California also seem to think they're from a different and better world & complain about how "Cali had this" and "Cali has this" etc.

  45. I'm a Vegas native, lived in Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, Missouri, and now Texas. Im sorry people love their home enough to brag, but Texas IMO deserves it. There really is a lot of good going for the state. And even if you disagree with all of that, anyone who thinks HEB isnt incredible must have gone to one in the inner city or something. The trashiest HEB I've been to still kills the trashiest Kroger's, Albertsons, Walmarts, Aldi's, whatever have you. And the good HEBs are just bliss, aside from how busy they get on weekends.

  46. This morning I heard an American woman speaking on the abortion issues on the BBC World Service and about how "America is known worldwide as the land of the free". And I was like; "wait you actually believe the whole world believes you're the free-est of all free countries? You mean that country where you can't have unpasturised milk / cheese or a kindersuprise?" Big lmao. America needs to wise up and ditch the geocentrism.

  47. i thought maybe you had a point, but then you said you were from florida and used that as a comparison. of course you wouldn't boast about being from florida. your state is a 'florida man' hot mess. case in point-

  48. I don’t find Texans all that annoying, but I really dislike how pompous they get about barbecue. Their bbq is a dry as shit.

  49. i see no issue with being proud of where ur from. every country does this, u ever been to Vietnam during football matches?

  50. I'm from the mid-Atlantic east coast and lean progressive in politics. I've got to say I liked the time I lived in Texas after college in the 90's. You do get the sense you are in the most important location. D.C. looks so far away and remote, and the NE States so tiny. While there is some good ol boy culture, probably more so today, there's also an independent, I do my own thing, trait that I liked.

  51. I only disagree with your statement about HEB. It’s the best grocery store chain ever and Buc-ees is a great highway rest stop.

  52. If you're from Florida you would know that people from our state also participate in this behavior. South Florida is the worst. I live in Coral Springs and about everyone I know here gate keeps the state and borderline sensationalizes the crimes that happen here because "We love a good o'l Florida Man". One of our most famous terms is referring to tourists in general at this point as "snow birds".

  53. Everything is bigger in Texas even the hatred of fellow Texans. No other state will you see this level of determination and outspoken pride of someone's view. Indeed this is a very Texas post.

  54. Texas is easily the most shitted on state in America.. heck, we see it on the news monthly from Abortion ban to Power Cut or their insane senators or gun laws. Definitely not an unpopular opinion.

  55. I lived in Texas for my formative years. I like cowboy hats and boots and really dig westerns and cowboys and shit. I got my first gun for my eighth birthday and I rode a sheep at our town fair rodeo one year. Country music is like basically part of my DNA.

  56. Texas and Florida battling for which state is most likely to end up like Mad Max. Flooded with guns, rampant xenophobia, devoid of regulations. Fuck both of them.

  57. There is no other place in the Bundesrepublik that boasts their pride louder than Bavaria. They’re basically the Germans of Germany, they think everyone cares about their stupid culture and how proud they are of it. I had a co-worker who always had to wear stupid fucking Lederhosen everywhere he went, obsesses over Bavarian history, talks about how great Bavaria is and wouldn’t want to live in any other Bundesland, boasts about how his family has basically lived in Bavaria since it was still controlled by the Romans, his mom even flipped the fuck out when he went to school to be with this girl from Baden-Württemberg for a bit, like why would you even give a shit or see it as some sort of betrayal to your lineage.

  58. As someone who lives here, it’s absolutely insufferable. I have family that frequently says things to the effect of “I’m a Texan first, and an American second.” Also, the people who role-play cowboy with the hat, boots and visible gun. Usually also happens to be overweight and probably never done labor in their life.

  59. Moved to Texas form California like 4 years ago and my family has lived here since literally forever, I agree fully. Edit: the thing is that it's fun to wear cowboy boots and whatever and you get used to the dumb accent, but it's the fact that like 60% of the people in texas have never left the state, and the rest of em have gone tk oaklahoma, Louisiana, or mexico. They just can't imagine any other place being better than their republican guns-sold-in-walmarts state.

  60. Texans are definitely annoying. But new yorkers (city, not state) are just as bad. They always think everyone is super impressed they're from nyc.

  61. Yeah, as a Canadian who has encountered many Texan tourists…..I can’t fucking stand them. That goes for most of the South, to be fair. Including California. We had tons of Americans come into the restaurant I used to work at.

  62. We will see how much those same Texans will whine and bitch and complains like snowflakes when all those people from States they complain about continue to migrate to them and shift it from red to purple and then blue. I don't give a shit about politics anymore but it going to be hilariously funny.

  63. As someone who moved to Texas, graduated HS in Texas, and left Texas as fast as humanly possible - yes to all of this. When I first got there I asked (knowing full well what it meant) what "Texas-sized" meant, and they explained "Well that's our largest because Texas is so big!" I asked if I could get one Alaska sized, and they said "so like a medium?"

  64. Maybe, it’s just your friend. His family seems a bit extreme. And sure Texans are proud of their culture. But that’s okay. Enjoying your culture and heritage is not a bad thing.

  65. Was at a beach in Amalfi, Italy, next to a couple from Fort Worth Texas that gave the Italian waiter an attitude for not being able to understand her when she was trying to order white wine. She kept trying to order in English, giving a Karen attitude, without even attempting to look up how to say Vino Blanco. Fuck I hate Texans.

  66. Fuck American pride, fuck the media, fuck the spew of 24 hour celebrity bullshit, FUCK ALL OF IT! America is diseased. Rotten to its core. There's no saving it.

  67. As a Midwestern Latina with family from Texas, they just stole vaquero/paisano culture from Mexicans. Tryna pass it off as American is like how America pretends that hot dogs and hamburgers are American, even though those foods are German as fuck.

  68. Was born in Texas, raised in Colorado. When I tell people that, they assume I'm conservative, that I must have a thicker skin than most, can hogtie anything, can win any drinking contest, hate social security, and that I must be good in bed because you know... TeXAs🤠🤡🤡🤡

  69. Anytime I hear Texas now I think of a chick on a Gordon Ramsey show and she was from Texas always talking about it etc.. she lost cause she screwed up steak 2x and was like I’m from Texas we know how to cook meat I’m so embarrassed etc like honey I’m sure you aren’t the only one to screw up a steak 🤦🏻‍♀️

  70. I generally feel this way about everyone who has major pride in where they're from. My question is always: "So what have you done to be responsible for any of that?"

  71. Yeah man it's lame af to be proud of where you're from, I prefer the other Americans who continually shit on their country as is their righteous duty

  72. I don’t like Texas for political reasons. You can probably guess why from my pfp. I don’t hate the culture though, I always felt weirdly comfortable with southern culture, New Orleans was absolutely amazing when I went

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